HMID please Pinky. Talking about Robbas getting bangled up. Oprah from Florida that’s been stealing from the devil was a boy, multiple arrests and jail time. Still at it, this time she even shoplift with her son present. What kind of mother does this type of act in their child’s presence. Stealing just to front on the gram. Now her freedom is at stake. She’s not new to prison, it’s the innocent kids I feel bad for who keeps seeing their mother in and out of jail. Here’s the receipts cuz we don’t spread propaganda

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  1. People in Miami for every one who said you love Rayon Evabless​​ you guys know who kill Rayon and no one come forward but just know the same thing that happened to Rayon’s family that’s the same thing can happen to your family, Rayon call me when he was flying out a New York to come in Florida and rent Uhaul truck with all his Tables , the boy Gavin willfully book Rayon and know what was going to take place that night because he knew he never wanted Rayon table dem ,Rayon show up with his Tables and the boy have tables already at the club ,the boy Ching money a one dem is apart of Rayon death , mi know a lot a yute weh a call and a tell me things right yah so a Cali so mi know everything wah gwan , people Rayon did fi come a little thing mi a keep and Rayon go so fi Mek a money an the bwoy Gavin have tables already and Rayon shout me an mek mi know them have table a ready the man was so upset because he fly there for the booking ,people don’t mek the Boy Gavin fool Florida dance hall he is apart of the plot on innocent good yute as Gavin which of his murder friends name start with B nuh mek mi continue because mi know everything mi a fly in a Miami with all the names to the detective, when man man a come a Cali come party man a look pan dem and dem don’t even know who Rayon know or who a rayon fren. Boy Cawsie did rayon family know say while rayon body in a the morgue pan ice ,you go file for bodily injury and get 10,000 check does the family know that you prove to be a big enemy to Rayon while rayon treat you like a true friend , wicked boy a bet Rayon family don’t even know them things ya mi stay a cali a know everything.A nuff badmine gwan because the yute a rise up the yute a winner dem never want the yute fi win . People the same man what involved a the same man them a secretly a talk because them a tek them self out of it This yute a Rayon was a good yute to me so all the names what I have I flying out there to give the detective all the names I have because mi a go solve This murder case Rayon never deserve none a this wicked and dirty people the yute help out a lot forth Lauderdale man them always a do business with with certain man and them woman them know them self everyone in cohort together involving Rayon death this wasn’t for no Cawsie that was just a big set up for Rayon but everyone never come fi stay so it’s just mess up Rayon Trust these wicked friend killers.People if you know something come forward and talk and let the police solve the case easy .

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