The fastest man in the world says he’s finally ready to slow down.

After picking up his ninth Olympic gold medal in Rio – completing an unprecedented feat by winning the 100-meter, 200-meter and 4×100-meter relay at three consecutive Olympic Games – Usain Bolt has announced he will retire after next year.

“I’ll miss being in front of the crowd,” Bolt tells PEOPLE while on his post-Rio tour to promote his new collection with Puma. “I have mixed feelings, I certainly won’t miss training, though. I’ll be happy to get past that.”

And after hanging up his track spikes, the 30-year-old Jamaican says he’ll devote his time to a sports medicine clinic he’s opening for budding runners in Jamaica (“It’s in the works!” Bolt promises) and to his “serious girlfriend” Kasi Bennett.

“She’s happy, I’m happy!” Bolt says of his relationship with the 26-year-old. “We just got really serious, we are taking it one step at a time.”

The couple – who recently vacationed in Bora Bora together – has been dating for a few years, but Bolt says he isn’t thinking about marriage or children just quite yet.

“In time it will come,” he says. “Now I’m thinking about my career and getting everything right for the future.”

“I definitely want a family, though. For me, over the years, I’ve waited because I want to make sure it’s the right person.”

Bolt hopes to follow in the footsteps of his parents, Wellesley and Jennifer, who spent a decade together before tying the knot.

“I want to be like that, I want to have what my parents have,” he says. “I want to take my time to make sure everything is perfect.”

But when the sprint superstar is ready to start a family, he knows exactly how many kids he wants and how he’ll raise them.

“I’ve always said I want three kids. The other day I hung out with my buddy who has three kids and it was crazy,” he says. “I was like ‘Hmmmm do I really want 3 kids?’ But yes, yes I do. I’m sure of it.”

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Bolt admits his own “hellish” experiences training for the Olympics would deter him from pushing any future children into the sport.

“I wouldn’t want my kids to go into track and field. It’s really tough. If you’re not mentally and physically prepared to go through hell it’s not something you should do,” he explains. “I’ve really enjoyed my time with this sport, but it was very demanding and it takes a lot of time and pressure and the mental part is rough.”

“I would never push my kids into running. If they want to do it, sure, but I would never say ‘Hey go try track and field!’ You know?”

Also, although it’s only been a month since the Closing Ceremony in Rio, Bolt says he hardly thinks about the Olympics anymore.

“When I’m by myself I think about it and reminisce and think about what I’ve done,” he says. “But I’m trying to relax my mind and not think too much about work and about racing.”

“I went, I won, I conquered and now I’m enjoying myself.”


    1. Bolt knows he’s not marrying her that’s why he keeps talking about finding the right person.
      He does not want to be portrayed as the bad guy cause he knows Kasi likes attention and he knows she will run to the press if he dumps her.

  1. They got serious in Bora Bora cause when he was in Rio and London he sure as hell was a single man. I’m just saying…

    1. He didn’t seem serious in Bora Bora either judging by the way he treated her and he didn’t include her when his sports restaurant opened last week or when he went partying alone later that night. This seems like damage control to explain away his behavior in Rio and London by saying they weren’t serious when he was with all those other women.

  2. He wants to follow in his parents foot steps?
    “Bolt’s parents waited 10years before tying the knot”. Wow, kasi your wait is longer than suspected

  3. Following the foot steps of his parents ok, but I hope him don’t do what his father did to his mother. I respect what he has done, he truly made us proud. As for being serious with whey shi name, mi nah :matabelo :mewek

  4. Levels to seriousness? This man is a real joker ten years and a child outside of the Union ???? Mi jus confirm se yu nah married to Cassie Wah day a five year now a ten next year a 15 …. U need Fi stop put five on it

  5. He said his favorite vacation spot is Australia my question is a who and him went there? And he said he went there every year mi would an feel a way still him never seh Bora Bora #butitsnoneamybusiness

  6. Lmaoooooo any body else saw the smirk on his face when she ask bout Kasi. My girl mommy said NOOOO WAYYY so stop wasttte your pussy. You will be 36 before bolt ready to marry and he want three kids. Him a go say you too old. And find somebody younger to breed.

  7. So prev interview he was in a serious relationship , but it’s just now he is getting serious ….. He is not ready to get married, waiting on the right person. Ok usain, we get it ….lol

  8. Metti evening, Usain has no intention of marrying Kasi and that interview proved it. He wants what his parents have, waiting on the right person, taking it one day at a time. Buzz words, he hasn’t found his future wife. I would suggest Kasi give up on becoming Mrs Bolt and get a house and business, before Usain find Mrs right comes along. Life and love is unpredictable, so Kyassee set up youself. You are not the one he will take home to Mama

  9. The other day Kasi post a pic in the yellow blouse and blue shoes, they might be designer items, idk. But why does everything look cheap , insta thotish on her .? :cool

    1. Really the shoes Neva match the pants the blouse or just life in general.. It look like at clothes wet up and shi jus get rescue clothes …and please don’t figet the handbag…Weh shame and a hide

  10. I belive kasi buy that blue shoe on alli express! Not even apple boot dem shine so. Its like kasi buy the shoe and put pure oil pan it. Dwl met weh kasi get 1,595 US dollar shoe? :ngakak :tkp mi noise

    1. She was on periscope last Sunday talking about her skin and beauty regime. It was nice. Honestly, she comes across as a nice girl and was talking to people online. I actually liked her outfit. The blue, white and yellow combo worked although I am not a fan of the shoes, too chunky.

  11. so weh bolt a wait on fi have him youth . him mother must want see her grandchild now
    Obviously bolt nuh in a serious rship right now and him na get nuh younger
    Him neven cute

  12. I really think Usain had broken up with her before Rio, then Kasi came up with a master plan how to stay in the game a little longer. Kasi thought she had Usain by his balls when she sent in her pics to daily mail about being bolt’s girlfriend and everyone was upset with him saying how could he cheat on his girlfriend etc etc. That’s why he had to go to Bora Bora with her to do damage control. Bolt is no fool, I thought he was, but he’s not, he is not going to marry her, she is a gold digger, he knows that, his family knows, his friends know. He’s just waiting for all this to blow over. How could any man marry someone that slept with their brother?

    1. He knows the press was contacting her after those pictures of him and the other women in Brazil were published and he knows that she’s fame hungry. If he had issued a statement they were no longer together she probably would have talked down on him to the media and maybe had her family and friends talking down on him.

      Even now she’s taking pictures and posting them on instagram just to send them to all the blogs like Sleek Jamaican and Caribbean Beauties and other blogs she knows Usain follows and supports just to get his attention and public attention.

  13. I think that Bolt will marry before 35, he just wants to keep people guessing. I know everyone has their opinion of Kasi but Bolt chose her and regardless of what went down, he didn’t have to take her to Bora Bora but he did. He likes her enough to put a picture of them on his IG page. I still don’t think it is necessary to be seen out and about with him at every function, I really don’t and the fact that she wasn’t at restaurant openings proves nothing. Many famous people keep their personal lives discreet. I bet he will marry her. Good luck to them both.

    1. Gabriella smaddy need fi piss pan u stfu u wish ! Bolt a marry Kasi inna u fckin dreams my girl ! Kasi is tacky and ugly fi ppl call all she beautiful really have me baffled a must tru she light imagine Kasi w the same features n dark skinned ugly af !!!! She looks like a beaver .. and he likes her enough to use her for damage control first trip then ever take together and it was far from romantic .. Kasi bored on periscope why not wait till u get back to do periscope she’s so pathetic honestly and bolt will not marry Kasi she can keep on dreaming !!! Never gonna happen

    2. Gabby, I now realise that you have a lot riding on this, either you are Kasi or one of Kasi’s family member that is hoping beyond hope that Bolt marry Kasi so you grifters can get to spend Bolts money. Kasi doesn’t have a job, she’s on social media 24hrs a day, she’s not even trying to capitalize on the little fame that she has now before it’s gone completely, no business plan, no real estate plan, nothing, she’s just on social media, she and her friends and family thinking of ways to force Usain to Marry her. She has zero ambition and love to boast about her education and she is not doing anything with it. And her friends like to come on Met site and talk about how Mitzy and others is black and ugly but at least Mitzy, Sam and others are employed or making their own money no matter how much it is while Kasi whom they say is beautiful and have chrome skin (all now mi cah get over that statement) is lazy and is dependent on Bolt. You can bet how she sits and plan what she is going to put on social media next to convince people that her life is perfect and that she is happy.

  14. Him a falla in a him parents foot step? So a how when him fada get dah outside half brother deh? Inna di 10 year, b4 or afta? So wah him a say Kasi affi prove har love fi him ova di 10 years? So him a count di time weh pass aready inna it or is a fresh 10years? A shoulda me a interview Dem woulda ban me. Gal Yuh Betta go look fi a ring from di other bredda cause you ain’t getting it from this one. Gal Yuh still a get di award so but badda wid it.

  15. I don’t believe he will date a woman for 10 yrs before he decides he wants to marry her. Aside from his usual side flings he’s probably already seeing someone else and she’s who he takes to Australia every year and probably the real reason Kasi has to stay back in Jamaica when he went to Rio, London, Germany and now the states.
    His parents were young when they started dating so that could explain some of his dad’s actions but, Usain is older and more established and Kasi does not seem to be a priority for him.
    He’s done many interviews since he’s been here and in every interview they’ve asked him what he plans to do when he retires and none of his answers were relationship related.

  16. If you’re with a man for over two years and he still as figure out if he wants to spend the rest of his life with you, then he’s not that into you. He like certain things about you but he’s not 100% in love with you. Not saying he should rush into marriage but at least he should be saying he found the one and he’s just waiting on the right time. Not once in this interview Usain gave me the impression that he believe Kasi is the one. Rob breed Chyna in 1.5 seconds not that he was trying to but when man and woman in love the passion is uncontrollable. Usain isn’t acting like a man in love, this a relationship is too calculated to be natural love. BTW it is customary for wives/girlfriends be at opening events their other half is keeping. My man couldn’t be opening new restaurant and big event a keep and mi lock up inna house like mi nuh have nothing fi wear or mi nuh wah go.

  17. That Gabrielle girl! Riding kasi croch, with a man 3 years doesn’t do family functions, doesn’t hang out with mother in law? Really most celebrities take their spouse to main events to look good. Your delusional.that out kasi had on was tacky, I dress better than her and she homely/ cute not gorg.jamaicans are 2 frighten for light skin, abroad your just another nigga 2 the white man, slave mentality

  18. @anonymous 207am why the hell are you taking g this so personal? All that venom is so unnecessary. It kills me how some people are so hateful. Girl or boy or whatever you are going find you a man! Do you even know these people? Stop getting your panties in a bunch and get a life of your own. If he marries her you will burst into flames. Poor you, Somebody need fi pissed pon u!

  19. Dem girl here too foolish, every day them mek the man dem trick dem. Kasi you young and u say u educated galong go invest inna yourself you cant go wrong if you ever do that, when u invest in yourself you will feel much better about yourself. Met a lie me a tell, dem man yaa will trick whoun fi dem personal pleasure! Man change like green lizard.. Stop mek the man dem trick ooun

  20. Especially jamaican men. Dem will trick the f**k out of you and mek you feel like you are the one. When dem have dem smaddy weh dem a dead ova.. So mek kasi sidung deh

  21. seriously, which one of these women who are defending kasi would sit and watch their so call man running around the world with other women and then when your number play you run behind him like a servant? i am a man from jamaica and let me say this, kasi mek jamaican woman look like they have no damn sense. only back in days where woman was totally dependent on her man would this happen. this is the first open relationship i see that is open on one side (bolt)only. As for gabby, please don’t have a daughter and tell her that you defending kasi..she may shoot u.

  22. That yellow blue white outfit was not doing it for me. The shoes are beyond ugly, she can never wear them again because of the color. I also suspect they are fake. Her outfits are usually CHEAP . Bebe, etc. There is no way she would buy shoes for 1,500 .

    All this inspired designer shit and you hoes look cheap. Ughh!

  23. I get it tho , she’s trying to tell her followers that they can look stylish on a budget. But her fans dead wrong for telling her that outfit look good. The bag don’t even match the shoes, too chunky.

    Damn hypocrite dem !

    1. I was on her periscope last Sunday. I think she said that the bag was Gucci, either way it was definitely designer. I love the combo. Maybe it’s because I tend to contrast my colours rather than match them up. Jamaicans are obsessed with matchy matchy outfits. Apart from the torn trousers, a fashion trend that I personally hate, I think Kasi looks nice.

  24. Tackyyyy outfit, I bought that bag yearsssss ago when mi did just start travel in that $10 airport shop, Bijoux Terner, dont kno if they’re still aroun, cheap bag and cheap plastic shoes. Bag did start strip eventually cus it did just dey dere put down

  25. Now I’m thinking about my career and getting everything right for the future.”
    That statement alone should let Kasi know where she stand. She’s nowhere in the man plan.. Smh

  26. Let the Church say Amen to the solid advice and rationale above.
    We must always remember that when a man loves a woman, he is all in; especially for the woman’s and his future children’s well-being. I have seen men treat women like and worse than Mr. Bolt treat Ms. Bennett turn around and marry someone else within six months to a year after meeting them and treat them like queens.

    If a “man” loves you:

    1) He will regard you as the most important thing in his life. And as the most important aspect of his life, there’s nothing he won’t do for you or give to you if it is within his reach. When this type of man loves a woman, she does not beg, wait, or want for anything.

    2) He will respect you. Love and respect go hand-in-hand. If a man views your relationship as a purely physical thing, he’s not going to be as fond of your feelings towards his foolery as he is of your body and what you may be supplying or allowing him to feed his sexual desires. Especially if it boosts his ego or gives him bragging rights among his crew/boys.

    3)He is willing to put his NAME on you in a heartbeat because he would not take a chance of losing you. When a man’s got a future with you on his mind, he’s already decided that he has no intentions of letting you go, and he does not have to find the “right person” because you are the right person. Mr. Bolt’s word choices are interesting in an odd way. He uses “I” instead of “We” a lot. Everyone knows when it’s love “We” replaces “I.” Everything seems to be just about him. I thought he was worth around $60M US dollars. “Now I’m thinking about my career and getting everything right for the future.” What else needs to get right? Before this, it was after my track career. On the other hand, people do get married who don’t love each other. He said he wanted to make sure thing were perfect. I have never seen “perfect” people or marriages.

    4) He will become less of a bachelor. Rarely is he going out to bars, clubs, and stripper club to hang out with the guys and checking out the local or global eye-candy. Instead, guys’ nights consist of watching sports, grilling and having a few drinks. Weekend nights are no longer sacred nights for the men, but instead, they’re nights he spends with you.

    5)He would put your well-being and his future children welfare at the forefront to reduce or beat the unhealthy odds.

    Here is the problem with Bolt’s decade plan. Bolt is a Leo man with a lot of charm and he is in a so-called open relationship. Leos love the limelight and Bolt loves to have fun. Life for him is probably one big party after another. Given that Bolt has said he is lazy, he doesn’t live to work, he works to live. People flock to Bolt’s bubbly personality and he is more than happy to entertain them. Leo men do not make the best partners for an open relationship which allows and presents an opportunity for other women to get closer to them. The ones I know love to be the king of whatever stage they were on, have wild romances, and deep love affairs. The two in particular I know don’t really know each other but my husband and I swear they are the same type person except for one has more common sense than the other. A lot of Leos are men led by sight. Therefore, beautiful and shapely women are temptations to them. Guess who else is a Leo? That’s right Barack Obama except charming Obama appears to have a bit more common sense than Mr. Bolt with his charming self. I think Beenie Man is also a Leo. If it is true, Bennett brings a Leo man who craves attention other women and allows him to see other women. Plus, if the “kiss and tell women” are truthful, this man sees other women from time to time that do not know they are in an open relationship situation. Leo men know how to win a woman’s heart and use this skill whenever they can. They have a fantastic sense of humor and incredible charisma; however, they tend to be a bit controlling and jealous. They love attention and will seek it. They like to be the life of the party. They love attractive and beautiful women as it feeds their ego and in Bolt’s case, women with big as*es as he has conveyed. For Leos, a woman generally has to keep this up throughout or they tend to stray. Usually they like or choose dignified women for wives. The downside for Ms. Bennett is that most Leo men want their family to fall in love with you. If rumors are true about the brother, that poses a problem for her even if he does eventually marry her. Because Leo men are very proud people. The two Leo men that I know were exactly like Bolt and in the end they married someone else. One had a main woman who he had been with for years who had three kids by him and it still was not enough. Every time I would ask him about stepping up he would give me answers similar to Bolt’s answer except he would come out and say he wanted to marry someone his family liked and he did exactly as he said he would. That woman wasted her youth on this man. Now, she was emotionally and physically abused. When he was making his move to marry someone else, she tried to stop him and they got into a physical fight. The both went to jail for a night and had to take an anger management class but she found herself in her mid-thirties alone with three young kids. She eventually had a nervous breakdown. I simply do not understand as there is no penis that good or money long enough for me to except such foolery.

    I only used Leo as a talking point, because people are different based on their experiences in life. It not just about Ms. Bennett, I don’t like to see any woman or man settling for less and putting their self at risk. We simply do not have to live like this anymore. The odds are never in your favor and if it does happen, the COST is usually TOO high of a price to pay. Ms. Bennett deserves someone that will show her love privately and publicly consistently. Mr. Bolt deserves to be with someone who affords him the opportunity to be the man I sense that he could be with the right person by his side. I have seen men far worse than Bolt do a 360 degree turn around. Why do we care? Anyone who has any humanity cares. My husband and I mentor young people; for me especially females. I use real life situations in my efforts.

    Has anyone considered the math on KaSain’s situation? Here it is give or take a few years based on what Bolt has said:

    Mr. Bolt now says he hopes to follow in the footsteps of his parents who were together a decade. He said in January that he and Ms. Bennett had been together for two years; therefore, that is eight more years give or take a few months. Reports keep saying Bennett is 26 but some people on the wall keep saying she is 28. In this case, the number matters a great deal. If Bolt is legit, here is what wrong with his plan: He wants three babies by a woman (if Ms. Bennett is to be the woman which some suggest she is not but you never know) that in eight years will possibly be 36 when she has child number 1. If you space them out two years apart, baby number 2 comes at 38 and child number 3 comes at 40 at which time she will have a newborn, a two-year-old and a four-year-old. By the time baby number 3 finishes college if they go (gave the kid ‘til 25 to finish through advanced degrees) the Bolt’s will be 65 and 67 respectively. If this is a generational legacy that Mr. Bolt wants to encourage and continue by the time child number 1 is married and has their first child the Bolt’s will be 71 and 73 respectively. Possibly, they will never see any of their grandchildren’s children if they wait until 35 as they would have to live until 103 and 105. So, now the Bolts would be 62 and 64, and they are now officially empty nesters as opposed to being in their early to mid-fifties. My mother had her last child at age 28, and my parents became empty nesters at 53 and 54. It the long run it makes a difference. Now you understand the mother’s plea for him to settle down and give her some grandkids. Most of her friends probably already have grandkids. They still have a lot of full life before returning to the “twice a child” state. In the grand scheme of things, age makes a big difference for the following health reasons:

    On average, a woman’s fertility is at its height in her 20s. I think the early 20s. So from a strictly “biological perspective,” the best decade for conceiving and carrying a baby if from 20 – 29. The “psychological perspective” is probably 25 – 29. By this time, you should have obtained your education, made career moves, partied like there was no tomorrow, matured and sowed your wild oats, traveled to near and far places, and have somewhere to stay that you can call your own. The quantity and quality of a woman’s eggs gradually deteriorate as they get older because ovaries age along with your body. That’s why a younger woman’s eggs are less likely than an older woman’s to have genetic abnormalities that cause Down syndrome and other birth defects. Also, the risk of miscarriages and prematurity are lower in your 20s than 30s. Especially than 35 for prematurity. Pregnancy is often physically easier for women in their 20s because there’s a lower risk of health complications like high blood pressure and diabetes. You’re also less likely to have gynecological problems, like uterine fibroids, which often become more problematic over time.
    There is this little, big thing call metabolism that has kicked in and for a woman at or near 40 when she has a baby is quite different for a woman in her twenties. There is also GENETICS. You have to remember Leos a “sight” people.

    Once the baby comes, as a 20-something mom you’re likely to have the resilience to wake up with the baby several times during night and still be able to function the next day and take care of your man. You’ll also have a lot of company as you chase your little one around the playground: The average woman has her first child around age 26. And when your own child has children of her own, odds are you’ll still have the energy to be an actively involved grandparent (Based on what she has conveyed to the press, what Jennifer Bolt is hoping). Besides the physical advantages, there are other pluses: “You’re more flexible in your 20s, which is good for your marriage and for the transition to parenthood.
    No one is saying anyone should get married in their twenties because of the odds. It is a personal choice. I’m Just Saying” you must understand the odds and be willing to accept the consequences of your choices. If Ms. Bennett waits for Bolt (gives him her youth), she has to accept and bare the price.

    Leos are capable of love but it takes the right woman to bring that love out. It is not usually a woman of convenience only. When they find that “right woman”, they will move heaven and earth for her. She will not be delusional. She and everyone else will know 100%. It is a beautiful thing when a man loves you and shows you that love. Every woman should experience this at least once in her lifetime. Every child should grow up in a home filled with love. If you meet a man or woman and they have not shown you this within six months to one year, they are not into you whether they marry you or not. . . .Just Saying

  27. Bloodfyah! a wamek yuh write dis ya epistle yah mama?? a who u think ago read this? Next time just submit it as a short ebook and try make a money off a it. Naah mean?

  28. Anonymous 10:05, there is no need for name calling and mama comments. My heart made me write it after counseling yet another young lady over the weekend dealing with same issues in this topic on the pink wall. How do you know I don’t make money off e-books? Not everything people do is or should be driven by money. I would be willing to bet at least one person read it. If that one person takes one thing from it and either turn their life around for the better or tell someone else and they do so, generations may be helped.

    It is far “better to create something someone criticizes than to create nothing and critize others” . . .Just Saying

  29. Why does it matter if Bolt married her or not?
    Does it ever occur to people that Kasi have other plans etc?
    While Bolt out there doing him, she’s where she is doing her.

    Nobody’s perfect, give the people them a break.
    Y’all on the outside looking in, speculating shit.
    While Bolt was out at the restaurant opening, kasi was working. Follow her on snap then y’all will understand that the girl doing her thing.

    The ones with the criticism should take a page out off her book & stop depending on men to get going.

    I swear! I hate people…

  30. Working doing what …. Kasi no have no bbc life if usain no shit pan har. Her 5 mins of fame with baller alert done, so all the comment she a mek and like dem page, dem not even looking. If is not a pic with usain she no get notice

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