Last month in St. Petersburg, Fl, a Pinellas County Sheriff praised his deputies for ripping off their gun belts while trying to save the lives of three teenage girls from drowning after they accidentally drove a vehicle into a pond during pursuit.

The story goes, a friend asked Damien Marriott,35, to drive the teenage girls to Child’s Park that Wednesday night. When Marriott stopped at Walmart to buy a tv, the three girls took off in his 1990 Honda Accord. Hours later, deputies caught the Honda running a red light with the headlights turned off, as deputies chased the girls, they entered the back of a cemetery, which is where they accidentally drove into a pond.

Here is where things take a turn…

The next morning during a press conference, Sheriff Bob Gualtieri, applauded his deputies for coming out of their gun belts, running into the muddy water trying to save the dying teen’s lives, but newly released dash cam footage shows otherwise…

The video shows the deputies exiting their vehicles, standing on the shore, proceeding to listen and comment on hearing the teenager’s screams, but doing nothing else.

There was no running in the pond in attempts to rescue the girls, just commentary while the car submerged into the swamp. In the video, one officer can be heard saying, “I hear them yelling, I think!”

During the two hour wait for a tow truck, the deputies still took no action. Once the screams came to a complete halt, one officer responded, “They are done. They are 6-7 dude.”

Most likely, the officers filed false reports claiming to have tried to save the girls with no avail, for which no criminal charges for falsifying police documents or obstruction have been brought about.

Once finally pulled out of the swamp, the Honda Accord contained the deceased bodies of Dominique Battle,16, Ashaunti Butler,15, and Laniya Miller, also 15 years old. In an interview with ABC Action News, Laniya’s mother, Natasha Winkler, exclaims, “My daughter was not perfect,” fighting through tears, “What 15-year-old is?”


    1. Quena what hurt me is that dem go tek di big up knowing that they did not help them..Bwaay mi a lose it fi di police dem everywhere dem deadly

  1. Good Morning Met,Metters,Peepers nd Others….

    Condolences to the families of these kids as for the cop a bet him just slap him wid paid suspension

  2. They had no emotions watsoeverr! Me a wonder if its a race thing! Nooo attempts eeeh? But wat a big big heroic liiiie dem present to the press eeeh no man smh dem deadly!

    1. Damn race yes!

      Red neck territory along with the fact that they know the chances that either none of them can swim was a high probability.

      The only punishment for them will be karma! American cops get therapy, promotions, suspension with pay, fired with full benefits or move on to better jobs when dem do wrong, dem all go turn prosecuting attorney s and ONU thing Jamaica bad :ngakak .

  3. Of coarse they’re black babie we don’t value nothin to white people.. We good to end up criminal any way

  4. If Any body know Florida like I do.. The whole state is racist..I mean the whole state from pan handle to the keys. Confederate state straight…

    1. They are, but dem have dem specific locations where dem born and bred and will not migrate from. As a Island girl mi nah go in a dem territory go bout slavery done a backside… Same as me wouldn’t go siddung pon ants nest just cause me bigger than dem…noops not at all.

      No court of man can give justice to the parents whose children died in such a wicked way…you cannot bare witness to death in a manner where you could have attempted to give aid to the innocent and sleep well…no! Way in hell that possible.

  5. Ppl put too much trust n dem boys .

    No law that says they have to put themselves in danger to save someone

    However if they falsified a report action can & should be taking

  6. Personally, I would do exactly what the officers did. If anyone know anything about these ponds/lakes, it is basically muddy base and any attempt by the officers would put their lives at risk.

    The owner of the car did these girls a favour and their repayment was to steal the car and went on a joy ride, which tragically resulted in their death. We all have choices and these teenages made a poor choice which cause their death. Why should the officers risk their lives to save theirs…I wouldn’t do it and I doubt 99% of you people commenting would do it either!

    1. Don’t join any organisation that requires you to shed your humanity!

      A damn coward is what u are plain and simple. No run stats without evidence…me shit on your 99% as just a coward a look company!

      No excuse don’t exist for not TRYING! Betta dem did wet dem foot an say dem try….btw, suppose the bad decision was that of the driver and not the other two?

      Dem still had a chance of correction if given life! Move yu self righteous ass and gwan!

      1. Why I’m I not surprise that you would respond to my comment? I notice you said nothing about these kids action of stealing the car and the possible outcome of them “running a red light with the headlights turned off”. My guess is you would be very comfortable with them killing an innocent driver after running the red light…right? BTW, are those mugshots of those three teenagers?

        At any rate, I stand by what I said and didn’t expect a moron like yourself to offer anything of value to the conversation. Afterall, you are in the group think mode, incapable of any form of independent thinking. GTFOH troll.

        1. Yes bitch! Troll right up unda yu!

          I condemn what warrants condemnation and the girls don’t deserve that kind a death!

          Phuck you and your elevator group! I will not rejoice the death of black youth by racist mothphuckers! Put DAT in a you ass and smoke it!

          Nuff a onu love cuss like education belongs to onu alone. Me well equip but me nah brag bout it so come decumsize me this precious day yah cause me a defend the damn kids bitch!

          1. Uh-Oh! The Phantom has been forced into her comfort zone. It is amazing how I can pull your strings and let you dance like a puppet at a County Fair. I even have you making up your own words to compensate for your insecurities and your inferiority complex….”decumsize” dat! Dance puppet, dance….Hahahaaaaaaaaaaa

  7. The truth hurts, it’s time for people to take responsibility for their own actions, no one told them to take the car on a joyride to hell, those lakes are filled with Alligators, trust me, you don’t want to see how the waters dark and mucky, I wouldn’t risk my life to save them, no way, and if any of these police officers were related to us, we would not want them to do that, we have to put our selves in the position, what would you have done, and I can tell you all, none of us would,so why do we expect so much out of others? The only wrong thing I see here, is that they take credit for something no sensible person would attempt to do. Black police, white police, it nuh mek nuh difference, mi nain aguh in deh guh nung baddi wether them black or them white, argument done.

    1. Me straight law enforcement yard n abroad 4 females a few males and all the one me sleep wid n love till death…and any day each fail to act on the oath and nature of humanity dem a get write off as damn cowards.

      Approach, evaluate and decide, not approach, look and amuse you self because “dem niggers can’t swim”.

  8. I thought I heard yelling…buuut let me just keep standing here just to be sure… O.o

    This is beyond Godless and wikid….

  9. Dats why certain places I ain’t living. Dylan Roof weh kill di 8 innocent ppl in dem church got taken in alive, got his Burger King happy meal with a cool drink to quench his thirst. These kids only stole a car and went on a joyride, an act of teenage defiance the world over, and they were left to die. Black ppl betta wake tf up and catch a clue. Unno tink it hawd fi wipe out 40 million ppl? Unno stay deh pon unno slumber and living unno delusion of freedom and equality in Amerikkka

    I wish their families and loved ones all the best.

    1. Same so! Wait if Trump win. People no think the teenage skinheads of the eighties assimilated into working class amerikkka? Or that Jim Bob was properly trained by the family that watched family films of glorious Sunday after church picnics with a Negro being lynched as entertainment.

      I know my environment wherever I roam. Many really think amerikkka as bed a roses till the roses rest pon dem grave.

      1. Too many of these drones think all is well chu dem hab dem education and live on the right side of town. When dem get dem ni**a wake up call dem nuh know weh fi do. Di rich yt bwoy who was a teen, drive drunk and kill off di ppl got off on him affluenza defense. Deze drones tink dem safe, dem betta wake up and smell di damn coffee. Ask di black urologist who was handcuffed till him nerves damaged and him caan do operations no more, while dem virified if he was indeed a doctor and run him plates, all di beg him beg fi handcuff loosen, fell on deaf ears. Ask di Harvard professor who got police called on him chu him locked himself out him house, mysteriously after him lived there fi years him neighbor couldn’t recognize him and called police. Ask the black executive who was told to come out her apartment with how many squad cars waiting cause she looked strange for the neighborhood. Let’s not forget the tennis player waiting outside the posh hotel in Manhattan for him driver to take him to his media rounds during the US Open who was violently slammed to the ground and treated like a common criminal for identify theft of all crimes. Him treatment didn’t even fit the alleged crime. When deze dead asleep fckrs get dem ni**a wake up call dem will understand di root of dis story.

  10. The lakes are filled with alligators and water moccasin. Why did they stesl the car? Why did they turn the headlights off? Why did they run the stop light? Their own decisions lead to them ending up in the pond!! The cops are only guilty of accepting public congratulations, when they didn’t risk their lives to save theirs. Mi nah go in a nuh alligator snake infested water go rescue nobaddie that I was chasing. Nope not mi

  11. I totally get the point of the dangers of the water and what lied in those dark murky waters. But apparently the officers that were talking were standing behind the camera. The direction in which the cam was recording, seems to be where the car went down into the pond. So they didn’t even move towards the pond to see where exactly the car was. Lawd…..if a even fi run to the edge of the pond in panic. See if any of them managed to get out and were hanging on to the car. At least try fling a piece of rope and let them hang on even until a fire truck or ambulance comes. I didn’t even hear anyone call for emergency help or back up. If a even fi show some panic or attempt to help. Give them a fair chance to be punished for auto-theft and any other crime they may have commited. Smh. It’s sad all around. It just scares me that the ppl who are paid to protect us….can stand around so casually while ppl perish. And then for him to say….”they’re done”….seems like they had no intentions of helping. Not only one…..but more dan one officer???? Not even one ina di bunch wid a heart???

  12. A waa gwaan ova yahsuh? Now in dying situations do doctors actually sit and reflect on the negative choices people made in their lives?? No they try to save lives smh the officers were just being the devils advocate cuz God ddnt condemn them! Damn evil beings sum a unu! Dem naay murda nuhbaddy look how many kids tek weh car for joy ride?

  13. TOTALLY OFF TOPIC: Marsha Gay Renolds ppl dem ah squeal it looks like…Met check it out!!

    Name ah call up )))LOUD(((

  14. It is sad that these young girls lives were ended in the way it did, I can picture the panic on their faces while the car went down… These young ladies couldn’t even get the car door open to get out… When the young lady decided to drive away with the car with the other two young ladies as the one person said how we know the other two didn’t tell her to stop or tell her to turn the lights on the lights are off we can’t say the actions were on all three girls… Not sure why the young lady took the car while they waited for the guy to return do we know that he was truly dropping them off some where or was something else was up and the girl wanted to get away we do not know the full story but what I do know that the officers should of been on the radio calling for assistance and it doesn’t look like they did, they were casually talking amongst themselves like they were on a damn break or something… They could of done something or ran over there to see if anyone was trying to escape and try to do something their were two cops one could of held on to him while he goes in and try to get one of them out or something…

  15. I know what the girls did was foolish to say the least. However, as a nurse, should i ignore a psych patient who fell on the floor and is in cardiac arrest or having a seizure, just because he slapped me in the face earlier??. I took an oath to do no harm, and from a human stand-point i would do CPR to attempt to save him. THESE COPS DID NOTHING, NOTHING AT ALL TO AID THESE RECKLESS KIDS AND THEY TOOK HUMOR IN THE SITUATION. I HAVE A HARD TIME UNDERSTANDING THAT.

    1. Dem neva kill nobody so mi nuh si why people feel they should pay with their lives..Dem a teenagers…sometimes they do stupid things

  16. It’s not to say the girls deserved death because of poor choices . What most are saying is that they created the unfortunate situation. I’m sure back up was called while in pursuit and obviously emt’s were called . The video footage here is less than two minutes so there is information we don’t know . All the ignorant name calling comments sounds ridiculous . Yes the police was wrong for falsifying a report if they did so but I wouldn’t go as far to say they are morally wrong for not putting themselves in danger . Experience & quick observation may have led them to believe the rescue attempt would be useless & dangerous.

  17. Me blood run cold way how me fraid a black ppl yall really justifying these pigs watching these young girls drown like is a joke entertainment to them?? If their skin was white those pigs would have a different reaction trust! Black ppl selfhate is cancer

  18. What they did was wrong, but to stand by and watch them die? That’s sick and heartless. My friend is a ER doctor and she said that many times criminals and hoodlums are rushed in for immediate treatment. She does not play judge and jury but does the job that she signed up for and keeps her emotion out of it.

  19. All the cops involved are racists, if you would look behind their necks it would be red, that how you can define them. They should of attempted to aid the civilians but instead they stood there looking on with no care in the world! The swamp may be dangerous but it wasn’t that dangerous for those swines to put in their reports that they took off their belts to assists the drowning teens! Wake up people!

    1. Racists? Can you provide a shred of evidence that the police knew ahead of time, the race of the people in the car when they gave chase? This incidence occurred at night, so the cops likely couldn’t see who the occupants of the car, the number inside the car or the age of the victims. Not everything is a black or white issue, although you like some of the other people commenting like to make it out to be a racial issue. How many people have drown in florida when the fleeing suspects run into a canal and drown, while attempting to evade the police? In all the case I read about, the police made no attempts to rescue the individuals when they start experiencing difficulties.

      1. you don’t think dispatch got information about the occupants of the car when owner see it gone?

        Stop watch TV and parrot bout “can you provide a shred of evidence” :hammer

        1. The police gave chase when the driver ran a stop light. Where was it stated that the car was reported stolen by the owner? If it makes you more comfortable, go ahead and make up your own facts to suit your own prejudice.

  20. @ Hi 8:01 , nothing worse then holding dialogue with a one track mind person …. We know ppl are racist , we know law enforcement has corruption . NO ONE on this thread said the girls deserve to die . They (she) created their own situation no one sent them to be defiant , it’s unfortunate the choices caused lives to be loss

    Y blame the officers for being punkish as some may see it …. There is consequences to our actions and sometimes we don’t get that second chance to make things right . It’s sad they life was taking and it’s ashamed to some that the officers were immoral

    What some are saying is that the officers choose not to endanger themselves to save someone . They are paid to serve and protect YES but there is no law that’s says they HAVE to put themselves in danger to save someone else …. That is a moral decision ….. This situation is just unfortunate not that we who can see from different perspectives have self hate. So quick to bash some ah y’all just angry for no reason, no thought behind the words you keystroke , just ah run off di mouth so so

  21. @ highly concerned I didn’t hear humor from the officers, I heard lack of emotion … Just as the nurse you discussed you become immune to life loss and emergencies . As a nurse you will assess and know that some situations is a loss cause . I had my glasses on watching the video and even with the vehicle light on I could barely see . I definitely think they were wrong for falsifying the report and they should be dealt with . I’m sure if you didn’t have equipment to perform mouth to mouth you would hesitate about completing that step to save the life of a victim . Most ppl would be thinking of their family and possible adverse actions if performing mouth to mouth . Too many things to consider than to find an easy answer of racist pig and so on even if they were racist . They could have just been selfish individuals.

    Yes I know ther will be a small percent of ppl who will act first and think later , there are a lot of dead heroes who never lived to share their heroic story

  22. But of course they knew the race and how many people was in the car at the time while on pursuit. Why do you think they put on those bright head lights????? Whoever you may be, their no justifications for the actions of the cops involved at the time of this tragic incident that occurred to these unruly teens who decided to steal a car and go on a joy ride to their deaths. As an officer your sworn in to do your best and handle any situations to your fullest, which these cops failed to do. Why they never radio in for assistance?????

  23. There is a lot of Blame to go around for this tragedy. The system, the parents, the police etc. However, at the end of the day we must teach out kids about consequences. The indications are that these kids where not taught to think about consequences. They had stolen cars before, drove with lights off and ran a red light. All events that can lead to lost of life, unfortunately it led to there own undoing. So rather than blame, we need to learn from this and protect our kids from this happening to them. Teach them of consequences, instill morals and proper work etiquette.Tools they need to negotiate life.

  24. However, at the end of the day we must teach out kids about consequences. The indications are that these kids where not taught to think about consequences.

    ^^ This is the key. I agree with every you wrote. The problem is many parents try to instill in their kids that their actions DO have consequences, but they think they are invincible. I know of a situation in Florida where a Jamaican lady almost lost her only child when he and his friend ran off the road an into a canal late one night. Lucky for both of them, they were able to escape from the car and make it to the canal bank.

    It is indeed sad that three young lives were lost and we feel sorry for them that their careless actions led to the lost of their lives. Unfortunately, in situations like these, people want to seek out others to be blame for the tragedy. Ultimately, the kids caused their own demise. There are a few more instances where kids were killed in Florida when their car went into canals and no police was around to even attempt a rescue.




  25. Seems like you love chat off your face, so I’m going to leave you alone to your human charter of rights to your opinions and views deuces!

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