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Goodafternoon, just read the Jamrock gleaner and it is stated that -Husband of slain pregnant Portmore woman in custody . You and your bloggers normal give more details and I am anxious to know what is going on with this case

Husband of murdered Portmore woman taken into custody

Monday, November 11, 2013 | 9:37 AM

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KINGSTON, Jamaica — The police have taken into custody the husband of Sasha-Gay Coffie in connection with crimes committed against her, including her murder.

Coffie was shot and wounded in March of this year and was again attacked on October 21 and shot dead. Her husband will face an identification parade and will then be questioned in the presence of his attorney.

22 thoughts on “WHAT A COLD WORLD

  1. Gmorn!
    Him determine fi kill her . March attack never satisfy him so him Mek sure say October one connect

    Damn heartless cold blooded murderer

    Hang to him ting !

    BTW… ” you & ur bloggers normally give more details” u site tun over sis kah a yah dem run to fi get the 100 :nerd

  2. Usually when a pregnant woman get murdered, yuh nuh have far fi look! Either is di husband/babyfather or di babyfather woman!

    Dem need fi charge him wid 2 murder & bury him UNDER di jail!

  3. Good morning Ms. met, i havent been here in a while, I knew Sasha from high school, she was a a devoted Christian ever since, last night one of my friends call me about this and asked me to call around to get the scoop as something just wasnt adding up. I made the call and heard that her husband was on the down low. Police had confiscated his phone and found text message exchanges with him and another man. Know i have no reason to doubt this as the person who told me is a close friend of the family.

    RIP Sasha, you did not deserve this.

    I hope he gets life.

          1. Metty u nuh know how dem battyman yah jealous? u coulda bother fi even ask lol Me fraid a d lesbians and battyman dem met

          2. yes fi dem violence firey it nuh normal! mi waa know if she neva knwo di man a batteyman dem fi hang di two a dem and doe spare none

    1. is not lie yuh telling mi see pon fb weh smaddy guh the funeral wid the pic up mi tek up miself ask de smaddy what happen nd dem sey long story short har husband man kill har cuz she can have pickney nd dem cant

    2. I heard it same way too. He is a teacher a Spanish Town (? not so clear on that). Him send the boy prior, that didn’t work out. So him send him again because him don’t want no baby or divorce expenses. Wicked brute.

      It is good to follow through on a court case because she knew who did it the first time and if he had gone to court and under duress him would a gi whey de man. All my peeps went to the funeral because she was a good person.

  4. JFLAG , where art thou? Misogyny is a bigger problem worldwide than anti homosexuality. This poor woman was put in harms way by her hateful, weak husband (DL men are the weakest negroes out there) and his boyfriend who obviously has the stereotypical pu88y envy. Jamaica needs to start talking about the mental health of its population (especially the men), because this woman hating by straight and gay men and too many women is getting out of control in one small place. RIP, sweet lady.

    1. morning dem nah go seh nothing here… if a did she kill one a dem den dem wudda gwaan bad but anytime di jamaican people get tired a dem a bet dem know demself

  5. Mi a guh luk dem email and start molest dem BC fram farrin. Mi nah tolerate woman hating, wedda from straight or gay. Dem batty man deh too high strung, bout him cyaan breed!

  6. wah mi hear is dat she and di husband separate from long time and di child was not his, is for her boyfriend, di one she was moving in wit when dem kill har. di husband ave pickney wid a former coworker weh him nah mine…don’t know if dat was di cause of their separation in the first place….ps. wife, husband and boyfriend/ “real babyfadda” go di same church

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