Im writing from what I have heard so far…People are saying that the woman that is being charged is the scape goat as a lot of uptowners are involved in the taking of Usain’s money whey we a go want back by a morning. There is a man that used to work with SSL who was fired for stealing last year…The man went and opened his own investment company mi love and a desso Usain money end up teef up…They say this man also lives in the US and owns U.S properties …suh we a go need him fi sell dem back and bring fourth the money before mi start call di name dem…


  1. SSL is owned by Hugh and his Son Mark Croskery. Mark Croskery who have an YouTube Channel also a segement on CVM. How Gary Matalon is so silent he partner up and open restaurant with USain likeness. Yes I know for sure that lady Jean-Ann Paton is just the scape goat for a well organized money scheme ponzi. These people does have shell accounts open in different countries and business name. If theirs are americans/jamaican who are a part of the ponzi scheme that got defrauded they can tell the FBI USAIN Bolt name would be the pull for them. The FBI would get forensic accountant who can finds these shell accounts get the cease.

  2. Dirty man wey yuh thief di man money fah? He worked hard, run out him backbone just fi you and yuh uptown johncrow dem come rob him. Names need to be called right across di board, guh see how much a unno a laugh Inna him face while one hand Inna him pocket and the odda a stab him Inna him back. Unno fi dead period.

  3. RASS LIE no uptowner noh involved inna shit . Dem just a try fi meck it luk like ano dem alone , dem.lend out d boy money to dem big friends an noh get it back . A dats how other names involved

  4. [email protected] a now uptown a go tun upside down, when Bolt done wid dem, gi back the yute him money, from the start them never like him, remember when them call him clown? Long time them hate the yute. Memba The likkle red horse face one weh love attention so til she all go mek YouTube channel and a look buss off a the Dancehall fraternity all run go put in silicone and a gwaan like she hot caas her gold digging fake azz find a rich man weh she and a family a feed off a, all now mi no like har but a facts she did a talk , them see him as just that A CLOWN….That’s how they’ve seen him all along, tek him fi one big r*ss dunce idiot, fact is them see him as a hurry come up country black boy trying to fit in where he doesn’t belong, him no fit in a them circle , uptown full a pure hypocrites, scamma and thief and sell p*ssy yte gal them a gwaan them a summady , groupies with them thiefinh man side a dem like them a upperclass and them racist yu f*ck and most a them mumma or puppa or granny black, but wait, nuff a them foundation a go get shake up cause wickedness can never prosper. How yu fi hate a man cause him young, rich and black, how yu fi badmine people so?

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