6 thoughts on “VEN DO BETTA OO

  1. Ven is not the only one Tanisha image omg yesterday i was watching her on live can you imagine these girls on social media with bags shoes & cloth why y’all can’t invest in some education it’s not too late even 60 70 80 year old folks is in school it’s never too late guys oh my God she sounds so illiterate last night on her life

  2. Ya’ll need a storyline smh when a person speak then tht should be judged with proper English… but wen a person type or text phone intend to do there own thing worst IPhone because I got 1 ya’ll really come over here with this sender u is a hater stop watching out the gal page

  3. Ven face is all filter take off the snap chat filter ven gal ugly lol trying to be young so bad you old An tired ven

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