Melissa Melissa you wrong wrong weh you mean bout some gal nuh know bout good hairstyle ? Nuh dis nia long dem way deh she ah upper class woman you is a dancehall wreck !!!You wear lace front 24/7 365 days of the year you stink like yuh mout and your front dunce Gal!! Hot gal nuh live inna lace front dem spend money and do dem hair. Your uggs and LV Bag a bawl fi retirement you need a makeover go pon one ah dem talk shows dem muss can help you O-o O-o !!it’s gonna take a miracle to fix a thing like YOU!! Your face looks tired from dance after dance furthermore how dear you put the camera so close to your tired face ????!!!! When you aguh party after party, while so call “Promoting”you haffi come proper to the fullest!! Nuh dis di big woman dem caah most of them look good ah road you young and look pop down!Oh yeah quick reminder make your son or someone with knowledge teach you how to read,and write before you start typing or TEXTING!!


  1. Har face always heavy down from makeup to eyelash to lipstick…nd mi neva c wan pic wid har Inna a decent hairstyle neva.
    (Simplicity soon sign in)

  2. So this is what beauty is to dancehall ppl? Sad but true. That’s why them bleach out and bun up them skin. Wear them long eyelash, and the list goes on

  3. You know what me really can’t stand is to see how them love brag and boast and they can’t spell and construct a proper sentence … Damn eyelashes fava umbrella when it open

  4. The dancehall man dem no stop dun har, melissa dem seh you boring in and out a bed so stop the bag a noise because that’s all you good fah smh

  5. Sumady need fi slap Melissa wid one a di big thick GED book dem.Uno always notice how a di ugly people dem write nuff,upload video and put up the most pictures pon social media

  6. This in fact was a video yuck it did ah scare me you and your followers know damn well yu nuh stay good dem say you stink mi believe it

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