1. Darrio Neva c no video…..u Fi low d man name when him did a send u pickney go school n did a GI u show Fi mec money u Neva say him a pussy….y u no say a tru him Bredda Neva bring u go diva Wid him u vex….u caw tell me u Neva Inna him killing too u n d gal Staci cause di two a unu go weh lef him……do two a unu a murdara……..low sub name low di man him don’t even get no time Fi morn good unu jus den pon him name suh him have feelings jus like any oda man him a human toooo…..low di sub team u too bad mind. A ur conscience a kill u

  2. Konshens a wicked. Whats the sense of having all this money if your brother a starve. And is not like is a brother u dont know a d same brother wha u seh u tek him style.

    Mek mi tell unno something. Some ppl very selfish. Konshens and him brother sound d same it nah guh tek nothing fi konshens did give him 2 songs. But cause konshens a chase fame and money him leave out him brother. Konshens feel him can do it alone but one day him will find ut seh money nuh better than family.

  3. Anonymous 950 shut the f**k up . Yuh know wah a pussyclaaaat gwaan round a di man yard. You know what Delus and konz chat bout and discuss or what opportunities he have Delus and because of his big brother who he didn’t want to take it. Darrio a pussy BIGGEST pussy dat why him nuh chat how konz did a mine him fi how many years. Why him nuh chat how di man pay every school fee do him daughter since she born. Why him nuh tell unuh seh konz buy him his first car cash and give him roof when he was homeless why him nuh tell unuh the amount of cash di man put up for his career. When Darrio round konz he always a year him fi Tings and Dian always a give him especially when he use his daughter as excuse weh him do Nuff time. I mamba one day he told me he konz just pay his phone bill but he want money to Mek a run guh country suh him a guh seh him daughter sick. Darrio guh a di biggest pussyhole. Guh suck out yuh modda bumbo hole

  4. See wid Darrio. Back to school now and nuttin nah gwaan. Goodly stress out. Him a look somebody tek out him frustrations pon. Darrio need fi just leave the music thing now and find a next career. Kons give him plenty opportunity and help and it just no work out. Can’t blame di man if ppl just nah feel your music and style yute.

  5. The persons saying Konshens selfish don’t know him. That’s a man whe buy him fren dem clothes, car, bike, pay rent, school fee, plane fare, hotel, even share his money when him go tour. More time Delus and Darrio dem no book fi no show, even when dem perform. So a Konshens kind enough fi share wha di promoter pay him wid dem. Darrio too ungrateful. Over a year now him lef subkonshus say Konshens a hol him back. Him shoulda buss already now den since him free.

    Man call you up pon Sting stage fi sing you two song and you a call him pussy? Whether or not you think him coulda do more, the fact remains him never haffi do nuttin. Ungrateful bad.

  6. Dutty ungrateful Darrio, mi have yuh file, and just like weh evrybody seh yuh fi chat how Konshens did a mind yuh and yuh daughter.Every year from yuh deh round Konshens him pay yuh daughter school fee and buy book and thing and yuh a tun roun and bite the hand weh feed yuh. Yuh a d biggest pussy and a longtime mi pree how yuh a Judas and how yuh badmind yuh get likkle bus and nuh carry yuh fren chiproy, memba unno used to par when yuh was darrio danger, a true yuh know seh the man a badder lyricist than yuh, yuh never wah carry him roun Konshens. Konshens never a hol yuh back a bloodclat a reaction a tek yuh rass,Konshens give yuh neff oppurtunity fi buss anno fi him fault the people dem nuh tek to yuh, yuh hype pon all the people dem inna Hview and Bull Bay dutty nastiness when yuh just start par wid Subkonshons.Darrio yuh well wah be Konshens so bad, memba when yuh come a view and come sing “Shes Happy” like a fi yuh song, yuh did tun laughing stock when the song buss pon radio and people realise seh a Konshens song clowny SUCK YUH MADDA!!!!!!!!!!

  7. Konshens a pussy him a run backa gyal Latts knowing di gyal have a man a Florida wen him nuh dey bout. When him cyaa reach har him a bawl him tun pussywatch man when Latts cratches stretch out from Florida to JA. Wen yuh Bredda di a call and beg fi yuh help yuh hang up phone inna Delus ears when him did need likkle money fi pay light bill yuh send money guh mine dutty Latts yuh put da gyal dey even before yuh daughta a Suh di head sweet yuh? Dem lips dey dey pon hol heap a man peeni Suh yuh is a real batty man caa as yuh kiss yuh ooman yuh a suck off next man peenie. Darrio a talk di truth Latts nuh wah nuhbaddy tell yuh the real deal bout har Suh she mek yuh cut off everybody including yuh own blood yuh fi shame yuh help kill yuh Bredda yuh nuh si not even yuh own madda wey yuh talk bout how yuh love nuh wah nutting fi do wid yuh an har. Yuh go see watch she nah guh stop shame yuh a road and di Bredda wey di dey dey fi yuh nuh dey bout now Suh a yuh alone a guh haffi fight Dem fight yah bout yuh run guh put tattoo pon yuh back when yuh know sey yuh Neva di even rate di man when him dey bout Delus did a starve yuh nuh even by him a box lunch batty bwoy yuh be him nuh need fi morn him need fi guh hide a shame yuh fi shame dutty konstance

  8. Anonymous 710 it’s obvious yuh hurt an hurt baaaaddddd. A wah ? Yuh did waah Konshens an him never want u. Wedda or not him gyal a whore a she him choose. And di man nuh chose nobody over him BREDDAA or modda. Yuh illiterat and Dunse f**ka. Yuh fi guh a Jamal. Big pussy hole illiterate fool. Mi ova unuh an unuh f**y now like unuh si dung round a di man yard or know when him send money every month di pay alllll his modda bills and extra . Yuh a come chat bout turn back on Modda. Di man buy a big bloodclaat house fi him modda a dat deh tun back mi want. Low di man and guh wash yuh front . Stinking bloodclaat

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