1. smh thats why crime and vilonce nah go done them a search a house man chop the police him get shot now everybody a cuss furthermore the man dem round there in the hilll dem open fire pon the same police

  2. The ppl dem seh the 19 yr that the police kill was no gun man suh dem block mountaun view ave and a demonstrate.the mother him dont even go out muchless smoke.

    1. My heart cry’s out for his mother & family but especially his mother. Who feels it know it, I lost my daughter and she was very young, there is no pain like planning your own child funeral. My God be her strength during this time, Please everyone who believe in prayer, pray for thing young family. May his soul rest in peace. JA need to punish police who don’t do serious investigation before running in people homes & killing someone, then come to find out that person HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH what they accuse the person of LIFE is precious!

  3. Them kill the likkle ute weh name Marco so the people a block road and gwaan bad.. Him wasn’t a gun man fi true but he was a ladies man

  4. Good evening Met and all others.
    My linky tell mi sey that Jarrett Lane and Burger linked up and start a turf war.
    They had some some shootout and the police came in and kicked off Chalice face sister door and killed her son “Marco”.
    He was not involved in the war or any badness for that matter.
    The ole deportee dem such as Carlos and Pepsi Murray they are the root of the evil,
    From mi likkle dem a kill people and dem come a foreign come create havoc and get deported now after Mountain View,Jarret Lane and the Jacques road area has been living together in unity now for awhile here dem come wid dem bad blessings self and a disrupt the peace.
    Mi seey Alan Mas pikney dem a some real bad breed .

  5. Mi just watch de report a da news ya pon CVM NEWS. Jah know star, mi feel it fi da madda ya!! Death in Jamaica is not when God say is your time, but when man says so. Some likkle dutty bloodclaat criminals in uniforms trigga finga horny, and within de twinkle of an eye these pricks and cunts wi out yu life. Dis was a cold – blooded murder, and dats why de people dem a protest. The loss of a loved one is the worst thing anyone can handle, especially when it is your own child. Wishing the family as much peace as possible during this difficult time.

  6. Rip Marco My heart goes out to ur family no one should lose there child in this manner so cold & callus this is sad, police do whatever they want & dont give account for it.. I’m praying for u all

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