15 thoughts on “WE DID MISS DIS

  1. Shavelle & harrysha was bestie her insta is ms_torch anytime she used to come up 2 a dem used to up & Down

  2. Harrysha she and shavel have it out on fb wa day met shavel say Harrysha tek her money mine man and how her pussy no good,meanwhile harrysha in a shavel mother inbox a tell her fi warn shavel

  3. Y shavel a hype n from she have the baby har phone never a work yet it just coulda use WiFi only fi call ppl

  4. Ummm Shavel …..you ah di ongle in America weh want shitup Sadiki….and it’s to our understanding that do ongle reason yuh get own up ah true him wife nuh want him again….mi nuh know who Harrysha is but Shavel if Sadiki did carry yuh go motel and buy yuh one box food mi nuh think you woulda mind none at all….please stop try style people using Shit up battyman Sadiki..

    1. :thanks2 Riiiiiiiiight!

      She’s sickening now! If Sadiki never had fi run, sharing would ah still gwaan, not to mention he wouldn’t have her up like how she is now!

      1. Exactly…Shavel know that and we know that….

        You get no awards for being owned up by a man who is desperate and waan barrel send, Digicel top up, money transfer, toothpaste, Irish spring, brief/boxer, marina, etc

  5. so a so shavel ago walk and inna mix up all her life? it don’t look good carelesness a unnu middle name or wah?

  6. This bitch shavel needs to stop it. My girl humble your. Happy say u get a job now but all that unnecessary hype not going nowhere. U should be in hiding as a matter of facts bc your baby talk pon social media how many suck his hood. Your sister in jamaica a Dance pon pole. You have your nieces and nephews in jamaica a walk and beg while you a spend pon your battyman. My girl give up u can’t win. Harrysha a better gal for u and u know that too.

  7. Man body shavel love run up inna ppl she need to remember say a sadiki alone want her man body she in a man worries wid ppl

  8. But look how she talk like the things he did with/for her is a luxury and not a right if it’s your man. It’s like saying when I was a child my parents took care of me, duh it was their responsibility.

  9. Shavel mi happy fi yoh gol airport job and such push through…. shavel sought out harrysha mekk she delete her post them when friend ship gets sour that’s how it end

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