Why is it Sherilee can’t damn content with what the f**k she damn getting!!!!!O.k she go out every damn night promoting for Blesh Party coming up May 7th and getting paid every damn night in the sum of couple Benjamins or more and getting free pass and bottles or crates of Champagne what more do Sherilee want??Content with that nuh and what you already getting but no you want The L.V duffle back and the t.v….ah weh greedy aguh a weh red eye aguh ah weh grabilicious aguh no to bl***t if you waan extras get up and work for it damn nuffinella and beggeisha!!!!!


6 thoughts on “VINI VS SHERILEE

  1. Vini u is suh a low life!!! Shower man kick u off his memorial weekend dance and tru u live fi di hype u jump pan blesh dance bout u achievement party Inna di man dance, bout u a cut cake! U are looking for so much attention any where u get it from, now how the f**k u get in blesh dance???? Smfh!!! Ur so nuff!!! Everything u put pan Fb! Now why classy Vini ( as wah u sey ) Inna problem wit sherilee? Kmft!! I wouldn’t want nooooo body fi know sey me and sherilee into anything cause er hand nuh good, but no!! Tru u love di limelight and hype u affi put up tin pan Fb bout sherilee!! YOU VINI IS SO LOW!!! U SICK MI!!!

  2. A tru!!!!! Same way last yr shi Inna Showa man dance a change like er birthday party or a fi er dance!! Like a f**king mascot!!! Wey change did ago!!!!! Lmao!!! DAT Neva call fa!! And di dance name sport wear meet swim wear and a bear a Ali express tight set Dem shi change off Inna, no sports or swim wear look!! A di same tin shi did want fi come do dis year again!!! Bout er cut cake!! Kmrt!! Fore u stay Inna di man bar and hold dung di man money, u a change change change change like a f**king fool and a tek mic a call up Showa man name!! Kmft!!! Wonda if u ago tek di mic a blesh dance and still call Showa man name!!!! F**ING FOOL!!!

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