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  1. Why not just take a pic of license plate with your phone now for the luv of vanity laying down in hospital bed no vehicle is worth me risking my life for

  2. Anonymous normally when you get into a car accident you exchange insurance info and it seems that’s why he came out his car. What does vanity have to do with a car accident.
    It’s f**ked up that the other driver fled the scene and now when he’s caught he will be charge with leaving the scene of an accident on top of the hit and run charge

    1. Well it sure seems like the love of vanity. If you’re in an accident, everybody has a phone take photos, never hang on to a moving vehicle. Is a little damage to your vehicle worth your life. Sad to see this, hope they arrest the driver of the truck. He almost killed someone because of this.

  3. I read the article it clearly states that the hit n run driver was attempting to pull off n Mr dumbass decided to hold on to the passenger car which caused him to get run over

    1. Youre the dumbass and very insensitive. He walked up to the passenger’s side and the driver abruptly drove off. You should read with understanding and not try and interpret what’s not there.

  4. He went up to the car to trade info with the driver of the red pick-up truck but the driver drove off while he was beckoning for him to stop, he got run over and now is in critical condition. The driver spoke to his lawyer but still hasn’t taken responsibility for his actions as yet, its sad though.

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