Tehran has denounced the new sanctions imposed by the US and said it would in response impose legal restrictions on American individuals and entities helping “regional terrorist groups”, a Foreign Ministry statement read as quoted by TV
“The new sanctions … are not compatible with America’s commitments and resolution 2231 of the U.N. Security Council that endorsed the nuclear deal reached between Iran and six powers,” the Iranian Foreign Ministry statement said late on Friday.

“In retaliation for the U.S. sanctions, Iran will impose legal restrictions on some American individuals and entities that were involved in helping and founding regional terrorist groups,” it said.


  1. Because what’ most of america pretends not to know is that the American government is responsible for arming many of these terrorist groups. War was eminent no matter who won the presidency.

    1. Exactly so. That’s why they keep the masses busy with up to the minute updates abt the Kardashians (sp) or Beyonce…and ah heap ah foolishness dat nuh matta…

  2. Chump chat bbclt much man..He tweeted Iran does not appreciate how kind Obama was to them but not him…bwoy him provoking bad..him could draw out the Son of God easy. His ways wouldnt work with kindergartners much less world leaders who already despise America. He makes George Bush look like an intelligent likeable chap tpc…..Iran nuh inna nuh turn the other cheek…dem out fi blood. Notice how all now him nuh step to the mad one ova Korea a dat mi a wait pon because dat man more mental then Chump

    1. And the money whey Iran get a did fi dem own. Well Iran nah tek no talk but when di war staret tump better send him kids.

        1. Dem inbred already on the military. For every miltary wrong bang committed in Iraq and Afghanistan a de red neck patriots.

    2. Dwln…

      Short man and Iran a friend. I wouldn’t send no entitled soldiers to fight against another army where they eat, drink a sleep hating your ass. Iran and N. Korea condition dem army very well on ideoligies. But trump comfortable wid drones….ever see dem ass in a Africa whey chop up is like breathing? :ngakak

      The U.S. miltary fi overthrow him AAdministration if the need presents itself.

  3. Mi seh da man a go mek rass war start if him gwaan wid him crap! And it a fi him own country first, wid wah mi see a gwaan, especially wid dem radical white rass weh over deh who a plan fi get trained and armed to defend dem president and white America!

        1. That a di reality of it all. Innocent people who are not in support of this will die. As Flynn run go put up notice the devil in a blue dress paul ryan go seh sanction giving trump leverage

  4. DeDe mouth “travel bsn loses in court” and by a Repu lican judge.

    *No matter what- dede face acts belongs to him and the subculture of the nationalist groups in America and the international business organizations.

    Don’t believe for one second that aristocratic nazis aren’t still in play.

    1. Let me say *TEMPORARY, before him head negro, chamber pot licker come correct me.

      A well written Constitution is what make nations strong and void of dictators. Mi poli-s ience professor must be having waves of orgasmic pleasure on this ISH. He loved talking about constitutions and coups :hammer

  5. No war is going to start, just a few tit for tat diplomat feuds.. Iran feels it should not be apart of the ban cause they do not harbour terr or ists.. Frankly Trump and Iran are on the same side now cause they both want to destroy the terr or ists, as someone mentioned above it was previous USA administrations which secretly actually funded those terr or ists groups…
    If Clinton won the war would have started and ended already with most of us would of been radioactive waste by now…

    1. Gm bredda

      Are you like seriously serious? Do u look in the mirror n practise ur own jokes n laugh?

      I will most often agree with you on the hawkish Hillary Clinton because the world dodged a bullet but now the nuclear wastehead that is trump has connected!

      This crisis will be worse than the Cuban missile crisis. Read ur history and u will see how close the world came to allout nuclear warfare! Obama’s deal with Iran was way too soft on concessions but the great benefit was that it paved the way for peace n stability n cooperation. In less than two weeks your seedy seedbag of a president has reversed that course n gone fk round di ppl dem. The world must be breathing a sigh of relief that the previous mad holocaust denying Prezi not in power.

      Bredda Plzzzz stop downplaying the imminent danger because the signs are evident for even Stevie Wonder to see.Bless up PP.

  6. Me just a hope, and pray say De war jump off Wid him and North Korea. Smaddy need fe teach him a prappa lesson. So when the coffin dem start return by the thousands, den all who help put him eheen will get dem just rewards

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