Big nose carisma and white boy new girl a war because carisma and whiteboy still love each other facts . They been together for 11 plus years and broke up last year but while they were together carisma always giving him bun and f**king his friends and him get mad and leff har that’s when she start sex off saj dacres friend fabey(guy in black now in jail wid saj for scamming and shooting police ) because fabey and saj were the biggest scammers and carisma likes so she did latch on pon him until Feds come fi while he was taking a shit couple months back ha. Carisma is still in love with whiteboy and jealous seh him move on suh fast all engaged to Brittany and me ear she might be preggers . Carisma if yuh move on why is the girl hurting your head and there’s was no need to involve the girl dead mother in your argument shame on you the mother has nohing to do with this dumb shit .And as always battymon daffy always find himself a comment pon people
Mixup like mind your bussiness battymon and guh look a work and stop wear victoria secret pink clothes and Lowe people argument pon ig too f**king nuff . Another day of uptown life sad case his like man short a road guh find someone who is not a scammer, drug dealer or con artist that won’t have you in these problems . Or better yet guh look a job










0 thoughts on “WHA KINE A LOVE……

  1. Last night ritz say the girl daughter chastity who is like 8 a suck white boy hood inna the house even put up pic of the woman pickney a eat cotton candy bought she practicing fi suck dick smh that’s was really low and when the girl come pon white plains road to fight you was missing in action….you was talking all that shit on ig the girl come fi fight and u in hiding

  2. I swear sometimes some things reach some ppl n yu wonder y, Daffy yu to bloodclatt fass. Every rass pan knock yu knock to. Ur a fish stay in da sea n do fish things. Lava Brimstone n Fyah pon yu rass.

    P.S. please, again mi seh PLEASE stop wear Pink fi ah while. Pink tyad ah yu. U muss be a walking sign for JMG. Walking Pink wall :toast

  3. oh please Brittany ah big whore from lonig time with her big burning crotches.all her friends chat her trust me all your secrets soon buss. lmaoo gwan hold ah meds likkle gyal lol

  4. brittany shut the f**k up cause your baby father lmaoooooooo was wth a whore as well lmao omg u not low so bitch have a seat
    cause your are one of semymour biggest whores deh bout lmao so stop thinking your friends ae your friends cause believe me mi know too much bout yuh dwfl lmao hello !

  5. lmao why fabe infront of a next bitch car that be minding him lmao . nah blanco .that bitch stay getting bun acting like fabe is her man lmao why does it take for a man to get lock up to get so much promotion . lmao i cant some of yall bitches couldnt even get a call when he was out though and why is somethingaboutdee liking brittany post lmao because she use to f**k with whites too and lmao lawd what ah mix up commmunity cocky mi seh all yall kids gonna be related such a blend blend world we live in

  6. all of a sudden charisma was f**king whites friends lmao for 11 years lmao yall sound so dumb. so how come when whites was giving bitces allowance money on the side when he did with charisma why wasnt yall talking up lmao brittany did so much bad things to her first baby father its ashame go sit down bitch .and the amount of old man yuh f**k brittany please have a bloodclaut seat lmao ..charisma knows your biggest secret of all bitch lmao !!!! and it straight FACTS NASTY BIG WHOLE GYAL HAHAHAHAHA TO BE CONTINUED….DID YOU TELL YOU BABYFATHER THE SECRET ? LMAO CAUSE HIM WOULDAH KILL YUH BUMBOCLAUT HAHAHAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH

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