This low life joncrow, nav no clothes boy weh walk an sell him batty a tampa fi survive…ole toilet pest stay off a me name cuz the other day when we link up a fort lauderdale me affi lend u couple a me clothes them fi wear…the only thing u know fi do a walk and borrow, yah talk bout me a battybwoy memba a me give yu the first f**

….talk bout that

4 thoughts on “WE NEED JESUS ON THIS

  1. This never necessary and it seems like an attempt to out someone. Sender why you never send in your picture too? Just malicious.

  2. Well u know what they say…if fish guh riverbattam n come up n sey bigger fish dung dere.. :malu2 :siul :cool

  3. lmao….don’t blame you out him yes. Clearly you give him his first juuukk and him talking I guess to others about you being a BB so sad. You feel used huh but please next time send receipts.

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