1. Him eye dem fi bun him, letting people get that shit in his face….I never could understand this shit. Leave your yard dressed nice, ready to party have a good time & get champaign all over you fi hype? Really

    1. FLIPPA? What is he doing?………..he’s taking his hard earn money & wetting up niggas…. he dont even have a likkle style to his thing…he need to stop running in like a little bitch

    1. Oooooh cause never ever in the history of homosexual men, has there been one reported case of a GAY MAN having sex with a FEMALE :2thumbup I see exactly where your’e coming from :cd

    2. Yea just like how he be on fb a bun out man weh suck yssup nd him beg me fi him suck my pussy nd all a have him head down deh a fight me fi suck it and i didnt allow him to, the only thing him do a a push him cocky weh it nuh fi go without warning me, i was so shock, i couldnt believe and i swear up to god in heaven it happen i can take a lie detector test to prove it, not every thing them man seh on fb you must believe.. especially dancehall man

  1. is who this now ?

    them so plentiful i cant keep up with the faces and names

    MET this downlow dancehall gay man ting getting like really bad now

    my friend met a dancer boy in jersey , she send me his pic , i tell her run , boy look fishy nuh hell

    it not popular to f*k woman no more ?

    why all di man dem a tun di nex way so much nowadays ?

    is just for likes and namebrand ? or dem really prefer batty ?

    woman have batty to so why dem dont want no woman ?

    it sick me

  2. a diff me……extremely pertinent questions. Even better one is if is fashionable fi woman a fux battyman, den call dem Bi??? There is no Bi, it’s bye punny, hello battam. Junk bonds cannot be traded. Mi sorry fi di girls. Fi mi whingyniss is appreciating in value…DWRCLLLL!!!

    1. i agree no such thing as bi

      why would i want to be with much less have sex with a man i know f**k man ????

      these women are desperate and making us look very bad

      i guess they are the ones really to be blamed for all of this gayness thats being proudly displayed by these down low men

      cause its obvious dem fight and woman still a run dem down

      why ?????????????????????? smh

  3. Afternoon Met bloggers and All Bless up

    I have a few questions I am just curious

    What does splashing Champagne all over each
    Other inna party signify ?

    What kinda of women are attracted to these men?

    And Last what kinda men are these?

    I’m puzzled I’m really trying to figure out the purpose
    Of this and what is these dudes trying to tell us woman

    1. yes where does this splashing champagne in dancehall ritual come from ??????

      and whats the point ????????????????????????

      wouldnt it make more sense to drink the champagne ?

      white people must be looking at us and laughing smh

  4. Girls splashing champagne in a dance meaning good luck. The rappers them do it and moreover, white people do it too but not all of them ok…

  5. Gay = one that is openly gay and proud!
    Fish= one who claims to be straight but yet comes
    Out of the water to sleep with the same sex,, but can’t stay look
    Because they might lose air,,,lol
    Bi= no such thing for a man to me ,, you a fish because no other man is going to know
    You sleep with man also,,, neither your woman
    Fishes are in these pics,,

    1. I think if a man sleeps with men and women and is honest with them about it then he is bi. If he lives a straight life and sneaks with men then he is DL (fish).

    1. Bisexual means you like both men and women. Right or wrong, Alot of people goes both ways.

      I can careless what they do but I would hate to find out that my man sleep with other men. That’s why I think they should be honest about it. Let me decide If I want a D!@k that plays in sh!t.

  6. If it are batty’ole dem love, woman have dat to, don’t it?
    It are not dat dem want. Dem love tek fux an suck hood. Woman cyaa gi dem dat unless it r plastic. An fi di man dem weh a mek Ooman strap awn stiffniss ana ram dem, dat is juss their “breaking in”. Dem soon bail di fence.

  7. Willie…..mi caan bada….lmfao……..di boys soon scale fence…….if I laugh tidey I piss my panty…..every bloodclaat nite dem a bade man.a beta dem throw di bakkle money n say wol dis mi fren if u rate u fren dat much….my opinion…..otay fishes…

  8. Queena…..yu a par wid Incognito. Siim likkle more a kneel dung. gense di bed edge wid man a beat an blaze him….battyguy.

  9. In this last picture like all the rest of them I see a bunch of men wetting of each adda, I thought you already took a bath bath before you cum out.. its a waste of money pooring champagne on one adda, what’s the special occasion, everyone them birth nite the same nite or something! !!! Mi don’t get the wet up wet up business a bunch of show off and or what whom u a impress but but have man a pree u to bust up u head and Rob sll unno… the men dem inna that party don’t look women cah dem busy giving each other a champagne bath. Its a damn shame… mi don’t badda look pon dancehall men mi go ah dance enjoy myself nd go home…

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