1. Sender, to how some ah dem man ya love walk and suck any and every puss, it is quite possible that his saliva did breed the misses uppa top deh…

  2. I don’t understand how she and her friend Miss cheat couture breeding together and everyday they partying and drinking now big belly. Guess the new generation of dancehall have to product. Many times mi see them social network and wonder how they stay and act like no shame then see you their dancehall parent. Miss cheat couture look like sperm donor cut

  3. Met this girl leave four pon ar family in ja don’t look back so this on is fe Uncle Sam she so give hit away .kim look like she have sence to u all that a dumb hass bitch .shame on you man Kim stop f**k gal now man

  4. Met about 20 a them live in a the people them house a naw come out the man carry the a court but them get time plus extra time omg Jodi sleep pon the floor some in a the living room pon the floor it a mess the man want them out no rent not paying pure lesbian them one baby there too with the mon sleeping on the floor but Kim a the moma fe all a then.

  5. Kim we wanna see DNA everyone know you are a dancehall mattress anybody can be the father u clean up Queenz so how we know it’s that poor young man child your belly come in like raffle ticket everyone gotta pick one hahaha

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