1. Is a mek on? Just ccorinthsince the corinthians in place already and the form seems to adjoining or blocking something.

  2. Make gorilla Wally gweh. She know she a show off on with her structure it sure not me. I I’ve foreign from my eyes deh a my ny knees. Grew up in this system had my kids here, build a foundation here. I bought a home and we’re working on obtaining another here. Family of all citizens we don’t have no plans of going there to live. Jamaican people love to put down and shame people, when they leave home and make a decision for not going back. People have been migrating since before Jesus walked the earth.

  3. Bwaay people never know wen fi keep dem mouth shut..Wally oh, no point in habbing a structra if u alleged weed ways mek di govinment teks away even di foundation..chile keep u mouth under lock and key caz it look like us smoking too much a dat alleged thing there. Fi a lady wah a red flag u shoulda know seh dem tings deh a redared flags..lol. But ma who is I to tells u the red floggs lady wattahhh do…

  4. Red flag weed +property=alphabet boys -gain from profit

    Why you think dem people ya can’t teach me anything

    Ms red flag flag in all direction

  5. Hey gal fally. Anyhow a drugs money build dat gal it ago go easy just like di money weh yuh get come easy.. looooou!

  6. Wally with the old toilet mouth water water . Wally know you how much ppl a foreign build house a Jamaica and never spend a night in dey because a prison or graveyard long run short catch.

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