1. All I can say is congratulations Doneisha,but some people will never learn…you should just f him and gwann collect a guest what he did to Juline Yuh think he won’t do to you oh!!!!!

  2. Shi shoulda neva breed fi di ole shit cuz look wah him duh Juline and him did love she … Kmt mi si him over the place wid ooman him did deh dreams wid ooman inna har car she shoulda neva breed … But if she is happy then congrats … Wid dem rass ya yuh juss affi collect especially him him caa tame

    1. Exactly mi never did ago breed for no notorious gangster especially my first child, this is want but she better know if she a leave the pickney affi stay with him. To each his own Waldy gets bored easily oh

      1. My girl hav it in her head that she up deh because the other one gone and she deh front and center! Like the idiot above a weh a talk bout how she a win!

        Dem fi member that man change like green lizard! And if him and har lef dah pickney deh nah go wid har and a done di perks dem done! And all after she gone if him feel she a dis him, him will lick down har rass same way!

        Dem man a man weh weh u jus collect and stay inna di shadows!

  3. Him beat har … Threw her ass out the house and shi naav dry shit and tek weh har pickney dem from har and have Doneisha raising them .. Oh pls dis cudda did stay mi nuh tink she did need fi breed fi da creep ya Doneisha a good gyal

    1. But even though Julene a mi Linky, she did Inna Doniesha position too Cah when she did deh a Brit bran him never leave her a inch but him did married…. See it deh same knife come stick har him did hitch up a clock tower pee pee pluck pluck when him did a look Doniesha, but maybe like how him a get old him will settle now!!!!

  4. Woiii met u know how long mi a wait fi it reach. Met this is a 100 percent facts. A bare beat him beat that. All in a public. Mi hear say all bottle that get. Such a pretty gal can a tek man lick suh. N the other day he got lock up. Met mi know a girl that knows one a him baby mother but mi can’t call name because she would know a mi. But met trust me that gal not only pick up Waldy and his kids she pick up his beatens too.

  5. So where is Julliene now? she working? did she have a likkle ting hide away for herself fi gwaan pang-pang wid?
    Sad eeh? So she cant see har kids at all?

  6. Waldie all you good though sir waldie.
    Waldie are you sure is your child remember Doneisha man from LA whe she and her friend did well busy up a Pegasus.
    Doneisha please make sure a waldie pikney because yuh gwaan like u a goodas and yuh nah f**k well yuh body count and mileage nuff.
    A how much clicks deh pon you Doneisha.

  7. Juline lef waldy and not waldy lef Juline.
    Waldy did not throw out Juline, she lef pon her own free will. The gyal have her sons the other day, whe u anonymous a talk bout Doneisha a raise dem, don’t talk whe yuh nuh know
    Unno send in Doneisha pic n unno still a talk bout Juline, unno a watch Juline n nah watch say the gyal nice and clean dun a dream weekend with her man.. Lowwe the gyal n talk abt Doneisha n her Dirty man waldy.

    1. Dont dweet it, Juline had to go to the usa for a while and she could not take the boys. She had to leave yes because she go ketch him red handed a clower tower a chat to Donneisha dont and the beating was becoming too much so too were the many women all when she had the store out a airport him woman them a fly in and a come buy in there!!!! Anyways Waldy is no prize so let us just hope him can change

  8. I hope whatever the true story is that he is no longer putting his hands on the woman he claims to love, so I hope this young lady is now dealing with a new man now and but sometimes a old dog can’t change their ways so I hope she knows what she is getting herself into from what I’m reading… I do not know these people just commenting on what I’ve read thus far…

  9. how me no see unnuh post bout Juline and Cassidy/ Beno flippa family in law, Him an Juline deh an him av him bonify woman a foreign. unnuh a gwan like juline a saint, she did av man wid waldy kmt unnuh low donisha alone an enjoy her pregnancy. Gongrats Girl!!!

    1. Wicked gyal u is a doneisha advocate…the way how Waldy controlling and have many minions a where juline would stay and have man, while she was in a mental prison, but the script and history has a funny way of repeating itself. Same way Juleen did up and down when them did hold him hours a morning a carry whatever him want go give him. See she as a babymada now affi a do the same thing fi him already.

  10. @anonymous 4:55 Juline did have man and that is why Waldy beat her and buss up her head. I am definitely not condoning his behaviour but y’all need to stop acting l8fe Juline is a saint!

  11. That is a lie, even if she wanted to date other guys she couldn’t and a friend tell lie pan the gyal when him Gun butt har n buss up har forehead.
    She never have store by the airport either, she was only a employee there. She should have gotten out of that relationship longtime it wasn’t healthy @ all but same way u take him from the wife, same way u lose him. Life is a cycle hunni n this young lady better be careful cause waldy is a DOG! Dutty man as Julene would call him.

  12. @anonymous 5:35 is that you Doneisha typing. Which part Julene fi stay and keep man with waldy and she did busy a stay home with him tribe a pikney dem. Even if she did have a man she did supposed to have after all the bun dem whe him give her.
    Doneisha stop it because wen him couldn’t find you the other day u tell him yuh by yuh mumma wen yuh well busy with yuh man from LA.
    Yuh better mek sure a waldy pikney that because yuh think yuh hit the jackpot because u a breed please to join the line jus like Julene and the rest of babymother dem.
    And also @ anonymous 4pm please to stop tell lie pon me friend beno because yuh too damn rass lie bout him and Julene did deh.
    Rewind and come again ole wicked

    1. She love use har mumma as excuse, but time time ..is like mi see the clock pon the wall but it don’t even matrer. Doneisha you a win yes, Cah some gyal treasure is another gyal trash…

  13. How man a bad man and beat woman? What a life! Imagine the trauma to the children and what dem a go grow up fi know. Mi never know seh man beating a wear at all :travel

    1. Gyal can get up and a stay wid man whey a beat dem wid all bakkle and den go breed fi man? Bwaay uno have some strength ina uno baddie mi mean some real real gutsy stomach. How do you stay with a man that is an abuser and will all threaten woman fi kill dem? Uno nuh si seh a sick man dat uno shack up wid?

    2. Met him is a demon, and to think him use all a him bonafide dem as servant she going to see fi herself if him nuh change Cah a young green girl like that should not have gotten pregnant fi a bad man number one and a man with so many kids and baby mothers. She young ambitious and pretty but Cah she loves money she go breed fi the devil… The manipulator this story reminds me of the one that Belly use to write on here.

      1. She gone learn. But it is silly also these women have babies for these men and nuh know seh di same traits will pass down to their children

  14. Julene did deh wid Beno fi true dats a fact, long time dem a hide n fu*k Mi tink DAT low doe Beno eat out every gal him c plus me Neva did ago lef Waldy n go deh wid. She low life. Me would a find a better man Cuz noting no wrong wid ar

  15. Unno go suck unno mada and low people business a the gal pussy she breed and f**k if she want …..a nuff a unno mix up stinking pussy gal fi talk suh ina waldie face and c

    1. lol if you’re afraid of W nobody else is ok! What is he going to do?? It’s not like we over here telling lies on him or on her we talking truth and it hurt you oh so bad, but why? W can’t do shit so tell him to come chuck through we over here so him can release some of the pressure hes feeling! Or you can bear some of the burden for him because it seems like you are his number one fan. I hope you will stand up for him too when shit hits the fan, hopefully for him he would have already asked for forgiveness of all his SINS! when are we as a people going to stop condoning bad behavior and all manor of evil from commoners and start fearing GOD???

  16. @ she a mad them go and have several seats dumb dumb! People a talk truth and it hurt you because your friend is stupid to go brred for a murderer, a bad man, a woman beater, a two timer, a worthless johncrow who think him invincible and hes not GOD. I want to know if you, she and him and him cronies don’t fear God?? A who unu man?? Unu make me sick, people talk truth and unu mad, a wha him a feed you hungry pickney why you can’t see pass the nonsense. Is not the other day she catch him a one restaurant with girl and go sit dung with the two a them and bout she a order food and him beat the day light out of her?? Unu silly tell your friend to run because that’s not a healthy relationship or her, and him buddy very very small so what she getting out of that????

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