0 thoughts on “WELL I’LL BE DAMNED………………..

      1. @met did she say fans? met a me caah count or there are more ppl but dem invisible? but a what that angel have on? she nuh soon 41 year old?

  1. met I always peeping from work and from what me read 60 pound she make off the show that she had to sleep with the woman man for the rest of money a not she open up she front and say mac dean school fee have to pay so I call any so call tour he go on make mac dean school fee by any means

  2. Bet u a buck shi buck up di lady a go bout har business, tek pic wid har n a tell lie bout fan from Merica fly fi come see har KMFT

    1. PPL, dis ya ole lady look like she naah guh jus leggo fe ar social security money suh easily eeh nuh; Angel ago haffe puteen ova time fe dis ya 60 pound *the creepy smile says it all*

  3. tha gal devil angel lie a see she see some random white old lady and asked for a pic and post it with bare lies, tru she know the woman old and maybe don’t go on computer anymore… oh please go back to hell….

  4. Is she really saying this woman fly from america to come see her ? I’m lost confuse and in disbelief. Wow a mind is a terrible thing to waist smh Bernie man knew this girl bin sick for some long time now I think he need to help her get some help , clearly she is going through something she has a case of that (man disorder) I can’t remember his name but he go around Jamaica writing his name on the wall he even claim the queen of England calls him regularly

  5. A when since D’Angel tun Patty Labelle or Celeine Dion weh ppl a fly fram one continent to di next fi see har? Di lady mussi a search fi har lost grandchild a dance and buck Angel, bout trabel from America…kmt

  6. Unu leave di lady she a try get har groove back..Angel ooh chile, dis yah tory yah hard fi swallow dou, true it might be but it hard fi swallah..even more suh wid u trying so hard to look like 20 agin outfit.
    Excuse mi likkle bit Met, but is where did dis woman fly guh, all di way from di good ole Meriker fi guh si Angel..a jamdung or Inglund?

  7. laughter is really the soul’s medicine, bwoy mi luv JMG, I died just now weh d person up a top she devil’s angel and L.A. have same sickness lol

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