When someone steals to feed their family, I mean a one time emergency real need kind of thing.. It is somewhat forgivable.Most people will forgive and understand , but when someone steals to boast and brag, there is nothing to forgive or understand.
It is pathetic that someone leaves their home, drives for over 9 hours, for the sole purpose of stealing! It’s not a hustle, it is not a survival tactic,it’s sick! There is absolutely no fairness in going into someone’s store and stealing their goods only to sell it at less than half the cost! I will not lie, back in the days when I was very young, getting something for less than half price was exciting. Time however, has changed that perception, there is no excitement in someone losing their hard earned money to thoughtless braggarts who don’t need to steal. When one stops to think of the store owners having to shoulder the loss,it cannot feel good. As black people we are already subjected to racial profiling , most of which is brought on by the actions of a few bad eggs.
We still have a far way to go and things like this, pushes us decades back. We are pushed back to when blacks were thought to be nothing and treated like nothing. It is not fair, it is embarrassing and demeaning, belittling and disheartening.As a race, it would appear as though we are incapable of standing up against what is wrong, why aren’t these career thieves shunned? Why are they supported and respected in their circles? It is mind boggling that there are people who really cheer these thieves on. Have we now become so corrupted that we now see stealing as a ”job”? Stealing is wrong, and it does not only affect the thief; It affects every honest consumer. That stolen item,has to be paid for, it’s cost trickles down to every last one of us. There are no real winners here.Not even the thief! Because he/she will pay one way or the other
Stores, because of the law and the need to make their customers to have a pleasant shopping experience, try not to judge their shoppers but get shot down every single time they trust the wrong person. Sometimes the ones thought to make honest purchases,are professional thieves.Career thieves are professionally dressed and act the part of a rich shopper very well.It is hard to detect that they are in a store for the purpose of stealing. In an effort to protect their profits, they target a certain set of people who are thought to ”steal more than others”.
Put yourself in their shoes for a moment and picture this scenario
You a store owner,happened to give the wrong customer a pass?
A nicely dressed young woman came in your store, richly dressed and you thought to yourself that the person was really rich enough to really buy the item they had their hands on.Their demeanor was so convincing that you did not thoroughly check for identification.(It is a fact that people feel a little embarrassed when asked for identification along with their credit/debit card especially when a clerk says it loud enough for people around to hear). In an effort for the customer to feel comfortable , you the store owner did not ask for an I.D.The customer you trust used a stolen credit-card. What happens from there?
– The card owner reports fraud and is credited the amount that was used in the purchase. Automatically, the amount will be debited back from the store’s account and the thief walks away with the item they stole. How lovely would that be if it were your store?
Once an item is stolen, companies are forced to make up for the loss. This means that the consumer must and will pay! Many years ago, the price of certain items would remain the same price for years. As we speak consumers are now being faced with very frequent price increases. It is almost impossible to make a budget without regular price updates so God forbid you are like many who will shop with the exact amount you intend to spend!In an effort for companies to make up for their losses, stores have their consumers pick up the tab.Prices are increased
Store owners, however big they appear, may have started from nothing.You the thief have no idea of their story! How fair is it that a petty thief diminishes their hard work just to boast among their friends? How fair is it for them to see less of profit because a petty thief wants to live lavishly from their hard earned profits?
How fair is it that honest black people are thoroughly interrogated before BUYING an item they like? How fair is it that a black person who wants to shop in private is followed around the stores…just because…..?
Consider this; if the shoe were on the other foot how would it feel? Bobbette was not caught once, but twice in the same state and will now face time for something thoughtless. Was it really worth it to go back to the same spot less than two months after she was caught the first time? Was the item worth being handcuffed and walked through the store for all to see that a thief was caught?
For those of you who continue to do this please desist. Stealing is not the way to survive it is dishonest and the money will never accumulate, because of how it was gained. Consider your actions and the fact that is has made a whole race of people the main subjects of racial profiling,discomfort and inhumane treatment. It is not only that you, the petty thief who is being looked on as less of a person. Hard-working , honest blacks are being fitted under your umbrella. It is not fair


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  1. Tricia you send this in u a real bitch!!!! Now you can take back the range!!! Red eye bitch!!! I hope daffy don’t b stupid and give it to u!!! Nut met that’s old !! Unless she got remanded when she went to court yikes??? Really not sorrytoof**king hype!!!! What will happen to the baby

    1. unnuh luv call ppl name eeh if a tricia truck n di second owner gone a prison it haffi guh bak to di fuss ownah caw daffy a third party he was only a scrub caw a passenger side em ride

  2. 26??? n luk so tuff how she a guh manige wid dem gyal deh in deh caw dem a guh tink she a man…wat a name…fit yuh perfeckkkkkkly…SYLVESTER :nohope:…dem seh a who laaf laas laaf bess…how you feel? an yuh man allblack a promote like hell an you can’t be dere

    hayyyyyyyyyyyyyy jmg to di worlllllllllllllllllllllllllll yuh reach a OH but yuh neva noe Shani bad like dat :hammer

  3. “Stealing is Wrong” but we’ve been racial profiled since forever and I don’t think it’s due to the fact that black people steal, WHITE people are some of the most thieving sets of people but they get to float under the radar due to the color of their skin, so I think it’s unfair to put us black people in a box as if we are the only race that steals for a living,to brag/stunt or as a survival tactician just a plain ol klepto..these store and big corporations are insured. its not a fact that inflation happens due to stealing that’s absurd.. I don’t condone this behavior as I said before it’s wrong but my issue with this piece is that it’s seems as if only black people do it and we’re making it bad for everyone else and that’s just the furthest from truth because whether you are dressed to the T or in a regular get-up once your black you are being Side Eyed and looked down on that’s why some of our people face the brunt of that truth it’s not because people steal it’s because the COLOR OF OUR SKIN that’s why we are assumed not able to make these purchases.

    1. The cost trickles right back down to us. Insured does not mean totally covered …how insurance would make money? They are insured up to a point each store and when it goes over a certain amount u best believe that the insurance will not cover the extra..

    2. We eluded to “black people” in the above paragraph because we’re speaking of a black woman specifically a Jamaican but THIEFING IS THIEFING AND IT NUH RIGHT!! DEM FI LOWE DI PPL DEM TINGS!!!!!!


      1. People really think insurance a go cover everything that is stolen? …If anyone has worked in a store especially as a manager they will tell you that each store is allowed a loss of xyz so people please dont go ina di people dem store and think when unno tek di tings insurance is giving back the money..If it were so dem wudden badda seek out most thieves because they are already ”insured”..But sorry to say, this is not the case. An insurance company cannot insure a company that they will not make a profit from or they cannot insure without a profit…das y when some people meet ina accident dem insurance go up or the insurance drop dem..

        1. mi seh mi neva see fi dem second oooo dem tek di ppl dem tings n a find justification bout insurance willl cover smh dem a sumthin else why do they think insurance rates in itself peaks? smh

          1. I DONT STEAL the good lord provide a job fi mi inna merrika and I buy everything I need however I’m not using insurance as a justification for stealing I only disagreed with the statement that black people makes it bad for black people ijs we are always gonna be looked at as criminals because of the color or skin.

          2. BLACK PPL MEK IT BAD FI BLACK PPL PERIODDDDDDDDDDDD it onli tek a small misunderstading an yuh to will be saying di same ting n yuh rong agen wi r looked upon as criminals wen we r committing criminal acts

        2. The poster have a valid point but if yuh ah come from di angle seh mi fi feel sorry fi di owners of Barney’s, Saks, Bloomies, Nordstrom’s, ehhhh sorry, i just can’t muster di sympathy for dem when dese are million dollar grossing businesses.

          Half of dese companies ah outsource MOST ah dem work, call some ah dem store yah, ESPECIALLY if you ah buy online & a Indian people ah answer & dem ah get dem goods from sweatshops & sell it fi all 1,000% profit.

          Di only argument mi can ride wid is di pickney dem whe left to di wind when dem mother get catch. Ah dem mi feel sorry fah! Not no million dollar grossing business owner!

          No matter how many Black people become CEOs, Presidents, lawyers, doctors, millionaires & billionairess, other races will ALWAYS look down on us! That is coming from HIStory & the evil media that will ALWAYS portray us in a negative light. Not from dem gyal yah ah tief!

    3. Good post. Why ppl think is only black ppl thief. Black ppl thief yes but not to compare with the chinese and the white ppl dem thief di most but get ketch di least. So at least ppl must stop mek true slavery dem bash black ppl cuz reality is black ppl is not the worst race

    4. Remember Oprah and the $35,000 handbag. When dem advertise $100 for $200 value goods, that’s their downfall. 5 O on the prowl a watch.

    1. mi sehhhhh tiffany nuh haffi touch har ooooooo she gawn outtah baby kenzie life :hammer gyal did tooooooooooooooo brite n luk how she mek har living n a brite up wid working class ppl

  4. A dat me say to zervah if u know u a thief y show up Uself. U get catch some weh stay away y go back, dem fi lock up har rass n dash weh d key. A now daffy ago f**k daffy u good life done, a how d party outfit a go dis year

  5. Is this daffy girlfriend. D one weh love trace tiffany and gwaan like her shit don’t stink, like she betta than everybody and nuh have no secret.. Well looky here Lmao. Firstly, the girl can’t be 26 looking tuff like that! Uno young gal no age good at all.. And I’ve said this even wen ur fully dressed with makeup on u have always looked 31-32… It serious man, u run guh Ohio just fi teef.. U deserve to get catch

      1. Morning everyone blessings boy smh then u can get ketch a thief one place n gone back go thief deh again like u say SHE DESERVE THIS VACATION ahhhhhhhhhh boy

      2. can we get back the like and dislike button please? and thank you! cause right now I am not in the mood to argue I just want to down some comment.. Good day met and metters..

  6. Then Met when mi check the timeline bobby did know bout har impending trial n gone a dance a pose n carry on said way before she go move into a church n sleep pon the altar jesam piece man where is unnu pride n dignity

  7. so I guess we’ve made it bad for ourselves from back in the days of slavery…SHAME ON U!! smfh your white friends prolly call u a nigga huh?!.. I’m done.

  8. ALL a dem dancehall ppl weh u see a floss an a show off pon social media ago meet them wataloo. Cuz eff anuh theif dem a theif dem a scam ppl credit card or sell drugs. Apple tek heed an tap show off

  9. Isn’t this old? Because me Neva notice her disappearance. Now what’s this about the old rover? And if a Trisha send this in so what? Maybe she has realized the error in her ways and want to teach old scammer bobby a lesson. Now Tiffany and family a chuckle bc their thiefinng a were much smaller than bob and a dat bobby use fi mine daffy

      1. Same so. You know Tiffany mother the bath and body works Don and Alesha the sears don then you know seh bobbetts upgraded thiefinng was what won her the man.

  10. when I will forgive a teenager or a younger person for this.. because sometimes they follow their friends and go steal not because they want of anything but because they love company, but when a 26 and over do this me cannot justify it whether white ppl thief or not them grown and know right from wrong dem just don’t plan on changing them lifestyle fi better themselves!

  11. Mi google har name an the mug shot come up. Met fi u picho mek shi look good, kiss mi rass, mi no wah see that deh face all a early mawning, nope! :hammer

  12. But wait…..mek mi ask suh mi can keep up wid di story….She ina jail now from July ? Or she get lock up ina July an get bail and ina hiding? Cause mi cudda swear mi see har a road after July…..unless is a next man mi see an tink a sheeeeee. Unuu clear mi brain pls…Tnx


    1. NO it’s not the same thing,,,these niggers are worthless thiefs. at least go after wall street not these little dumb shit my black ppl do,,f**king dime bags,,tieffing walmart/targt/H&M, small timersssss,, get a job and get a bank account,, it will feel so much better when you know it’s yours,,it’s like when the women but they weaves, it’s hers….:)

    2. The difference is the things they steal and monetary value. No matter how you spin it Thieving messes peoples livelihood, rich or poor. How many black people are in a position to thief like Mr. Madoff, what an unbalanced comparison. Aside from that the blacks that I know that has made it to a level of Madoff rarely think to thief because the road to there was difficult and so why dash it all and your character for greed!

      Bobbi and the rest need to chill now. A few weeks back I remember watching Apples video showing her running to her private jet in mi Isla……no one knows for sure how she and JICAHN makes there living but given where I learn she lives….I’m almost sure she shouldn’t be flaunting sh*t!

      1. Weh u say basement dweller apple nuh fly commercial again? A dem say champagne wishes and caviar dreams by any means.

  14. U know what makes it worse people nuh stop request the stolen goods and ppl nuh stop skin teeth and jealous a di stolen goods a dance. You know the government fi all impound them vehicle. Live a basement, nuh work, drive rover, and survive on thieving goods alone but can hype a night and say me own the man and his so called liquor consignment business a shat. At least Kizzy stop thief and pick up seeing machine. Bobette u fi get a trade

      1. Obs a typo a seeing mi mean. Bob nah lef then dem fi bury her lazy rass under the jail. And smaddy up deh so a defend thiefinng kmft. Life on Easy street have one end but to them prison a college dem learn fi thief smarter and bigger.

  15. These niggers are sickening to my stomach,,they think it’s ok to just go around and take the people them things and say oh that’s life. then these mother f**kers want to come dance and floss like they have it. when the feds catch up on them they want to cry blood and people hating. “YOU GUYS ARE THIEFFFFS/CRIMINALS” People is getting down on Barney etc but look at this worthless man and woman that don’t want to work,,look i just read a post where B talking about teiffing cloths and size and shit on F88king FB,,smfh

  16. Belly? After she get bangle up a July she still had strength fi post picho say she a Gud Gud step madda. Not even remorse inna di pics just head back a New York on a hype. U fi learn bobette warrants are valid across the 50 states ask di one flippa and kamar… Oo

  17. Daffy a guh find a new sponsor weh do u man ? Or him can run back to Candice posh, ole faithful. She nuh thief but she nuh ramp fi mine man

  18. Suh what about him rear end, mi hear seh him nuh fraid fi use it too, lmfao, wwwwwoooooooiiiiiiiii :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak

  19. This is the step mother/ role model Daffy have roun his daughter all because him licky licky an wutliss. All if the pickney mumma a theif to, Daffy you need to lead by example. A man like u mek man f**k you fi likes an hype

  20. met off topic mi rasscalt sorry fi the bad word but happle a work!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!mi nawh laugh she put up pon ig this is how my morning start :hn :hn :hn :tkp

  21. Well at least Bobby wi have ar cellmate weh wi massage ar scalp and cornrow ar hair fe ar…some a wi cyaah even get dem deh good treatment outta road :nerd

  22. Smh these chicks have to keep up with the “JONES” but they really don’t understand that the fast life lead to DEATH or JAIL…. Her sis betta chill with that life as well go to school your son need a role model smh…..Tricia that chick will never learn her and that new bf batty Brenton is just on IG begging to get caught smh phony assess

  23. most of what the poster said don’t make any sense.. most of us do not steal on this site from the comments so if someone wants to assume that all black people steal because of whats on this site or from their own direct or indirect personal experience then they do not make sense either.. i would not steal, not because im a saint but because me shame easy and i would not encourage my friends and family to steal either because thats just corny but this foolishness about trickle down cost and just cause racism dont make sense. sounds good but its not true. the cloths that get stolen the most are these low end brands in the smaller department stores like macys for example but the higher end stores like nordstroms and saks not as much because they are harder to steal but yet the cloths them still dere……. they way the poster is telling it, if that was really the case ralph lauren polo would be more expensive then gucci for example.

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