Co-directors Benjamin Turner and Gabe Turner present a mix of archival, broadcast and original footage to tell Bolt’s story. As thrilling as the competition clips can be, the off-track scenes reveal the most about the man that millions admire for his athletic success. Back home in Jamaica, Bolt longs to take time off from his grueling training schedule, go on a long vacation or just enjoy some junk food or the occasional drink. Bolt shoots a share of the footage himself as well, speaking his thoughts directly to the camera or chatting with teammates when he’s on the road. The absence of any mention of a love interest in the film seems curious however, although he’s conceivably just too busy for an ongoing relationship.

      1. Met, the media don’t respect Kasi any more. Dot, didn’t hold back with her questions and, the Hollywood Reporter dismissed her by saying Usain must be too busy for a relationship since she’s not included in the film.

        1. I think she’s in there.

          Mi see it with my own eyes, whether they introduce her as GF or parry mi nuh know. I don’t know if they will included in the movie but it I saw it as a preview.

          There is a scene with him , NJ, her and her Chris or one of the others who chill at his house right in the living room. Dem did a buss big laugh.

  2. The writer at Hollywood Reporter watched the entire movie and, he said there is no love interest. I saw the clip you’re speaking of and I couldn’t tell who it was. It sort of looked like the lady who has the 3 kids. If Kasi was in the movie they didn’t present her as a girlfriend.

    1. No,she wasn’t in London but, his parents are there.
      Maybe he she can come to the Jamaican premier if there is one.

      @Premium Tea Sipper another publication confirmed she was not in the film.

      While the film says audiences will be treated to “a unique insight into the life of a living Olympic and sporting legend, best friend, teammate”, what is apparently lacking is the inclusion of his controversial relationship with long-time girlfriend Kasi Bennett, and those infamous infidelity reports.

      In fact Ms Bennett is nowhere to be seen in the documentary’s bio, despite “in-depth interviews with those closest to him — his parents, best friends, agent, coach and fellow athletes” credited in the mix.

  3. Once again Bolt is embarassing this poor girl by not having her at any major event. If it’s not Fiction or Frenchman, wi nuh see Kasi.

  4. Met, why is someone in Kasi’s IG comments telling her to have fun and enjoy the premiere? I have to wonder if the person is trolling or people really don’t believe Kasi is bold enough to be promoting this movie premier as if she’s anywhere near the red carpet. This girl has no shame, she has her eyes on the prize.

    Kasi there is no doubt in my mind that you are built for this gold digger and WAG lifestyle. While most girls would have gone into hiding from the shame, you proudly stand in your position of having no position, all for money and hype. Your reward better be great, you’ve earned it! AMG Benz truck coming right up girl. Who needs a premiere and family par when you can stunt on your friends this Christmas in your new ride??? I see you girl!

  5. Haven,t seen sadiiki on the scene either , are they not speaking again… Great look tho usain. Now to upgrade your image by having a nice girl on your arm … Kasi or otherwise

  6. Usain is so dunce just watched his snap and he said “she’s a legitimate Jamaican living in British.” Really Sir? Kmt… anyways so re his brother, it seems they are back on speaking terms cuz I seen Usain dancing in his snaps.They were at the club.

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