0 thoughts on “WAP WAP

  1. Ohhhh I just went a did some research Kmichelle said she never met him before but he said he slept with her. So the transgender comment was to combat the lie he told in her… Smh. They need to grow the f**k up!!!!

  2. dat non-mada-phuck’n-factor needs a chill dick dung inna him neck back..stop tell’n lies on pus-c u aint neva see,feel,taste or even had nig nig…caan stand him wan ting wid K if she give yuh th hot pocket she a own it

  3. Don’t believe her one bit.. She gets around now
    Soja immature yes and might be lying But that Gyal is a thot. Industry whore still a rookie doe. She need some classes from rihanna

  4. She a skettal. Nuff man she f**k, She chat too much. I can’t wait for Lil Kim to deal wid her case. The hoe got good music tho.

  5. Him never seh him f**k her he laugh wen dem ask him, it’s a small circle an she gets aroun suh prolly one a him bwoy did smash an tell him bout di touch meat lol….wen yuh tink bout it why shi a guh afta di man fi laugh? She shud hav jus chill cuz he never say yae are nae….. Dem yah bwoy nowadays naa take nuh styling from girls no more dem a clap back dwrcllll

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