Met ..been on snap and I notice that Usain won’t be celebrating his birthday with his one and only. In fact he is currently in Mykonos Greece having a jolly old time with his crew. After all the hype I would have excepted her to be there but then again ..we all know their arrangement, how sad. I guess she has important things to do back home in Jamaica (rolls eyes) lol.


  1. U know mi see Rene post seh he’s in Mykonos and I was wondering if she going. Why Usain always do that!? DWL.
    I find Gregg soooo annoying tho, him hitch pan Bolt a party and not even present fro his kids back school. Dem a mus batty bwoi.

    1. Greg just big and swarty and stay bad, but money makes anyone look attractive. The girl with them is very pretty.

  2. Lol she posted on twitter that she’s unpacking to only pack again, letting us know she’s flying out again soon. Also, that she has work & construction work to oversee why she’s back home..

  3. Same shit I said how u a wife and him friend them get more trips than u? Lolol kasi u busy a show off the 5 suitcase a free puma shit….I get it now u don’t like to travel

  4. Poor thing..she looks like a lost child with her breast way up ina har collar bone..Kasi..plz to go look for a job n stop eying Bolts zillions..

  5. i feel the crew dont like Kasi

    so maybe when she come around things get awkward – vibes bruk

    so usain said kasi pick – spend the end of my career with me and get that press or birthday in Greece with no paps

    and of course Kasi chose the one with my cameras – besides she already went to Bora Bora – and those snaps were boring

    its Usains life – live it

  6. No she has to be there nope I refuse to believe she not in Greece mi say if she not there I’m going to set up a go fund me page for her self esteem

  7. Breasts look awfully painful,obviousy she did not have enough breast tissue/skin to accommdate that size implant. Dat dackta is wickid to u likkle girl.
    Downsize dem n use the tear drop shaped implant for a natural look. Poor colla bone spose to a pain u

  8. People shit give Kasi a break har tea sour..send her in when she pregnant or wedding bout to happen.Pinkwall make this gal feel like celebrity,I am tired of this Non Muthaf**kin factor!

  9. Well she already lay out di timeline for di next vacay which coming up next month. Bout she unpacking just to pack again. Hopefully this time her hair stay good cus while in London Kasi hair was a mess! All di money you spend on clothes and shoes and not even a good hairstyle to match. We looking forward to di pics tho Kasi.

    1. I know, her hair was such a mess, she knew she was going to London for months so I’m surprised she didn’t have better weave and her natural hair wasn’t in good condition either. Even the clothes look cheap, she looked so regular going to the club or maybe she just doesn’t wear certain things well because of her height and shape.

      1. They still look big and terrible, look at the pics on daily mail with them on full display, everybody that commented about her breast say they look horrible. They are too big for her, she should have gone smaller they would have looked more natural.

  10. So Bolt is in Greece celebrating his birthday but kasi put up video of balloons and two gift bags on a bed saying it’s for her bf birthday, so she’s going to have to wait until he gets back from vacation to celebrate his birthday? their relationship is too weird for me. She said she hates to unpack and then pack again so they are going on a trip together. She is happy with the arrangement and doesn’t seem to care so let her enjoy herself.

  11. Usain only have two pictures of kasi on his insta. He didn’t post any pics off them in London, but he’s posting up a storm with his friends in Greece while kasi is at home planning his belated birthday and packing for the next trip, she doesn’t care, she’s not leaving the money and lifestyle so we should leave them alone.

  12. Omg….those breast look horrible. They really do Kasi. Please go have them corrected. Your friend worthless Rebecca can’t tell you they don’t look good. You don’t have anyone to pinch and tell you. You need to demand the surgeon correct them or sue him. I’m not being mean but they look awful…

  13. Those UNSIGHTLY boooobbbbz :matabelo What a complete turn off. Kasi stay bad to the point where Bolt is now easier on the eyes. Very unattractive girl.

    1. Agree, saw the pics on daily mail and she looks nothing like her pics on Instagram. She literally doesn’t shape good, no waist, bang belly, flat ass and those unfortunate implants, it just shows how her pics on insta is photo shopped and filtered to the hilt.

  14. She’s such a shameless gold digger but it’s the life she chose. She will not be seeking gainful employment anytime soon so this is her living for now, she sold her soul a long time ago, no morals, ambition, self worth or dignity.But she has come this far to stop now, too much money is on the line. Who else is she going to find to take her on a few trips or pay her bills? Kasi doesn’t care, there is nothing Bolt can do or say to her for her to leave, NOTHING!!

  15. Looking at his and some of his friends snap chats and stories I can see they have a several white girls in bikinis present.

  16. Live your life Bolt, you deserve it, just be careful. Don’t make anybody pressure you to have kids or get married, yuh young and rich, enjoy to the fullest.

  17. Depending on how long ago she got them they are supposed to fall and will come down pretty soon. I have implants and when I 1st got them done they were just as high as hers and if you see me now they look natural so let the girl live. Either that or she has on a push up bra which she doesn’t need but that’s her choice unnu leave the girl alone!

    1. Anybody ask u anything? We care if u have implants? Or u
      Did just wa mention it? Kasi do her breast from when .. dem nuh have no drop a drop

  18. Judging by the snaps so far one thing for sure, although Kasi home, Usain will not be sleeping alone while in Greece. Kasi you are the most forgiving girlfriend in hissstrrryyy

  19. Greg a old man inna him 50s why is he hanging out with Usain? Greg is just pathetic. Big and swarthy and sour and not contributing much to society, only the money he spends. Damn worthless man with zero work ethic. Poor leanclean. At least Nicole get a par a Europe wid Sasco.

  20. You know when I noticed she’s not with the gang celebrating his bday I thought maybe the reason she made it to London was so there wouldn’t be a scandal like the ones at the last Olympics. You know, good PR and shit!
    Get some self worth Kasi.

  21. Her boobs in my humble opinion are not too big. This pic looks like it was taken when they were just done. She would have been instructed to massage them daily and they will eventually fall into place and look more natural. Well that’s if she asked for a natural look.

  22. He’s enjoying himself more with his friends that when he’s with Kasi, he didn’t post one pic of them in London while she post a million things with him because she had something to prove. He didn’t even take her to dinner or those nice things, just club, 3 nights in a row drinking & smoking like two guys having fun. When he was in London last year, he and his friends were at dinner, with candle light and the works. Club girl and good time girl.

  23. I feel Usain is going to marry his old girlfriend. Kasi just one of those uptown girls with a little bit of color and mix hair that feel seh dem ah the shit that no Jamaican man can’t resist. She’s holding on to the fame and money hard. Usain isn’t attractive to me at all. With all that money him should get a lil s-curl or get a good Yankee barber that do waves and shit. Usain head looks like a crocus bag to me. Sorry………….

    One girl on here wrote one-time seh Usain boring and cheap. I can see that too. He looks selfish.

  24. Maybe she thinks she can have a baby and leave. She better hope he don’t fight her for custody because there is no way she would beat him in a court.He’s probably a few steps ahead of her. Kasi, this is not the life.

  25. :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak a waah roll in yah… Di man nuh wah yuh come salt up him birthday like how yuh salt up di last race an mek di man nuh go out wid a bang salt gal. Di picture whey post uppa tap naaa do nuh justice fi yuh mi see why him send yuh home. But mi a be a goodie today and tings cause supposed a di law firm she affi check pan i could a swear sumbody seh she a lawyer. Hunnu too brite sumtings are more important than your 3sums partner birthday oh.

  26. Dwl anon 6.07, mi neva did a go type nutten u nuh, but u mek mi laugh out, cho. Look here nuh, the most important years of our lives is 0-15 u see after 15 or even 13, no one can change u from ur upbringing. U see even wen u turn adult, u may stray a little but u still gonna remember those values. Which country man u know dash away money pon wukless woman. Even if a man a zillionaire him still want a woman dat brings something to the table no matter wat. Now other than 2 fake boobs wat else is there???? She soon find out the meaning of MEAN lol.

  27. Mi naaa lie salty it look sticky pan yuh titty dem di ppl dem a talk and dem seh issa no. Bwoy times ago kasi when few use to defend yuh but since yuh salt him up nobody naaa seh kasi :ngakak :ngakak aww boy.

    1. Thank you and the pics on daily mail confirms that, is her photoshop and filtered pics on Instagram fooling people.

    1. Mi seh, di man a enjoy himself suh till but he will have to take his First Lady on vacation ( vacation from what, I don’t know) to keep up the charade. She put up Turks & Caicos so mabe that’s where he’s taking her.

  28. Mykonos is the windiest place I have ever been, and the roughest sea I ever traversed, I have no intentions of revisiting, and Kasi, trust me, you ain’t missing nothing. Now, if it was Crete, Santorini, or even Sicily I’d say book the next flight.

    1. lol I died, she same one before she go tek off some a di botox can’t stand her either country gyal that f**ked two money man and get status kill her dead she born inna money. No hon Trudy Vaz is the real deal your husband first wife!!!

  29. To be fair to both Usain, doesnt every one enjoy themselves out more whne they are with the boys/girls? Dem luckier den me anyways.

  30. Unnu brutal badddd eee!
    It takes up to a year for implants to drop and fluff…
    It does look sticky seh him never deh deh for her birthday and now she nuh deh deh fi him own this yr… I was wondering why she couldn’t stay two extra day to watch sunrise and eat dinner with them?
    Anywho him big her up in the snaps. I love you, I miss you, I wish you were here.
    I thought that was cute on his behalf till I see randoms running around in the background smh

  31. If he wanted her to be there then she would be there! Whatever construction business she have going on could have been overseen by someone else till she come back, if that really was the case. Of course he’s going to big her up while he’s away, cus if he don’t acknowledge her then his image will look bad after all he did in London last year and didn’t acknowledge her at all. He finally claims her publicly so he has to act like he’s behaving this time around. At the end of the day that relationship is built on image not love.

  32. bwoy uno love people business like me eeh… couldn’t it be a case where the young lady had her own life and obligations to get back to that requires her not to be there frolicking with bolt and his friends… which I find very lame most of the time… Kasi manage alot of projects she is a growing humanitarian she is helping other what are you doing the girl have her money so people need to stop saying that she’s there for the money by the way who wouldn’t. .. be true to yourself liaras hmmm and stop hating… maybe the girl is just not for the limelight which u people want her to be. blah I don’t know the story u don’t so don’t be here assuming and dissing her it could be you in her shoes

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