DI SENDER SEH DIS :Dats why we cyaan have nutten. Smh. Him fi memba him naw go be fastest man alive fi di rest a him life. A hope him invest wisely.
Tru she a doctor she fi drive benz. Smh


18 thoughts on “WELL………..

  1. Gm Met him just a play wid har, she is his best fren i was on them ig page after i see the video and usain inna so much of her pics

  2. They are best friends. They’re always goofing around. I follow them on IG and this is how they play around all the time.

    1. him is not a best friend …..cause if him feel so strong bout di car a 25000 US nah kill him fi a upgrade ……….he is a worst friend

  3. Their friends & they’re playing around & maybe she has more than 1 car! No big deal

    Better she drive that car & pay off her student loan dem & get good gas mileage! Plus she can ward off di crosses man dem whe will look past her true she nuh inna big car while pity dem nuh know seh she ah Dr!

  4. This is ehy we can’t have nothing!!! Sender get a F**KING LIFE as if you have anything bitch f**king hater. This is how we don’t even love our own talking about can’t have. The things that we should take serious we don’t why couldn’t you say bolt is still down to earth with his friends. Hater

  5. big pussy sender cum offa de man case n go suck u mumma everytin unu mek be a problem to unu like u no see a joke de man a run go kill u self

  6. Really now sender…..Boy yu tupid. Obviously he is making a joke. How on God’s earth would Ussain had known that he would grown up to be so talented and blessed by God. His statement says very carefully that he knows that he is one in a million, and is joking with his friend who is a successful female. Teacher certain as hell naw drive no boasy car, and many kids say they would never want to be…..not because of the profession but because of the pay. In Jamaica a lot of Doctors make good enough pay by Jamaican standards but certainly not like their counterparts in America. A just reality.

    To me, he was talking of the pay they receive – in other words what a hard and truly proffessional career, but at the end of the day a him name Bolt and a him a rake in the big money.

    Ussain Bolt to the flipping world. Down with badmind and naustiness.

  7. Usain remember u use to walk bare foot, an never have nuh running water fi wash yu face a morning time. Member yu a get owl. Jus one more Hoorah lef.

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