You need to stop using people girl children remember you have a daughter, who comes to America and name out all brand names it’s obvious you’re not familiar with a comfy lifestyle just acting as if. You and I know you use to give me head on the regular but of course you’re not going to admit that and you and I and also the other females that are here knows you beg like a blind man only the people who don’t know that side of you you can fool, you are not working so you are begging n sucking cunt stop hype n put your life to good use and who post about sending money to their baby’s mom talking about she loves money you are such a jacka*s


  1. Sender y u did think when u take u a f**k boy u should a take him leave and no get no feeling but thru u a mine him fi years him worthless now stop invest Ina f**k boy

  2. Sender u no a 2 ticket u buy fi d f**k boy so was d sex good cause me hear him buddy can’t stand up fi long sender u no c say u send fi a nutten egg girl me feel u pain u think him did ago f**k u true him can’t stay him cut now sorry u send fi him sender just f**k him up

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