Pinky hide my idWhy is it that two friends can’t do the same thing and be happy for each other. Ven was selling creams and even had her creams in yankee Michelle shop selling but now Michelle start selling serums ect and now they beefing. Mind you they been friends for years so I just wanna know is it a crime for your friend to make money selling the same stuff as you cuz I feel like there’s money for everyone to make.

7 thoughts on “VEN HOW KARMA FEEL?

    1. Everyone so quick to talk but should get off Michelle dick. Let’s talk about it, Michelle been a go getter “Owning” her own shit for over 20yrs whereas Ven stole someone recipe, branded the girl shit and then had her friends selling it. Y nobody telling Ven that she need to about herself but instead hating on the next person success. At least Michelle Serums are of her own recipes. Give respect where respect is due

  1. Sender, this is late news. According to Michelle she wasn’t paying her rent as agreed. She isn’t known to be a hater and Ven is ever in and out of falling out with people. Both ladies are clearly running successful businesses snd looking for growth opportunities. Let’s wish them both success and longevity and remind them to file and pay their taxes on time and to treat other business owners with respect.

  2. Yankee Michelle friend heather instyle send fi her from England and she fuck her friend man …she is a crosses trust me she is no hood

  3. Yankee Michelle seem like a person that will stab you in your back to get ahead. I would never want to be friends with her. First, she stab Apple in the back and now Ven. She is very red eye and gets jealous of other people who is making money. If Ven was selling the bleaching cream in her shop why would she start selling the same product….That is a conflict of interest. Michelle is grimy. Trust me, If Gina Spectacular start selling furniture in her store and she see that Gina was making money she would stab her in the back too. I feel Ven have every right to be upset. How many friends are you going to lose, Sandy Buckas, Ayanna, Apple, Ven, Heather instyle and the list goes on an on. Start looking into your self to see that you may be the problem. I agree there is room for everyone to sell the same product, but Yankee Michelle has a track record of screwing people to get what she want. After she screw them she plays victim. No body is trying to stop your money but you never win when you play dirty. Just saying.

  4. Michelle too bad mind. She see the girl selling her cream and want run competition. She is going to put donkey Michelle to shame , the same way she put ugly ducking Dolly to shame.

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