0 thoughts on “VEGAS MI LOVE DAH ONE YERE!!!!!

  1. Mi love it !! Mi love it !! Mi love it !! Dis song is a very mood – lifting song !! It is sound strategy for more energy. Mi can”t wait fe see de video fe da song ya. Finally, yes indeed, I agree wid Vegas when him sey dat NO weapon dat is formed against me shall prosper. Sending up prayers !!

  2. MI love it, mi can see matie vs matie, enemy vs enemy a gwan bad pon each other pon da one wah. It bad, Vegas is a troll and a likkle **k boy, but talent is talent, an tune a tune, an im talented an im tune bad.

  3. Good morning to you ace, please be careful what you wish for: First of all,de “one Drop” dance is originally known as the Azonto dance, and it come from Ghana. QQ call it one drop. Second, right now de youth wey name Venomus who do de One drop song wid QQ vex wid him, because de yute sey dat tru QQ is a bigga artiste dan him, QQ tek de credit, and him (Venomus) nuh get dat much credit. Third, it nawmal fe many reggae artistes do a song pon de same riddim, and all dem do is jus change de lyrics, you zi mi. So, da song ya hot… it shot……because Vegas nah sing bout him private part, nah him personal life, nah violence, nah nutten vulgar, ah jus some decent, God bless lyrics wey wi need inna de Sunday mawning ya, and wah wrong wid dat? So, how QQ a go drop lawsuit, when him done know say a so de ting (music industry set) ?

  4. What’s up met the message in the song is good but vegas a idiot bout him nah get the respect him fi get inna dancehall. This must be him best song and is a next man style him take up I leave bowdy killa fi deal wid you.

    1. ace how much people style kartel pick up? Killa nah go challenge this because him respect God so u careful..Yes Vegas best song this to me so u right desso…If we look fi respect from people and knowings from people we cannot and will never be in God’s favor..we must always do what our hearts require us to do…and him have a next gospel song a gwine put it up…this neva did fi release but when mi heart it di way it move mi I uploaded it without seeking permission

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