>>>>>>>>>>>DI FAKE STORY UNO SEND…WE KNOW ASSASSIN LIVES WITH HIS WIFE……>>Met dis tru? Smaddy seh dem spot r a assassin yaad. Metters dash d tea ooooo. Mi nuh kno but we tink she a good girl still weh unuh tink? She n r muma a twins but me tink d muma fi kno har age mo wile!



  1. A wah happen to dem lickle skeeza yah …if unuh a teck a married man unuh nuh just teck Unuh f**k an stay inna Unuh lane why Unuh want di whole world fi kno fah…. Unuh want a prize for been the side chick?

  2. There’s no tea to dash, she’s a good girl point blank period. Find someone else to pick on and spread rumours about . A wah a true her parents dem mek sure she no short a ntn. Sender go look sump do.

  3. Unno please don’t taint the main name and character wid unno giddy front, for the most part he is an upstanding guy and he does great music. Unno find another way fi promote unno self or unno fren old germs.

  4. As much as how I cannot stand his wife and her insecurities I will not stand for this foolishness. Shanzia is an attention seeker so please let us not give us her the time of day!!!!! Doubt Shanzia would want Assasin hear him come very quickkkkkkkkkkk!!!!!!!!!!!

    I love the fact that his wife is an excellent mother hands down, but good God she needs to chill off the postings on instagram man and she does come across as someone who is insecure and uses social media to reassure herself that everything is ok. Just my point of view still.

    1. All you bitter eeh who u like? You nuh like di wife caz she post to much but a tru she post positive tings and she naah go pon head top like dunce bat sher dem and as fi shanzi di gyal look damn good! Soh ano attention she love she stay good y jamaican ppl soh badmine

  5. Really now, SM can be a good thing but oh bwoy. Don’t let it get to ur head yo. Ok so basically the Bold letters in the story section is Met’s 2 cents, the common letters- the story that was sent in.
    Unno fi gwaan betta man. I would never date a married man suh nutting nuh deh deh soh fi boast bout. A u look shame.
    *If the story is true

  6. And yuh know met she does a lot of modeling for certain brands so who is to tell if she was at his house she could’ve been there doing business maybe getting a video shoot deal or something doesn’t have to be nothing filthy

    1. She model or she maggle? Dats y she a try pose up har self fi mek di wife know. Bitch enjoy the few stolen moments that unu share. Like Whitney.

  7. sender u hav no story unnu tie everi yung gurl 2 ah marry man dese dayz once di gal dem luk gud i wudnt b surprise if dis a lie

  8. If u watch dis little girl on snapchat u now dis is rubbish she u can see say herr parents take car of har n saasco Live wid him wife so this stoy is boring sender NEXT

  9. I can bet is somebody weh doh like har sen this story weh dem probly all siddung and mek up. The girl is literally a good girl an a su it go when yuh look good and peopl cya help but badmind yuh and try tear yuh dung. Them skermage ya just know how fi start trouble maybe all f**k up the man marriage over make believe. So unu find one person fi badmind and try tear dung and it nuh work unu move on to the next one some a unu fi go suck unu mada. Assassin and him wife naa stop happy and the likkle girl naa stop look good unu ago mad

  10. Kmft please stop ! The man live with his wife and kids! Girls hate on Shanice because she don’t need to the things to get money her stepdad loaded and make sure she taken care of. She have her nice little boyfriend that she’s everywhere with and has been with the guy for years. So try find another story please!

  11. Kmt I knowher well sshe’s an attention seeker we use tu be Fren but dat bitch let her pussy do all di talk

  12. Kmt me n dat bitch use tu be friend don’t let her pretty face fool y’all. Cause she ain’t no good a tell you. She let her pussy do all the talking that’s why she’s where she at now. I hope she see this

  13. As much as how she was tryna do me dirty she’s a nice person
    Badmind is a disease unuh jamaican dont like to see when young girls doing their thing..n for some of y’all that watching the girl child pussy n how she wanna use it..is better unuh did a use up fi unuh own n stop be man fly for someone thats not giving unuh nothing

  14. The person weh say Nicole insecure. Ur almost correct, she paint this perfect picture to Ig becuz in real life sasco a kill her with bun.. She don’t even like the big daughter mother and she never use to deal with the little girl till recently but she come on IG like everything is perfect.. Sasco wife is more of a attention seeker than this Lil girl… Btw girly u look nice n if sasco a look u run like teef cuz u just ago make #’s like the rest..

  15. Jamaicans are up there with the most badmind people on earth. Jeffrey is certainly not cheating on Nicole, and infact Nicole and Grace have a good relationship.
    Leave them alone.
    Unno no use to happy relationship and happy marriage.

  16. @anonymous sasco always a cheat! When he was with Lena British what u call that?? Since u have a new name for cheat n when he was with the girl that have the Lil store on new Kingston shopping center what is that?? Nicole know she always a get bun that’s y she go so hard pon IG like her life is perfect! N for the Jamaican part! We are proud to be badmind we na borrow ur good mind.. lowe we!

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