0 thoughts on “VERY PROUD DUPPY

  1. Bleaching and becoming “white” does not make you better. I wish they could rub some damn knowledge, love, and self-esteem on themselves and let it soak in.

  2. Shut da fuqq up cunt! Bitch, you can frighten small children wid yu Corpse Bride self. Go suck yu madda and gwey!

  3. Hate see har mouth, it’s so ugly. She need fi stop making video put pon fb and get some 100 watts bulbs put in her dark house, lol

  4. Brainwash education after 400 years nuff black people still under di slavemaster whip and hate dem color, black is beautiful big up all black woman who love themselves.

  5. Painfully stupid; ignorance is a a bliss. What’s painful is that this woman is not alone–as it relates to her mindset…

  6. Emancipate yourself from slavery…this sorry excuse if women is still in shackles…she still mentally enslaved and that’s super sad

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