1. This is Cons a him deh with Kenisha currently wanted him brooke some man foot a chicago currently according to him living in Ontario Ca with her hiding out from the authorities word is a him drop a dime pon the man that rob the box place that them fine burn up ina the car trunk.

  2. Cons nuh live ah Chicago him live over la him did deh ah Donna cookout while bare people ah cuss him over dem things him look like ah lost soul ah run down Kenisha meanwhile him couldn’t stand next to har All night him ah call to her ah flag her down ah txt her phone n she nuh look pon him it look like she never did wan her baby father fi see him and her next men dem did inna di pawty

  3. Keniesha was mad that Cons was at the cookout she never knew he was gonna be there they came in two different cars.Her man Chris was in the cookout and dem man deh dont party in the wood but he was there for her.Its funny that from Paula party she dont go out and the 1st time she come out with her little fat over stuff self with her belly shape like a f&\*g S goat face looking self.She and Melissa was outside talking to Chris in the paking lot before Cons came outside.And its true i saw her reading the texts on her phone all night and she never type back any messages then all of a sudden Cons was standing right across from her the rest of the night calling her over to him and all now she no move towords him because Chris was on the other side of her watching her too.And the babyfather was in the back the whole night.Any blind person can see that she dont rate him at all.Everybody was laughing and talking about her ass.

  4. Twiddle we all now is you putting up cons on pink wall you need anymore panty in your mouth you chat to much all when the people them not paying you any attention you always find a way you need too stop it and get a life you’re a true definition of gal clown stop watch Kenisha pussy

  5. Cons ah big big teeef nuff person mi hear him take food from him karma soon reach him if him take from a disabled person him no ave no shame an walk talk bout him God fearing him soon see

  6. Wayne aka Wendy IT looks like Cons a mad you omfg Everyone knows it’s you send in him picture.kaniesha swear pom the Bible say it’s you.big old man weh almost 60 and a do this f**kery , you need if stop it.that’s why moya la finest cannot stand you she say a you send in her pictures to pink wall cause you upset say she never let you join in on none of the 3some they was having. So you a carry belly fi her.stop worry about Cons him a take good care of your ex-ok bare hood she a get ok no bag a pum pum eating lol Wendy is over for you go look your age now

  7. Him ah take good care of Keneisha while she cah hold bokkle less a drink inna pawty where him did deh

  8. MS Met I have a question for you .that story you take down about Gigga from L.A.whit is picture coming out of a hotel with a woman .did they tell you the reason why .you should take it off your site is because you dont know that the police want to talk to him.or krissy is living girl friend.malyshia from basketball wife LA sister the one what f**king Gary British .her real name krystal foyre,come chat wit me ms met I already down load it before it was removed

  9. This man is from south I’m surprise his halitosis big mouth made it to pinkwall I always see him gambling he is too hype for my liking he laughs like a hyhena isn’t he in his 50s or 60s too?

  10. I haven’t been on pink wall for several months to read the suss but damn where these new players come from everyone dropping into LA no money fi mek up so anymore, the current men dem in the game ruined it for anyone who want to mek a money. Then you have all this suss going back and forth from the hype people dem in the limelight more time it’s best to keep a low profile and keep people guessing, stick with one man and one woman and mek th best of it but some always want to act like they have it all.
    Thanks Met for the continuous news lol

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