Met aidonia girlfriend Kimberley love comment under Kasi pics, everything she post she comment. Fake friends, whats going on for Kimmy that shoe store need to close the shoes them ugly. Why u not flying out can’t your baby daddy take on trips Ms Kimberley. Your son is very handsome tho




  1. You nuh member weh RichRush did seh “social media friends”!!!!

    You have a specific group a dem weh forever under each other posts…a nuh till you start browse through insta and pree a likkle one two pic pon ppl page that u realise!

    So like kimberley, kasi, richrush, shamiele, twiz, platti, (jus a few I can remember off the top a mi head) always on each others posts

    A nuh ntn major!

    1. All the one Shamiele a post d other day bout she a host fiction. A who mek har celebrity? Like seriously, who would go to fiction to see her host?

      Unno stop mek dem ppl here feel important dem a nobody.

  2. Is it me or Kasi foot dem look weird in this pic…. Dem couldn’t take a better one ? De way she set her foot, kinda mek she look dwarfish or deformed …. Idk but me no like dat pose at all

  3. All down to how Kasi stand a get preements lol.
    Sender, Maybe they are friends… social media or real life? I have two people that I’ve never met before that like/comment my post from it involve certain topics. At first I thought it was strange but I return the “love” by doing the same. It is “social” media after all.
    And next time you mention something (re the ugly shoes) please send in some pics for us to see what you talking about.

  4. I don’t know with idonia but Sumting about Megan Kim for real like maybe she has bad smell but Sumting nuh right…

    1. A couple Metters before did say har mouth stink, sey all Aidonia did cuss har n tel her so, den how him dey back wid and all breed har?

      1. She is a pretty girl and Aidonia was just upset. He got better than he deserved because him used to live like a rat ina tear up news paper so him wife is more than a step up + he dont have that much penis

    2. @Metttttttttttt mi hate yuh lmao I died..not much penis a wah Met lmao.

      Why likkle penis men must bad so, I don’t know

  5. Is dis post relavant?

    Who dis post is about really?

    Dash out megan n donia file nuh please met cause dem ingage (engage) too long now, a bruk him bruk met n cyaan do d big weddin?

  6. Kmt. And i am talking facts. Met can Tell you. I comment but rarely. Only on topics I know for a . All him do is give that girl bun. Which is sad because she gave him his first and she’s pretty

    1. Him name nah call like it used to call before so him a bun wid respect …One time dem did all know bout ants ina Aidonia couch and dem tings deh suh it not so bad now

  7. I actually think this post is absolutely necessary, i expected better from Kim tho, cuz she always acting like she better than people and she probably is better than these broads why she giving them the time of day. @Spoon is correct they allll cliqued up on social media but dont hang out in person, 1st they follow expecting a follow back and then dem jus comment unda everything all when dem nuh give a shit. All dem do is watch out each oda ting. Mi rate the gyal dem weh nuh frighten and stay far cuz its all a game to make it seem as if they are all friends, they are NOT !!
    Mi can talk cuz dem dweet to me but im not easily impressed. Pretty clothes and no ambition “friends” is not what I vy for.

  8. Mo ear say ano kimberley megan she name

    Mi ear say dat ano r right name

    Sum common lasname mussi scott or sum sumn..ma ask d bwoy weh use to deh wid r before donia

    Him say a jus d name dat fi social media but a think a megan sumn or kimberly sumn but she av one a d likkle regular lasname dem mi luv

    But a nuff likkle regular man f**k r she nuh perfect..aldoa as woman d wull a we f**k still

  9. Met u have me an couple friends a roll ova yuh comment ” small buddy man a try find dem fit”. All now mi deh a grung an caan get up…met u a mi tmz, intouch magazine all in a one …nuff respect Fi u met!!

  10. I am surprised this kimkerle girl went back to Aidona ! Do you all remember when they broke up and at the time she used to call her self process kimberly or something akin to that and Donia seh princess nuh carry rotten teeth and stink mout? DWL

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