Met !!!
Mi seh . Queeen Nikki keep har boatride and it was di splashment we have not seen for a while coming from di scamma crew. All who di a hibernate resurface and shoulda stay home. Mi no know if a chu Nikki wear name brand clothes that make har a “Hot” gal. But, Mi think in order fi qualify for such title everything affi balance and nothing lacking. If you a Hot gal you affi fi hot ina hair and out a hair. Ina makeup and out a makeup Unuh falla meh. Nikki have di audacity fi a compare har knock off dress to di Braxton sisters and then a change wig per outfit. Lmao. Not even Beyonce no confidence like Nikki when she change up di Wig dem. Nikki mi juss have one question fi you. Suppose di boat di tilt and di Wig swing go in to the wattas? Suppose a good breeze did blow and di wig decide fi release di stress from ur heads?. You mama is a big hairdresser, so what was the reason for the non sew in to save you from such embarrassment?
Evey month you and Popfly left and it was very convienent him love you extra di nite of ur boat ride. Mmm. You no see seh popFly love di limelite more than you muma? You no see seh PopFly love to be relevant? You no see him pay you more attention that nite more than he did any other nite for the month. Cha ching$$$$$ him seh. PopFly have you ticket and you stuck on stupid when it comes to him.


  1. Sender sound hurt ! Leave the girl her party was nice and why her wig bother you !! You send this long cocky post bout her wig and knock off dress you birds need to go eat rat poison !! Your post make no sense at all but you want frig the man and him nah look Pon yuh !! Atleast him own her that night him nuh own you no night

  2. Lol your lame as f**k for sending this in! This ain’t the first nor the last that someone keep party and change they’re hair to match outfits. The party was nice, is that the reason for your anger?

  3. Mi did think a me alone notice popfly opportunist rass fi real cause Nicky was always more popular dan him at first… No wrong him still money is the motive

  4. NO wah day Marsha style she tekk up christianity. Marsha stop mock God. When di man dem nah pay you no mind you run go church. one word of advice fi you Ms Style. Is not everything weh have name fi wear okk. some a dem fi tunn curtain or bed spread. unuh fi stop di bleaching cause Cancer a spread like wild fire.
    Dan Dan are you a celebrity? bout you fly een fi boat ride. go stick a pin ina u belly and loose some a dah air deh.

  5. wait is marsha dat stay bad gal from jamaica, lawd she bleach out eh, she did fava gremlins dem time deh when water ketch dem, but wid di bleaching she jus look like regular gremlins. but she an nikki jus fi par cause dem is tru clown crew from long time, marsha so wha happen to di likkle batty buoy whey u did a tek, u an nikki have batty man fetish poor unu, if unu nah mind man dem dont look at unu, as for nikki if she nuh see by now seh popfly dont want her sje nah go see again, she betta buy a bigga car now so him can pose wid it and car more gal inna it. wonder if him an hubo still *ucK?????

    1. Lol,@Gremlins. dah shubble mouth deh weh she have shoulda suck weh di hot bwoy a Ja weh she did a run dung, but it failed.com. Mi see seh she get tyaad a di beating dung a Ja fi ppl man so she start stay a FLorida.
      Marsha no look good period. The bleachhing only enhance the sight weh no baddie no wah see. She so nuff and she so pretty. Can you imagine if she did Gorgeous. Is time she stop waste di lickel hairdress money and go do something constructive wid it. You will neva be famous for something ghood so stop trying to be an Icon.dwbl

  6. Gucci no Don now me see why you affi floss and showooff. The new plain you is not happening baby. Tell dem fi hurry up wid di case so you can jump back pon di hustle and swagg on.

  7. The images I saw online were nice, I don’t see anything wrong with the wigs or the outfits. Women are their worst enemies. This could be a one time friend that’s hating on the ladies. Unu stop it, mek di people dem live dem life. One likkle humble boatride keep and unu a style up di girl. Nuff a unu keep boatride and all now the boat nuh lef di dock :cool . I hope she keep more boatride/party and keep unu talking. Goodness.
    Big up yuhself yah Met. JMG family large up!!!!

    1. Truth is a bitch! and a bitch never tells truth, lol. A badmine from sender of course. The person looks nice wig and dress. Senda, maybe a de braxtons a wear a knockoff and yu should know a free clothes dem a wear, while this knockoff have a price. STFUSB.

      1. Ah dat mi ah seh PP; she looks very nice, and if the wig were to jump ship and swim weh into the abiss and den breeze ketch it blow weh, then she’d be standing there inna the stocking cap and nice dress wid ar pretty face..looking just as lovely….so what the problem sender…what ah the real issue here? :nerd

  8. I don’t know Nikki nor Popfly but my question to the sender why is it such a big deal if the women want change wig to go wit her outfit, that just go to show that she know she can pull it off. Why do we have so much hatred between women,I just can’t get it yet. I can see if the female did something terrible bad then I can see the dislike but if the dislike is not valid why waste time thinking bout another women and I’m sure the sender was at this girl party.

  9. Marsha is why u love suh much make up????? No man!!!! All inna pool mi see u inna bare make up and pink lip stick!! Dwl!!!!! Mi and mi fren dem nuh stop laugh when mi seet!!!! Lard jesus man!!! Is like u cyan do wit out di make up!! Wey day mi see you put up video bout no make up challenge and u know exactly what you doing cause a just the middle part a your face u a show, ur bring your face all di way up inna Di video like ppl a idiot, and filter di pictures dem, and is why u affi filter everything???? Ppl like unnu a really live a big fake life a gwan like unnu happy cause anybody wey u see affi look fake like u affi keep up wid it and Fi keep up wid it like dat more dan half a ur life nuh real, it fake fake fake!!! Unnu cyan frighten me wid unnu ugly self!! U too ugly man!!! To much make up man!! All a ur bed u wear make up go no sah!!!!! And somebody tell mi sey mi nuh want see Nikki without the make up and hair!!! Oh my days oh my nights unnu Fi tap it!! Anyway senda a story yah really nuh make it bout Nikki wig still a jus hate u a hate pan di boatride still, nuff gal keep party and change dem wig and mi nuh see nuh thing wrong wid dat still, a Clarence mi hear teef di dress dem suh dem nuh buy dem full price and mi hear sey di party nice and dats good mi happy Fi dem but Marsha u wear to much make up and filter to much!!!! Bout di reason why unnu filter a cause unnu have good phone and pay Fi good filter app, Marsha please!!!!! Everybody have up good phone now wid good filter app all mi 10 son have up him good phone wid him good filter but dat still nuh change suh u damn ugly and wear to much make up!!!!!!!! And again wat a day when cheap clothes stop wear!!! Cause a bare cheap clothes u wear, and Fi di person wey sey Nikki wear name brand, WHEN??? cause mi nah sey shi nuh inna some old versace but mi nuh see Nikki inna no name brand pieces suh kmft!!!!!!!!

    1. and this is why women cannot get along because of red eye owl like you and u friend dem weh stand up and watch people all the time. what she do you? how u even know she wear make up to bed? u sound just as fake as you claim her to be. girl bye. she did a no make up challenge. now you do a stfu challenge.

  10. When unuh nuh know people business unuh guess and spell but simple mathematics if the chick gonna change her outfit to go with her wig why the f**k would she need a sewin…get the f**k out of here

  11. Suh if Marsha goes to church it simple means she’s a Christian the girl is a believer guh church and party,suh if u guh church you nuh fi guh party ??? Or if u guh party you nuh fi guh church ??? I hav been following her page fr she open it up n the gal know fi hav fun and enjoy harself not a show off bone nuh seem to be attach to the gal dem,all I kno bad mind is active the footage fr the boatride seems it was very good I guess that’s the real story behind the topic

  12. What away unuh sit down pon the lickle gal dem page weh a try and keep a boat ride in Florida the gal dem guh one time and win and is a problem how about a big round of applause bad mind shoulda can bleach out the sender wicked bad,the hater will always be a hater stfu and guh mek a wig!!

  13. Mi like Marsha, the post is filled with nothing but hate….when dem can’t find nothing bad bout u life to talk….they go n create supn….look how the girl wig dem look nice….Marsha dress n hair was on point….Marsha have a good soul, my spirit take har…..

  14. Broke ppl get your money up you have a lot of time on your hands go make some money and sit down$$$$$$

  15. It’s just go to show that no matter what you do a person gon red eye you even if you give a guy on the street five dollars they gon talk bout how you trying to be a saint and give to the needy aint nothing you can do that is going to be good in their eyes because of the hate they have for you and their mine set is just hatred for you it’s a damn shame you people need jesus for real need to kneel and pray for forgiveness and ask for God to bless you with a good heart. smdh


  17. Senda, the girl dem first boat ride was a success and yu nuh have NUTTIN fi sey suh yu come wid dis lame ass story. Both Nicki and Marsha looked very nice so try again.

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