DMV guards, proxy test-takers arrested in New York driver’s license scam
Corrupt test-takers paid $2,000 to $2,500 for the easy road to getting licensed to operate school buses, big rigs and heavy equipment. Guards in on the plot allowed wannabe license-holders to leave testing rooms and have surrogate test-takers look up exam answers.

By John Marzulli AND Bill Hutchinson / NEW YORK DAILY NEWS
In this image taken from surveillance footage, New York DMV security guard Latoya Bourne is allegedly shown taking a bribe, according to state and federal authorities.

Three DMV security guards and eight associates were busted Wednesday for allegedly helping cheaters obtain commercial driver’s licenses using an elaborate scheme that included surrogate test-takers and answers etched into pencils in secret code.

Authorities said the corrupt test-takers paid $2,000 to $2,500 for the easy road to getting licensed to operate school buses, big rigs and heavy equipment.

The head honcho of the hoodwink appears to be Akmal Narzikulov, according to the 38-page complaint unsealed Wednesday. He identified himself as an ambulance company worker.
The Harlem Department of Motor Vehicles Office is where security guards and associates were charged in a cheating scheme to help applicants pass written exams for commercial drivers licenses.
The Harlem Department of Motor Vehicles Office is where security guards and associates were charged in a cheating scheme to help applicants pass written exams for commercial drivers licenses.

The suspects had developed ways for people to cheat on either the written test or audio test, which gave them a temporary license and enabled them to take the driving exam.

New York DMV security guard Beayaeh Kamara leaves Brooklyn federal court after being arrested for his alleged role in the scam.

Security guards at the Manhattan offices — Baeyaeh Kamara, Latoya Bourne and Inocente Martinez — were arrested Wednesday morning along with eight others involved in the scheme, court records show.

The guards are accused of taking bribes to arrange for customers to leave the testing room with their exams, which they gave to a surrogate test-taker outside who looked up the answers on a laptop computer.
The guards would allow the test-takers to enter and leave the testing rooms.
Inocente Gonzalez Martinez, shown leaving the federal court in Brooklyn, was allegedly a facilitator in the licensing scam.

Kamara, Martinez and Bourne — who is eight months pregnant — were released on $150,000 bail each after being charged in Brooklyn federal court.

Investigators videotaped the scams in action over the course of the probe, capturing accused surrogate test-taker Marie Daniel filling out the exams in a downtown fast-food restaurant, said Kevin Falk, special agent with the U.S. Department of Homeland Security, in the complaint.
Accused DMV license scam facilitator Luc Desmangles leaves the Brooklyn federal court.
Todd Maisel, New York Daily News/New York Daily News
Accused DMV license scam facilitator Luc Desmangles leaves the Brooklyn federal court.

Other cheaters in Queens and Long Island were instructed to ask for audio exams and were provided pencils that had the answers etched in secret code on the sides, Falk said.

“The pencil had a series of dots and dashes on its side. These symbols reflected the correct true or false answers for the audio version to the CDL test,” Falk said.


DMV security guard Latoya Bourne, eight months pregnant and one of the eleven accused in a commercial driver’s licensing scheme, leaves the federal court in Brooklyn.
Todd Maisel, New York Daily News/New York Daily News
DMV security guard Latoya Bourne, eight months pregnant and one of the eleven accused in a commercial driver’s licensing scheme, leaves the federal court in Brooklyn.

Others indicted were Firdavs Mamadaliev, Dale Harper, Joachim Pierre Louis, Luc Desmangles, Jose Tayano and Tanel Daniel.

Narzikulov, Marie and Tanel Daniel, and Tayano were all being held without bail.

All of the suspects, including the guards, were charged with defrauding the DMV and with mail fraud.
Big trucks like these require their operators to have commercial driver’s licenses. But some New York wannabe drivers paid up to $2,500 to cheat their way into the big rigs.

Authorities got wind of the operation last spring when it was tipped off by two informants, who agreed to wear electronic wires to help nab the culprits, said Falk.

It remained unclear how many people achieved their underhanded goal through the bamboozle.

The NYPD, the U.S. Department of Transportation, the state Attorney General and the State Inspector General were all involved in the investigation.
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  1. Mi tiad fi say it… Never grudge noooooooooooooooooooooo one because you don’t know what they are doing to get their money and you probably wouldn’t take the risk they are taking. MEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEETTTTTTTTTTTTTTT ah wah dis inna di Thursday mawning ya?? Ah big big case dis man.. big 8 months belly anna gwan so?? My gaawwd!!!!

  2. All for the love of the almighty dollar. I can’t say I feel sorry for her. Them seh ‘money is the root of all evil” and that is ,so true.

    1. @mrs ambitious, not money is the root of all evil, but ‘ THE LOVE OF MONEY IS THE ROOT OF ALL EVIL’ and i think this statement or philosophy is so contradicting,because everybody loves to get money, whether its legal or illegal , thats how mankind survive,ppl have needs and desires and some have the tolerance to wait and complain ,while some take a gamble and win or lose. so i wouldnt say it is the root of all evil, its ppl thoughts or minds r evil. AMEN

  3. OMG…………now you know how all the bags and boots were GOTTEN (smh).
    Show off show off always bring SHAME……(sad)
    and oh yea, I hope Lincoln auction the car BMW for her lawyer money.
    The life of a Dancehall maiden

  4. greed shall be their downfall. If you’re in a stable job with a sure weekly/fortnightly/monthly salary den just tek time and save fi what yuh want nuh, no need to disgrace yuhself like this. This bling culture combined with get rich quick mentality will be our demise ah swear!

    Good morning all!

    Met how longtime in the 60s and 70s when our older generations arrived in America, the UK and Canada wid nutten to dem name, how come dem never inna dem things here and look at what they achieved just by hard work and sacrifice. These actions are eroding the good name of the older Caribbean diaspora.

      1. Now she will be FIRED, no Unemployment benefits and a HELL of a time to get Gov’t assistance. I do HOPE she saved some of the money and don’t bother with getting a PAID lawyer.
        This is so all around SAD…..what will her two BRIGHT EDUCATED (toya voice) say about this

    1. Good day jmg. Metty, jmg crew, bloggers, peepers an all.@noontime, your comment, is greatly appreciated.
      “Patient man ride donkey”!

        1. U handerstan met: since she deh wid lincoln ah pure bad-luck reach r; true dem lub “likes”.
          Me nah tro nuh sympathy gee r; u av u gud livity an dash it weh true “vanity”?
          See it deh now….watta calamity!

  5. Why ppl like trouble govt moniee? So much other hustle out there that is safer then losing you’re means. You’re income. Your life. You’re freedom. Not to mention a child being raised without their mother. Who don’t hear, must feel…….

    Good morning Met and Meeters….

  6. Smh. All she work for just gone! She have fi go pay dem bac dem moniee. Now she is at home asking herself, was it worth it? Hope she kept them receipt. She gonna need them….

  7. U can see the stress inna har face u see the thing whey name Uncle Sam money no trubble it cause him no have no mercy when it come to dem ting deh
    The innocent baby a who mi feel it fa

  8. Mawning Ms. Metsy and har eva loyal followers

    Tory come to bump to kaka fawt. I neva see one gal so hype yet and don’t have nuttin but clothes and boot fi show fi it.

    My mother always sey honesty is the best policy. Now har DMV job wha she love walk and boast bout see deh it gone wid the wind. All the scamming and theifing fi mine dutti Lincoln…what a prekkie.

    Damn wotliss gal before she scam and tek the money invest in one condo, something that goes up in value she go buy BMW that only depreciates the moment it is driven off the lot. Damn idiot I don’t feel sorry fi har

      1. Den mi nuh muss big dem up to Metty…Mi a one a dem, a just tru more time the work and school a kill me. But mi always a peep and laugh. yuh tan deh deh

        1. Noontime lick it outa di park..But dem suffer from low ambition or no ambition and red eye..see di tings see ppl tings and want dat lifestyle..the generations before were all about working hard

  9. She came out yesterday on $150,000 bail and the Feds been watching them since last spring met they set them up real nice and neatly so she can’t escape this 1 they wire 2 informants they have her on video and on wire talking so good luck wid this 1 let see if the Haitians gonna jump broom fi har now remember dem say she tie Lincoln lets she if she gonna work her voodoo for herself now.

  10. Lord god doesn’t she also have two other daughters in addition to the unborn ? Ok ms Bourne all this u guh though fi mine di ppl dem Wuklis man weh u war over and guh obeah man fi have? So tell me who a guh mind di Pitney dem weh u claim say family first. U betray pray if a judge tek leniency on a single mother. See how it’s not good to post all your details on the Internet? Met, the sender, and the Feds connect the dots real easy base on the article.

  11. The sad reality is by the by the time the Lawyer done with her, she will be so deep in the hole, that she will have nothing to show for the pittance she made from the scam. Not to mention all these unqualified drivers that are on the road with the buses that are driving our children to school or behind the big rigs. If I was in her position a look for a plea deal fast before the others and cooperate fully. Rest assure, the others a looking to do the same. Her life, as she knows it is over. It is all on tape…no way out of this.

    1. I would imagine she is a US Citizen, so she will do sometime and possibly probation, which means good luck in finding a decent job when all this is over. If she is not a US Citizen she can also face deportation leaving her children. That hurt mi belly just thinking about her children. Children no matter how old, they have a time when the only person they want to see is their Mom. I don’t have children, but I see this with my sister’s 15 and 17 year old. There are days when the only person they want to see is Mom, so I can’t imagine how Toya’s kids are going to be without her there. Aye bouy if dem just think before doing shit like this. If money short try look a 2nd job or something, but nuh teif or duh fraud, because yuh will get ketch.

      1. She really was not thinking clearly; due to the “hype” life, and az we c, the end result is never good!!
        Freedom is something that I can not live without, the mere thought of being shackled and imprisoned keeps me on the right side, NOT. The wrong!!
        My children are who I think of first, in all my endeavours, so I don’t think “selfishly”.
        Mothers should always act and think az mothers…..caws wen u don’t, your children r the FIRST to feel it!!!!

  12. Good Morning Ms Met and Metters!!!

    Toya a you always a sey you sort out, now wi see why yuh sort out. Unuh nuh easy enoh because Uncle Sam will watch you for years (as Soap Opera said dem patient like JOB) and when dem get enough evidence dem guh in fi the kill. My girl yuh never think about your children dem and what will happen to them if yuh guh jail? Now you cell and cellmates are certain. I bet shi gwine cop a plea for less time. Suh if she 8 months preggo that means baby due around next month. Suh by time trial and sentence time the baby is going to be about 6-8 months if dem speed it up. I am sorry for her children ONLY. Because dem love hype life and will do anything to maintain it. This gal is dumb as a door know. How yuh fi a tek bribe inna the public???? Toya mi know yuh must did see signs but cause yuh greedy, yuh never tek heed.

  13. First off this situation is beyond sad for her children.. Just to impress the lames inna dancehall at the price of your freedom and children happiness. Really?! I cant with these fake ass dancehall ppl and their FAKE illusion of having it made.I don’t want to judge her but How can she say she love her kids and go do something so stupid like this when she had a decent job where she/s comfortable /stable enough to bring in an income to take care of her children. A hype life she wanted and a hype life trouble she get. Secondly, Its GREAT fi har and the others involved. Your putting myself/ child and everyone else life at risk for a lil 2500 to still be a f**king NOBODY inna dance. Bitch are you crazy???? We have enough drunk drivers on the road and now this shit……..Thinking of it infuriates me :marah.

  14. Mi woulda rada di Mafia after me more dan Uncle Sam!!! She ah look pon some nice time! Hope di man whe she risk her freedom fah fi mind will atleast mind di pickney & visit her………………….

  15. a wud luv she cum yah now caw she luv cum pon jmg inna har real self cum give it us ow she sort out aye sahhhhhhh mi nuh grudge none a dem fi dem riches ooooo an a ope di nexx one dung a di post office tek heed :shutup:

  16. Well one ting we know fi sure……………there is about 11 job openings at the DMV now, lol, unno better go fill out some application!!!!!!!

    Lahd yuh haffi tek bad ting & mek joke!!!!

    1. LOL yuh nuh easy enuh, yuh couldn’t even gi dem likkle time fi bleach down and wipe down the post eeh. yuh too bad, but a tru we haffi tek bad tings mek joke.

  17. But you know come to think about it this gal ya really wutliss. I couldn’t see myself being a security guard in DMV for so long. If I started out as a security I would have to have moved up to a clerk’s position by now or something. Not knocking her security job, but come on, she is already in the door try advance and move up the ladder nuh. Good God, nuh likkle ambition just want walk and pretend seh dem a smaddie…smh

  18. @Ms Met, these so called dancehall celebs, will always find themselves in problems because they insist on living fantasy lives, trying to upstage each other. Those that are heading to Miami carnival, who know that they do not have themselves in order, better stay a dem yard. Not every hotel clerk, is a clerk. The feds study them, know their weakness, and are using our own kind to bring us down.

  19. Lol wtf carnival have to do with this post @ dd. DWL ALL WHO BUY LICENSE FROM SORT OUT BETTA DASH WEH DAT CAUSE DI FEDS DEM AH GUH RUN EEN

    1. @Anon 4:09, I think DD mean sey when dem check inna the hotel for Miami Carnival the hotel clerks are probably undercover FEDS and not ‘real’ clerks.

  20. Bwoy oh bwoy ms sort out u have every new channell lock ONTILL 7oclock . My girl 250 thousand fine or 20years a prison me sorry fe u unborn trust me hope Lincoln man up plus u have a lot can’t sleep ya now a dis call SORTOUT.

  21. They just featured her on the 5’o clock news on cbs I can’t wait to watch her reaction when the Feds run up in her I’m patiently waiting smfh it’s not funny but I find it to be for some reason.


  23. just saw di one weh name keisha sweetjuice trini post a pic on fb of toya a pose and stick out her tongue and the caption said ” good over evil we say…. God a dweet str88888… abayyyyy” …. f**king set of fools unno a gwaan like a something good and no trouble or punishment nuh involve in what the feds arrested her for ! They have her on camera and it was an on going investigation for months so tell me weh unno nuh see di seriousness in what she charge wid ? unno quick fi a talk bout God but when di sinful acts a commit mi sure God was not on unno mind …. leave God out of unno foolishness because God don’t like ugly or support wrong doings. Hope she pose same way when dem put on di orange uniform/jumpsuit pon har…. and i hope she nuh mek di mistake and guh stick out har tongue and si what dem gal deh a prison do to har …. before yuh guh chill and try fi figure out how yuh aguh sort out di problem weh yuh inna yuh a tek pic like seh all is well and di eddiot dem weh a :cd :cd like and comment on it trust mi dem same one a watch di news and a chat and laugh at yuh ….. Now is di time weh yuh really a guh need a psalms a day……

  24. You know say some a unno too wicked because as the Bible say he without sin cast the first stone so although she wrong nuff a UNO a do other wrong things unno time just Nuh come yet

    1. a u one cum yah a glorify fi har rong unnuh luv call god inna di midst a wondah weh em did deh wen rongs a commit…weh she use to hype n gwaan fi har time neva cum yet FOH

    2. I second dat! We all know she hype but my GOD…None a we nuh perfect…How is it that we can glorify another person’s downfall? Not knowing what lies ahead for us. I pray we all make the right choices in life and never end up in a situation like this or worst. I pray God have mercy on her…Bless night to all!

      1. If thy lef han offen d cut it off. It is better to en up in heaaven wid one good hand; more than burn in hell wid u twoo bad han.
        We are all sinners, armoured with gifts from God….doe abuse it!!!!

        Glorify? Man please, ah chat we ah chat, an it make d news….wats ur problem??!!!!


  26. now i believe she is haitian only them in to the scams hard .all i can say she ‘s neck deep in shit them have all picture with the man a put the money in her pocket all this reach her because she get greedy.

  27. U see how quick some a unu run een yah a chat bout “HE WHO IS WIDOUT SIN CAST DI FUSS STONE”: UNU STINK AND RAAS BRITE..Anybaddie did tell TOYA fi duh dem tings dere??? Any seed u sow, u will reap so unu fi stap chat shit..She’s an adult, she know wha she a duh, so tek di consequences. Not a pity roun ere, one a dem same dutty man deh whe a get FAKE bus license ago kill pple pickney pon bus which could be urs or mines..Unu dam stink, she fi gah jail..is ar children dem alone me sorry fah, dem ALONE deserve pity..

  28. True..She old enough to know she doing something illegal and the worst case scenario can happen..it is very sad the children will suffer the most and Lincoln will go on with his life.I’m not Happy to hear she got busted but such is life.

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