0 thoughts on “VOTE

  1. Metttttt……. Where art thou?
    Come een Metty, Mi know yuh still rejoicing…. Mi hoarse di way mi scream
    JAMDUNG to di werl


  2. Can I tell yuh metty dem sick a wih, wih island Likkle but wih talawah…
    A bayyyyy Merica yuh lose again! Mek a Lowe dem before dem come tek back dem book :hammer


  3. Mi say di big screen and half way tree tunn up out deh. Mi love mi ppl dem bodddd
    Mi excited like a me win cho! Big up tessanne.


  4. one more yawdie pon de f**ka dem :selamat :selamat :recsel :recsel :iloveindonesia :iloveindonesia :iloveindonesia :rate :rate :rate :newyear :newyear :newyear :newyear :newyear :bedug :bedug :bedug

  5. True true true in a u Breda-in-law Wayne Marshall voice lawd me tun ediat last night when tessane win. Plus anybody c when Tessane get d new Kia jeep n say HOW JAMAICA NEED BETTER ROAD!!!! U large ambassador Tessane call d contractor cos CHINITA GOODAS win d VOICE. Carribean powa Bajan Rihanna, Trini Nicki, n now Jamaican Tessane… A wa do dem a we set d trend little but we TALLAWER!!!!!! #TEAM TESSANE n large up Shaggy neway u deh cos a u c d potential n send har go win d VOICE!!!!

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