Can somebody explain to me why she looks like a bubble gum flavored chubby? This telatubby bout she have on bathrob inna dance… A Weh dat ago? Fi young 20 odd year old unno mus do better…whole heap a nice clothes deh a road and this u pick? A really Stacy special u name cuz only a “special person” would wear this at their event! Kmt


12 thoughts on “WANT A CHUBBY?

  1. And me like the bubble gum flavored chubby enuh, me ago have anxiety when me a drink it again.

  2. It’s a trench coat she has on not a bath robe and I don’t believe she’s in her 20’s more like 40’s… I’ve seen people wear weirder things out here in Jamaica to go partying. I’ve seen women come in outfits that leave absolutely nothing to the imagination, so atleast she’s covered up in a decent manner here. The dancehall isn’t necessarily about fashion more about attention, so nice clothes isn’t a must, if you can make pink wall with a bizarre outfit.

  3. Love that ad on tv,chubby chubby chubby chubbby!!! Me t is same way last summer me see a girl a wear uggs Inna dance uptown Mondays.You couldn’t tell nobody that she wasn’t the hottest ting!

    1. yardie she was the hottest thing mi sure she did a bun up inna dat deh heat wid dat deh uggs. I hope she neva brite and guh try gi har man foot pon shoulder wen she guh home. outaorda.

  4. Hmmmm, the dancehall outfit could pass on a more toned up body, not the wig though. That can be returned to sender.

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