Lawd sah a wah do dem youth yah bout dem name 1-voice? dem need fi go get a life and stop go party go put up one finger before Aidonia sue dem fi him lable, di tall dark handsome one in the red hat and tall scleve gansey weh name mula fi stop it bout him a don, di millions a dollar weh u rab up when u inna di force a jamaice done now so mi hear u a drive truck fi a living now, u neva know seh it a go done lol, god no like ugly, nice brite boy like you weh have degree and go a U-Tech, nah come out to nothing, u noh have no heart mi hear u people dem still deh inna di getto and u have house lock up a portmore and u bredda dem inna zinc fence a maxfield, u need fi help dem and stop hype bout ua boss, all di one diddy weh no stop f**k pon him wife and breed a million gal weh u a go do fi mine so much hungry pickiney, u fi save u money,tommy-lee all him fi stop go a party and go mine him family a maxfield weh a suffer and stop f**k careless gal weh canh help him, all di likkle freaky rasta boy fi leave di likkle youth dem company and set example.only ting bout unuh is dat unuh keep some good parties and unuh have a little tug image, and another ting mi hear she mula browning lef him lol so how u aggo manage with the acura and di bike lol u affi go sell dem lol,mi fi got weh da brown one deh name but mi hear she him a top freak lol lick out ba**y and bear tings kiss mi rass.mi gone

0 thoughts on “VOIVE CREW -_-

  1. so this have tobe someone that kno Mula dear’ the browning friend ****** tell ur friend give up !!!!! being old and buying man was not going to keep him tell her buy her papers and not man…..(man clown) upset and now yal want to come and be informers !!! And if yal feel someway about the other crew and they family living bad in maxfield unno help out or stay out of the people business ……. *drop the mic*

  2. No sah how unuh a do browning soh, mula a di best man mi know browning with, two of dem independent, and browsing no old she mid 30s same as mula.

  3. Mi noh know some a dem but mula tommy-lee and Diddy mi no really have a problem but mula 2 hype, bossey,and act like top man, but it big big see browning left him so we him ago do

  4. Dave lol you the one who send this argument in doh bout watch pussy please stop the man work so watever he was getting from Serena is extra…. You sound extra mad Serena I mean Serena friend I mean Dave …,,,,,,

  5. no man shawn a humble youth and ever dress nice but tommy-lee and jay no stop shell out vim and payless cheam clothes dem dwl.

  6. mi hear she tommy-lee no live no weh so him hitch up with di tuf woman weh could be him madda. wortless little boy

  7. Mi heat seh Tommy Lee no live no weh so him affi hitch up round Di married woman,worthless little youth Di woman could be him granny

  8. Mula and him browning always looking good together, mi like it dem match.nice couple, so leave him alone nothing cant get dem apart, dem look like dem inlove

  9. a who name Mula,the tall dark one? DAyouth deh no talk a lot so how unuh have so much to say, a just grudgefull and badmind,Talk bout dutty rasta head ceible weh gwaan like him a somebody,nothing!!!

  10. mi hear she all a dem come from same place a Jamaica dats y dem spar, but a true man Mula fi leave di little boy dem company and set example.as a educated youth,bout him form crew kmt.

  11. a nuf a dem but mi no know weh some a dem name,always a put up one finger a party bout 1-voice a legacy dem a falla, dem a wah next ediot 2 lol

  12. Unno leave mi fren serena alone when ppl nuh know ppl business them sey shit I dont have to say it but mi fren serena good a foreign a nuh papers mek haters have money a good heart and talent just leave the girl and mek she prosper she dont havebto buy man or papers

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