1. _______________________________________________________________ medicccccccccccccccccccc nuh bodda revive mi :tkp dem people bad isi
    dem mek di banana nerly choke mi kinova ded dwllllllll

  2. Met good morning. Well dah gal need fi get a beatng, shi love tek ppl man. MI hear said shi and ar co-woker did ago fight the other day. cause shi mix-up the ppl them. and a tek the gal man,plus a friend dem,like shi love/or like dem. shi need a beaten. And Candice piggy posh. yuh need fi stop f**k down the dancehall man them fi them come a yuh party. suh look a hype.

  3. Candice a true seh yuh did give Dougie some a yuh puxsy??? And when yuh find out seh most people seh him hiding in the closet yuh stop chat to him??? Mi nuh believe suh mi ask yuh???

    1. ———————————————————— dung a dutty wit mi two foot dem up inna di airrrrrrr

          1. o man she pass badddd is like she purposely get up and decide fi drap di line fi get a beating from met :hammer

        1. Obs n Metsy :peluk mi say Babygurlllllll u ain’t no kinda nice nopes them kind a badness deh no nawmal smh spin mi roll n just teck whey mi self neatly ooo

          1. Zerva a nuh mi, but think about it after that long marriage to Kizzy forever love, Dougie is a walk in the park, at least him look a little more masculine. But I ask because I doe believe. But???? Yuh know wah mek I guh study…..wooooooioiieeeee!!!!!

  4. Candice wil do any she a look r friend man n a carry news on the girl to the man so she n the girl have one big fight in a the Saturday Candice a wicked gal long time! !!!!!

  5. puffy face piggy wiggy .gal Candice u noooooooooo look gooddddddd :dp f**kbox nobody inna the shop no like u old ratbat

  6. Yea candice love tek people man fi true a the other day she call the man woman and the man go in the shop and beat her like she a him pickney she look like she no learn her lesson with people man, candice you ugly no one wants you , you look like miss piggy any man wey f**k you fi shame a how them look in your face, me shame fi you .

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