1. Now, while she’s moving one step further with her products, she needs to invest in some decent jars and get rid of those chanise wonton soup containers she put her cream in. Her matie products look more appealing than hers.


    I like Ven but sometimes you need to move in silence and post when necessary.

    1. This is the NYS Dept sample form NOT the actual certicate
    2. Send this form with the $125 fee
    3. Then post when they send you the certificate you know the paper it’s
    about 8.5×11 Inch.

          1. She proud of herself and di incorporated nuh file yet but she a post pan social media….a look a trick fi sell di people dem..mi neva know a so bleaching creme profitable that a big hair dresser like she a put her livelihood on the line fi guh sell bun up. Man mining tun dem ina proppa idiot

          2. yes due to how dolly put up zales she go put up sense before she go look some other man fi mine

      1. A KIMMIE VEN a follow! KIMMIE have the original documents with the State of NY seal on it,and the documents from IRS to pay her taxes! VEN NEED TO STOP FOLLOW EVERYTHING KIMMIE DO. VEN I hope you know when you register your BUN UP THE PEOPLE DEM LLC YOU OF TO PAY TAXES,and it’s going to stop the government assistant your getting ,so be wise and stop following KIMMIE! Please and THANKS

    1. or do it right online NYSDEPTOFSTATE and get it back in 5 minutes in ur email

      Ven thank us later lol

  4. She is the biggest clown thus far girl who post every move you make like learn to hold certain things back Lol … you ask to be talked about. Wait until she buy a house you she going to post it every minute like for a big women your age why you so frightened for things you suppose to have for a big lady. You brag and carry on too much for an old lady brag about putting your kids in private school and them being on the he honor role or brag about taking your kids on vacation and not dressing naked and showing off your used car with your ugly face with bare filter. Plz have a seat old lady and take care of your kids. Dem kids she look clean every day the way ven hype. Material things turn you into a fool

  5. Good move ven.. am so proud of u doll just keep doing your thing who god bless no man shall ever curse #womanpower

  6. met check ur inbox… Ven how me a search you in the corporation database and ur not incorporated. Y unu love post things fi likes. If ur a license stylist a better u do a general corporation ven beauty care, ven beauty etc and take the skin out of it and mine u get in trouble

  7. Why the big dummy got to put everything on social media didn’t someone tell her the less people know about her is better I’m so tired of her and this attention seeking ass everyday she put up something the other day she post her son and daughter her son was looking in the video like I hate this dumb bitch he look like he need a haircut Vennnnnnnnn stop it your so embarrassing and played out now sell your cream in peace and be happy living your lie nobody care

  8. Met, can someone licensed a product such as the so-called “beauty cream”, with the appropriate state department without them knowing exactly what is concocted in the product? I’ve zoomed in on her and Dolly’s contIners and there’s no label indicating what cream is made of. Just curious :sorry

  9. But Ven Suh dunce di slut post all har address weh Shi Live a 100th St a Canarsie no sah Ven dunce nuh rass

  10. That’s DH ppl for you. It’s like s demon on their backs they have to show n tell every f**king thing. Some do it more neatly than others. Show off n jealousy is a big part of their world.

  11. Ok so lee you know a lil about this but can met and metters explain the fourth or third part because me confuse where is king and a next thing do irs knw anything about this peice a paper with her signature? And who post their full government name and address on social media ven you a the biggest clown on the planet you a form one big fool

  12. @10:44 left the girl alone man my god what her age have to do with this ??????? She frighten for the right things them a lot of people for designer clothes and boot Yes ven the house is next ,who vexxxxxxxxxccxxxx ?? It’s never too late for a shower of rain and this is the time she suppose to have all these things do u take care of your kids ????? Are they on the honor role ???????? Mariah is a brilliant little girl so what is your point ????? Used car well aleast she have one to take her around .do u have any????? Ugly face well me glad u noice and pretty LMAOOOOOO and still have no credit ,no apartment,no assets in a Merica ,DWL unno say ven heart black but look how god a bless the woman so u tell me now ???????????????? Ven no watch no face just gwan humble yuself

  13. Yes met she incorporated it. Ven and kimmy a real idiot. Because one time I saw a video of Kimmy saying that she wants her cream FDA approved one day! So since Ven a try beat out Kimmy so bad. She run go incorporate the bleaching cream before Kimmy FDA approval come through. STUPID IS AS STUPID WAS!!

  14. This is just an application that ANYONE could download and fill out – It’s not the actual certificate.
    They’re a couple of steps that Ven have to follow after submitting the application.
    Example: She MUST list the 1st 5 ingredents in the creame
    She MUST provide a tax ID
    SHE MUST provide a sample survey of users

  15. 2:04 you are Ven or you and her a friend cause unuh dunce alike. Read what 10:44 said PROPERLY. She a tell Ven fi brag bout her kids instead of all these material things. Put them in private school and brag about them being on the honor roll, my God mi tired. How unuh dunce and dark so?

  16. Their cream is made up ingrdients that they buy from a popular bleaching cream. U notice that on kimmie knuckle cream the wrapper is missing? The cream that they mix together sell on amazon. I will be a good lil girl and not write the name of the 2 cream them that they mix together! So it’s not an original idea. Its ppl bleaching cream that is already packaged and on the market. They mix together and selling and fighting over.

  17. I swear when I saw Kimmie said she hope to get her cream FDA approved. I clutched my pearls and said Really. Now when I see ven with incorporation application! I really scratched my head in confusion!!

  18. Anonymous 3:08…..A you a di real clown pon I wall today. Mascot much? To gain FDA approval for any product Kimmy and Ven would have to be able to list each and every chemical in their bunup cream. To begin, neither Kimmy nor Ven can spell the word “chemical” or anything else that may be included in the stir up blen.

  19. It’s enough room and money for everybody. Who gives a shit who did it first? You think no one incorporated before Kim? People sound stupid as f**k on here. Black people are sad, smart move to incorporate, smart use of name for branding and nothing beats a failure but a try. Congratulations girl at least you’re doing SOMETHING besides hating on the next black person.

  20. Am

    @ 3:44 sorry am not her friend she brag about her kids all the time ven is not hype,at all come on now man she is just trying to better her life suppose she was scamming ??? Ven is not a wrong doer SMH

  21. Hair relaxer, peroxide, acid, Chlorox bleach, immediate clear, that deadly gel…Woohoo Ven!!! congratulations Ven. A u say kill em all and dun.

  22. Some oono Jamaican worthless all ways tearing down each at least she doing her own business and will have people work for may God bless you

  23. Ven you look dumb and type up dumb shit. WTF is this nonsense you posting for Attention on instagram. It’s fake as fuk like your weave on head lol. You always try and copy the gal kimmie who has official Documents. Ven you don’t own a pot to piss in more a less a business. You been doing hair for years and still don’t own a salon. So how the f**k you want people to take anything you say or post seriously. You playing a dirty game and you will regret it in the End. I know you ain’t paying no taxes to the government. You dutty bitches be in a rat race to go nowhere besides Jail and can’t make bail. Your damn creme f**king people skin up and you don’t give ah damn. It’s all about the money with you but I hope you ready for law suits. This creme shit you doing is annoying as f**k with the filters of pics. Show me and the people the real pics of customers. You done burn up two people I know personally then ignore their calls. Bitch you a Freud and your day is coming soon. Lmaoo Ven you losing your mind putting your address on that fake paperwork with no seal from New York State. You moving fast and don’t realize you bout to crash you crash test dummy ass bish. Carry On the joke will always be on you in these streets. I want u to keep collecting those government checks flexing. Don’t worry your Lil heart out just yet be careful who you play Ruth in these streets. It was all good just a week ago bitch numbers don’t lie. But them checks the government sending you monthly you deposit and cash though. So how u own business and still robbing the government of funds. Stop it lil bish Ven All eyes on you hmmmm…

  24. You see uno dutty disgusting set a BC, if the people them do bad, scamming, ketch man, thieve etc. It bun uno, my gad, uno think she need to elevate her self so she can stop collecting the government checks like you claim, all bleaching cream bun up skin, some people skin can’t tek bleaching, and the whole truth and fact of the man, the people them choose fi buy them rubbing, Ven nor Kimmy never forced them, and yes she Ven can sell her cream, just like Kim, dolly, and every one else including the chiney man them, the world owe every man a living, she is entitled to have multiple business as she chooses. How dare uno bad minded bitches think you can place a limit on what an individual do with their life, stop that, uno need to go figure uno life out, stop this crab mentality, uno too bad minded as a people, always wishing for a bad outcome for the next person, uno make a mockery of everything. The heights of great men were not attained by sudden flight, but they while their companions slept, were toiling upwards through the night, yo all day time some uno still a sleep, what are your goals, what are your accomplishments. Low the BC gal now man, and stop watch her progress, bout post pinkney, why should she? And give uno set of dirty mouthed f..kers to wash out uno mouth on her kids ,nothing or no one can’t please uno, uno mouth is poisonous, F…king sets of rubbish uno be. Ps.Ven is not my friend or associate. I just call a spade a spade.

  25. sometimes mi nu want nu body know mi a Jamaican… mek uno frighten so. like wat ven do any body can do. now get u bleaching cream fda approve.. listen Food and drugs administration nu respect incorporation.

  26. Suh Ven can’t even spell her own name? I’m sure I seen a status somewhere up here with her calling herself Vanessa, but, it says Vanesia on the form…that kinda explains everything else then, I guess..sigh

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