personality disorder

A study completed in 2011 by Jamaican psychiatrist , Professor Hickling and Vanessa Paisley showed that, after extensive clinical studies it was concluded that almost half the population of Jamaica suffers some form of Personality Disorder. The results of the study submitted by the psychiatrists was presented to the United States, and it was suggested that Jamaica play close attention to mental illness.

In Jamaica , the results of the study was met was outrage with many Jamaicans disagreeing, citing discrimination.

After seeing rise in crime, the study has been brought back to the table with government ministers admitting that , Jamaica’s children have been exposed to high levels of violence and deaths. This exposure, is being blamed on the mental state of the present population. The minister said that a map can be drawn of the areas that children was sure to have seen multiple deaths and dead bodies…The study consisted of 1500 Jamaicans age 18-64
Personality Disorder is defined as; a class of mental disorders that are characterized by long-lasting rigid patterns of thought and behavior. Because of the inflexibility and pervasiveness of these patterns, they can cause serious problems and impairment of functioning for the persons who are afflicted with these disorders

Personality disorders are seen by professionals and researchers as an enduring pattern of inner experience and behavior that deviates markedly from the expectations of the culture of the individual who exhibits it. These patterns are inflexible and pervasive across many situations. The onset of the pattern can be traced back at least to the beginning of adulthood. To be diagnosed as a personality disorder, a behavioral pattern must cause significant distress or impairment in personal, social, and/or occupational situations.

These disorders typically aren’t diagnosed until an individual is a young adult, often not until their 20’s or even 30’s. Most individuals with personality disorders lead pretty normal lives and often only seek psychotherapeutic treatment during times of increased stress or social demands. Most people can relate to some or all of the personality traits listed; the difference is that it does not affect most people’s daily functioning to the same degree it might someone diagnosed with one of these disorders. Personality disorders tend to be an intergral part of a person, and therefore, are difficult to treat or “cure.”

Study results here


  1. I AGREE. i have issues i talk to myself all day everyday and i am almost 40 and still dont know me . i can tell you this though i pretend to be normal very well and nah make my self into a clown like most of the stars who make this pink page.

  2. That is ah load ah crap. Outta howmuch million people, how dem ifi duh study pon 1500 people and draw di conclusion seh 40% suffer from mental illness. Dat study wid di alleged-scientist dem need fi put eena barrel an fling eena Riverton Fire. Dyam renk…:travel

    1. Yawdy but if u take a certain sum of people they can define a consensus man.. all these present killings have been done by ”normal people” and if dem normal and a chop up like that then..

      1. Metty mi nuh seh mad people nuh deh bout eno….but di research nuh seem conclusive nonetall. Mi woulda waan find out over what time period and how dem choose di participants. Dat numba seem very high doe :hoax2

        1. Yawdy think bout it a little more and then factor in the Jamaicans u know in Jamaica then see how it sound agen

          1. Metty mi ah think hard. According tuh dem, outta ebry 10 Jamaicans dem ah seh 4 ah dem hab mental illness. If ah dat be di case….den crime rate, and dem tings dere woulda higher. 40% ah one big big number. 40% mental illness combine wid bruk an hungry woulda case some serus slaughtering pon di island. Dah research deh hab nuff holes eena it man…

          2. Met, me agree wid Yawdy and want fi know whey dem pool fi dem madeeks dem from. Dem need fi do a bad breed survey because that should mount towards de missing 60 %, lol

        2. Yawdy for life. I agree with you. Those numbers are extremely high. The people would have to sit down with each individual and then evaluate them to determine if they even have symptoms of any the various personality disorders. I highly doubt that was done. I think what they did was look at what is perceived to be the various causes of personality disorders and then say well 40% of Jamaican are exposed to these conditions so 40% of Jamaican have personality disorders. In my personal and professional opinion, I agree with Yawdy that this research is a load of crap. As Yawdy points out, where did they get their sample population from?

          1. Good morning they say most places are 15-16% which is also high so Jamaica being 40 or maybe more may not be far from reality

    2. Yardy4Life: Maybe I should give you some private lessons in Probability and Statistics. We would start with sample size and how that is determine(large vs. small sample size and the inherent errors involve). When yuh ready fi ur first lesson? In the meantime, please hold off pon throwing the di alleged-scientist dem eena barrel an fling eena Riverton Fire. After a few lessons you might change you mind. :cd

          1. Metty mi nah dispute seh madness nuh exist deh….mi dus nuh agree wid di 40%. Pickney liv weh dem learn, suh rather dan mental illness mi woulda attribute dat tuh learned behavior. Dat ah like nature vs nurture. Di 40% really a beat mi bad…mek mi all waan guh mental pon di one Anon weh ah look fi offer Statistics lesson..cho

          2. lol u know seh people can learn madness to? remember it is a condition enough so that it feels normal to them but to others it is strange and not normal at all

        1. lol…see you a get offer fi private lessons. Dem figet fi tell you sey stats. good pon telling lies and you need to know who it a benefit and how dem conduct it.

          A wonder if a some drug company dem rig dis fah?

          1. Mi nuh think so because it was done 4 years ago. Many behavioral disorders go undiagnosed in JA

          2. Met, I hope it wasn’t fi no drug company. Remember one was done a while back and you posted it. I think that one had the entire population has mad, lol

          3. ___________________________________ mi huh think so it only recommended that jamaica play close watch to mental illness and we know long time say dem nuh tek it serious..To be mental in Ja means u haffi dirty n walk barefoot

          4. Yes PP di Anon ah look fi extend lessons tuh rahtid :ngakak Yuh see how di Anon luv problems. Mi ah wonda if ah di same Anon weh nuh trust ooman can when him did ah guh ah one Tertiary Institution blah blah blah..are dat you Anon???

          5. @Yawdy4life on April 18, 2015 at 9:59 am

            But I did not say which Tertiary Institution it was. I was talking about Heart Trust/NTA (Academy!). :thumbup

            Yardy4Life, you have a good memory though…did not remember the part about not trusting women….Did I say that? So, are we on with the Stats lesson or not?

          6. @ Anon, yuh brave fi come back dis time :ngakak Normally yuh run an nuh look back. Ah wha different dis time? Yuh neva say which Tertiary Institution, but mi memba yuh style ah writing, and mi memory nuh too dusty. Den yuh still nuh trust ooman? Mek yuh insist pon di Stats lesson papa?

  3. Good Evening Met/Metters.
    I agree with the findings. I am convinced -and I’ve always debated this – Jamaica has a lot of serial killers sick and demented. Love my country but I that’s how I see it.

      1. Lol Met
        Di wickedest set of Jamaican know di BBible word fi word
        You ever some of them go dung pon di knees and bawl Father God you swear dem a di chosen one

  4. Met i know this man me use to deh wit him know bible verse word fi word n him kill in Jamaica his.mother send for him so they dont retaliate i found this out later. And i swear this man come across as the nicest person but him have another side of him i wouldn’t cross l

  5. @Met, the number might actually be higher than that.. Some terrible crimes whe occur a yaad whe children are subjected to and some are victims of, its heinous..The numbers may be higher. SOME SICK PEOPLE DEH A YAAD WHO HAVE NOT BEEN OFFICIALLY DIAGNOSED.

  6. I wonder that means the colonial masters are approximately 80 percent. They wage the. If eat wars kill the most people smile and take other people’s land and import others and tell them they need residency and citizenship when them themselves Nuh ha none.

  7. I strongly agree with this article. My eldest sister lives in JA. If you send money, or a barrel to her, you are nice and pretty, and all of God’s blessings are showered on you. However, if you telephone her without telling her to go to Western Union, she speaks bad things about you to other family members, tells you that you have a reptobate mind, and makes it seems like you bothered her when you telephoned her. This split personality thing about her just turns me off completely.

    1. A lot of them have no feelings for anyone but their own immediate family. I remember this lady had a son she knew was a gunman and one day she heard a few gun shots n started rolling from inside her yard to outside the road, thinking it was him..Yuh si when she reach the body and realize is not her son she get up same time pan har two foot, dust off her skirt and say ”oh a him”, then right back she went in her yard..If that a nuh madness I dont know what is

      1. That sh*t is funnnny! oops….I fall right into strengthening the disorder research, for finding your story hilarious! lol

        I’m sure those dam slave traders knew they had the mad bunch on board-all de european and asian indentured servants/slaves were mad as shad to, lol…hence the rass madness inna we population.

        den met…what’s up wid the 60% ? lol

    2. Mifedup mi hab some friends an fambily weh tan suh tuh. As soon as yuh return address nah hab di Apt# dem smell di rat seh yuh buy place, and di beggings tun up. So now yuh nuffi wuk fi pay mortgage, ah fi dem beggings yuh fi wuk fah. Some ah dem even reach ah farrin, and even pack up di beggins carry come yah and still ah beg….:travel

  8. Lol Met comment @ 31, that is funny! I think it is a way of life, almost all Jamaicans behave and act the same way… Like a computer programme they all take the same thinking behaving logic. Some/most of them (especially the young ones) will follow any new trend whether a man say Bleach, tattoo, pierce up ur body as to behave in this fashion, talk this way…
    Then the bad man dem will follow also like one start shoot women, others follow, start shoot children, others follow… I think they are all learn what they see and become programmed like windows xp, windows 7 they are all doing the same thing… By the way talking to yourself is a good thing.

  9. Personality disorder is a mental illness. However back in Jamaica if yuh not walking naked or eating food out of a rubbish pan….then you are considered “sane”. As a kid back home growing up when we would see a person who seemed to be “mentally unstable” on any level, grown-ups would say things like…. “Please yuh tink him mad….him a play fool fi ketch wise” OR when seemingly “sane ppl” would act “funny or disturbed” we would laugh it off and say things like “a mad sumbody dat enuh” or “duppy mussi deh pon yuh” (literally taking it for a joke). Most forms of mentall illnesses in Jamaica are not taken seriously, especially if you don’t act like a “real mad person” (dirty clothes, walk and talk to yuhself or sleep on the roadside). Mentall illness whether bipolar, personality disorder, schizophrenia or otherwise, is very much present in our little Island. But it’s kinda like the way incest isn’t talked about or swept under the rug…..a same so madness. Mi know nuff Jamaicans wid mental illnesses both here and abroad. We need to be less in denial about certain things that are prevalent in our country. We need to be more educated on illnesses and diseases that can easily go undetected, but can still cause serious long term damages. Some women are still unaware of the long term effects of certain STDs and are still looking to home remedies for treatments. Some women back home still get STDs an mek ppl give dem bush fi drink and clear it up without even going to a doctor, not knowing that if it isn’t treated properly, it can cause serious damage later on. This is just an example, but I wish my ppl would really get serious about illnesses and disorders of all kind. Cause we still ina denial bout certain tings an di Jamaican man dem still fraid a Doctor, even the ones that live here. We need fi get wid di program. I’m not surprised at the percentage as 40% a ppl mi know ina mi real life, have some type a mental disorder, whether seriously life changing or not. Well maybe 20%…. Lol

    1. Cita mi agree wid yuh wid did various types of Behavioral Disorders, and how we often turn ah blind eye, and mi know seh Depression deh ah di top due tuh di hardship/unemployment and dem tings dere, but di 40% jus can’t slide dung mi choat. It are too high Cita…:sorry

      1. Yes Yawdy….depression top di list of illnesses concerning the brain. It’s sad that we do not choose to be more aware. Sad indeed. Bwoy Yawdy 40 nuh too high enuh cause a nuff “mad ppl” we know personally who we tink sane. Nufffff. Lol

      2. Yawdy :maho
        Mi have one question doe..Do you think it is possible for one’s circumstances being able to cause them to become mentally imbalanced?

        1. Yes Metty mi agree seh ‘hards’ can lead tuh depression dat can spiral into even more severe Behavioral Disorders. Mi caan deny dat Metty….ah di 40% weh dis research conclude. Di smady weh duh dat tally did ah tek bribe. Mi ah guh demand ah recount….

  10. @Anon weh ah offa di Statistics & Probability lessons, seet deh ah two more sane sane smady in agreement bout di percentage. Hope yuh hab classroom space, cause dat lesson cannot be given online…

    1. @Yardy:

      ….two more sane sane smady in agreement

      First lesson of Probability & Statistics: We do not make assumptions. We let the numbers do the talking. You are assuming that the two people in agreement with you are indeed sane-sane. Where is the proof?

      Yardy, no online lessons. My proposition was for one-on-one lessons, so I cannot take on anybody else right now. Did you see my response to your earlier post, re: “Tertiary Institution”

      1. Yes Anon mi jus respond tuh yuh earlier response. To answer yuh question bout proof… di proof is in their writings. Memba seh mi memory sharp, suh dem previous comments, on other topics over ah period of time, speak tuh dem sanity.

        Mek ah ask yuh a few questions, den how much longer yuh ah guh remain Anonymous? Nuh time yuh remove di veil? Beg pardon, mi neva realize di proposed lessons was one-on-one :ngakak Mek yuh can’t tek on “anybody else”…yuh hab prior commitments?

  11. oh please right now Jamaians gone back to the basics living like Afria.. MONEY rituals behind this sudden increase of killing and sarifice.. So this high increase in madness is really a high increase in vanity wants and greed.. A lot of it going to scamming. This is common in most third world country.


    1. HC nuh seh di numbers might be higher dan 40%. Yuh nuh see di struggle weh mi unda oba di 40%. Ah piece ah stress tek me yesterday, till mi see one gray hair eena one ‘undisclosed’ location dis morning. Mi couldn’t wait pon di Nair, ah di electric razor solve di problem. And fi knoe me is still, and look, young :malu

      Mi really sorry fi hear bout di child from yuh district :sorry Lord Jesus have mercy. Satan ah whisper eena dem ears and ah show dem seh dere is no betta way. Things hard dung deh, di people dem ah get hopeless, and evil deh pan di rampant. Sin ah tek ova di country suh we haffi beef up di prayer and fasting fi we Island, and extend likkle generosity to those in need.

      1. Dwllll Yawdy di one gray hair a kill meeeeee. Mi nah laugh. Ha ha ha ha. Mek it stay right there. Is good luck. Di next ting to brush on dat gray hair will be the best you ever had. Dwllll _____________

        1. Cita doe laugh :ngakak It had tuh go :ngakak Premature gray due tuh stress lol Ah waaan tell yuh seh di “best you’ve ever had” ah tek care ah tings fi quite ah number of years, an mi nah mek dis miserable gray hair mash up mi romance. It had tuh go….:ngakak

  13. Witnessing or experiencing trauma (especially) early in life creates long term mental health and emotional damage. Whether it is caused by food insecurity, economic instability, absentee parent, witnessing a murder or being some how associated with a violent experience it doesn’t matter. Anyone of these traumatic experiences can make anyone susceptible to mental illness. It also doesn’t help that 1) there is still so much stigma associated with mental illness, that many don’t seek help; and 2) the lack of resources available to properly screen and treat individuals suspected of or have mental illness leads to alot of unintended consequences – such as murder. So given what I have said and knowing the challenges facing many living in Jamaica I suspect the scientists are right in their estimation.

    1. Sameso it could very well be that 40% of jamaicans suffer from some form of mental illness but is very unlikely that 40% suffer from personality disorders. I would say clinical depression would top the list and I would say the percentage of those who suffer from clinical depression in jamaica still does not reach the 40% mark. And notice i use the term clinical depression because being depressed because of a difficult situation or a bad life experience is different that being clinically depressed.

      1. “In general, personality disorders are diagnosed in 40–60 percent of psychiatric patients, making them the most frequent of all psychiatric diagnoses”. According to Wikipedia. Who knew?

  14. I agree.Mi get nuff lick inna mi head when mi a little pickney.Nuh wonder mi guh from 0 to 100 in no time.Even mi child seh mommy crazy and daddy sane and dat a big big lie cause we both suffer from di same disease.Look like we pass it on to her

    1. Some a di rass beatings wah pickney get is wah goodly mess dem up wid mental illness, many grow up in loveless homes. Mi nah talk spanking mi a chat beatings, rass beatings wah no child nuh deserve fi get. Some stories wah mi used to hear wah parents do to dem children break your freaking heart.

  15. We have to start protecting the children!!!i can honestly say most of my problems as an adult come from my childhood

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