Met – dirty chin u can finally can leave mi baby father now happy u fine a man 👏🏽👏🏽 1 years change me an this b*tch having it out fi me good good clean baby father weh she a try take way AJ b*tch a who win now 😝 an me know Dat man don’t want u b*tch your time soon up like The Rest a woman dem him talk to.Him f**k u but him love me 💯❤️

19 thoughts on “WHAT A LOVE

  1. sender sorry to tell you but you lost sweetie

    you won by default

    the girl has finally left your babyfather to you and moved on to her own man

    whilst you will take back the said man that was disrespecting you and will probably do it again

    do the math

  2. I hate when woman seh him fu#%k you but him love me..like bitch if he had any love for you in the first place he wuda neva mek you and a next bitch mouth meet much less fight ova him…unuh need fi have some respect fi unuh self aND self-esteem sick rass stomach

  3. Sender stop it a soh u baby fada cheap like 99cent no glad cah tevk wey no woman man unless him wah goh plus mark my word and shi dont want him trust me

  4. a ugly buddy dwayne unu a war ova, dwayne weh bleach out an fava wen dem scald dwag? dat aint no victory cuz dwayne sex anything, all mad woman

  5. If di coob did clean di cock wouldn’t stray from mawnin .. u happy seh she dash him back to u eeh dry head gal lmao u can’t dress and sure as hell Can’t keep a man .. pickney nah hold man again he will leave again cause u aint shit .. the other girl can get any man she wants her name nuh stink a road and shi pretty .. babymadda need a fixup like how kartel wah bail .. who the hell is dwayne btw

  6. Aright! Yuh win now lef him and u would really a win. TF! Any man me get by default a fi beat and teach. Women these days mek mi shame fi be woman. Nuff man deh a Jamaica. Actually this sexy body clean beggar always in Fish Pot a Clock Tower may as well u pick him up and u both go church

  7. No sah! After him never lef her. A she leave him. U a get what left lol…… And now the matey position open. U soon start war wid somebody else.

  8. Really sender you win no bitch u didn’t win one thing, you is one less problem fi the girl worry bout if yuh ago watch out har page or act har fone u really need to go learn fi spell and know meaning to words before u come send in pictures and get ur facts straight about who the girl gone to next.. First of all u 24 with 4 kids 4 different baby daddy u need to get ur life in order before u come a war fi man why u nuh go war the next 3 baby mama lol be a woman with pride and leave dance alone and go cook clean and wash bitch bye all u want do is buy clothes fi go party fi go watch the gal lol and u nar see the gal and in a chatting with har u nuh bad yuh Facebook bad gal lol

  9. Ole tiad hog .. memba yuh f** mi brother when u did pregnant wid di boy son!!! Shut up if yuh know what is good for you … screenshots don’t lie

  10. 24 4 4 bitch what you winning? Based on the song you singing and the life you living you already lost. You just say she leave him so chances are him a run har dung back you must smart up and leave because this only show if you would left go he would let her( figure it out a you a the mate not her)

  11. Mi glad unno put the sender in har place. How the gyal fi a try tek weh yuh “good good man”? nuh must him want leave or stay… Next yuh a talk bout how the man nah guh stay wid yuh matey…before u pray it work out suh she nuh come back fi yuh man. Leave the girl alone. fi one year yuh a war har ova di dutty koki boy…Did u once war him? Wah exactly yuh win??? Cause a she find….not fine….but find man an move on.

  12. Me nah lie sender u life sad and boring no bl$$dcl$$t…..wey u mean by u win wah u win me really wah know?If u baby father did want u r love u then u no think by now u would a hv a ring….gwan go sort out u bloodcl$$t self go bk a school and focus on u kids and stop stress the man.me sure the matey no c u and everyday u pitch like johnkro u only bad up uself pon social media and wen u c har in a party all u do a stare pon har yes b$$$h she look better dan u cause all the clothes u buy u still look f$$k up gwan go fix u lean mouth an u lean up body……

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