2. DWL The man fava veechy fi tru! With the teefin phone.
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    Munchy no stop cuss her bff n class him cuz he jump from maine to munchy den to meesha kae sista.
    veechy munchy zulu maine crosses mix up crew. dem will mash up u life

  3. Dem waan draw in nephew/cuz windy so nice on handsome why de hook him up on Kae whe been use up. y his big fren skilli neva tell him no go deh n give him one of the sketel n donkey whe he bring in di man place Mon night
    Y dem tuff man no go hole seat. Skilli u stop bad mine shabba n nikki yet ctfu mi see u BFF/fukaGal maine say cum out friday n she no no Nifigi lock all di way dung. 35th waan see dat flya

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  6. The only thing zulika a lick down is the welfare checks and dem bag a kids when them walk in and catch her a sleep with the bag of me.

  7. Trudy talk the things all the while that everybody wanna say but can’t or afraid to. Windy you just don’t know who u a link with! You pick the worse set of people to come to America and par with I know you have to deal with Kae till you can do for yourself just don’t get comfy and turn idle like your uncles Veechie, Munchie and Maine.

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  17. So why u a mek zully pass, all the time dem have a waste can somebody tell me who her baby fathers are???????????????????????????? Zully come callup u baby fada dem nameeeeeeee

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