Halle Berry’s checkbook is about to get a workout … she’s going to start paying baby daddy Gabriel Aubry $16,000/month in child support — which comes to almost $200K a year.
A judge signed off on a settlement involving their custody dispute over 6-year-old Nahla.
L.A. Superior Court Judge Scott Gordon also ordered Berry to pay Aubry a retroactive payment of $115,000. And get this … she also has to pay him $300,000 in attorney’s fees.
Who knew … lawyers are more expensive than kids.


  1. Oh my goodness this dude literally FUXXED her over n over n over again about 3/4 of a million that mi a addup desso enuh smh isn’t the child living with Halle tho? So y is he getting child support

    1. u know mi hate him and a nuh me haffi deal wid him..no wonder di man bus him sorry ass , he is a leech

          1. The woman is always the nurturer a so me feel, if halle did a move like 50 n dem man deh fine but this guy has an agenda…why him nuh waa work? Just like how a woman cannot do whey a man do n still be a lady a same how a man cannot do what a woman does and call himself a gentleman…man fi earn bread so any man whey leech offa any woman is not a man

      1. That’s a bitch dressing like a man. He wont work because he wants the judge to award him the payments. Halle is worth a lot of money and in LA a lot of laws are not like the rest of the country. Too bad Halle! Don’t go phuxing beneath you again, men can be gold diggers too.

          1. Met honestly me no sorry fi her at all… u kno y when she find d young boy she publicly claim say she off black men!!! tek up dis likkle boy breed fa n ting say him different watch nn see if a no d same ting a go gwaan wid dis ole man ya whe she pick up… N more over she forcefully wanted to take the child and live in France without the dad permission whe u tink d judge a go do??? Halle is no better than some a these brainless hoe walking around cause the father was always in teh child life so whe she want tek d kid fr d puppa fa true she find a nedda man, Still Dat too much fi pay cause Ludacris only haffi pay $6000 n him a man

  2. Sass chris what a ole termite, dam disgusting ole bwoy cause him couldnt be a man..Him good looking and he’s a model, plus him white, him muss can find work..DAM OLE DAAGSHIT..

  3. MET do u think he cares thou……………………..lol………………..I no she don’t regret aving her kids ……..but maybe this is y she took so long but love u kids anyway yah halle a juss so it go d likkle girl ago hate him………………….

  4. I agree with u met 100% man fi go look work n be a man this look a way star me feel it fi Halle she get f**k by this wutless leech weh wah lay up like a bitch ole cruff

    1. Is when since man feel dem must depend pan woman? When u see all lawyer fee hafi pay u know him nah work..I wouldnt pay a dime

  5. so she should of gone a sperm bank if she did wah breed n get baby then fi half to deal wid dis

  6. Women do this to men all the time… the parent with the greater financial resources usually has to take on the greater financial burden when it comes to ensuring that the child/children are attended to as best as possible…

    1. Yes Lali but we sit n pee man supposed to stand up n piss :travel
      Him fi guh wuk…if it were about the child he would not be chasing the money

  7. Most times when women take men to court for child support is when dem naah get a dime and the man dem can do betta..This SITUATION does not fit the regular criteria @a ll…HIm fi go work, lazy scumbag..

  8. If a woman decides to be the head of her house she can fit the bills if the husband agrees to stay home. However, if the man is not willing to work and he is not the main caregiver of the child he should go out and make his brow sweat

  9. Wen mi read it earlier pon Yahoo mi did inna shock. Ah when di rolla coasta ago end fi har….poor Halle she’s ah magnet fi low life men. :sorry

  10. Who want to wager that if the child’s father was a black man he wouldn’t get joint custody and single dime in child support. That’s what she gets for wanting to be with a white dude. I’m sure her current husband is sucking her dry also. In a couple of years he will be drinking from the well when they get divorced. He hasn’t worked in a very long time either. She has the money so no double standard here. A lot of men get screwed by having to pay ten of thousands in monthly child support until they are bankrupt. She should be counting her blessings that she did not have more than one child for the guy.

  11. Hi Met & Metters just git the chance outta mi sched fi come read d wall again. U know seh dis nuh have nuttn fi do wid di likkle girl. A spite him a spite & revenge Halle fi di bus ass whe him did get. Him still a carry pu$$y (or the lack thereof) feelings. A REAL man wouldn tek a dime from a ooman dem woulda a look dem own. Shame on him.

  12. I don’t feel sorry for her. She pick till she pick shit! She wanted moggle seed, I believe Halle used him too.

  13. If you look at the court video the judge ordered it he never requested. He comes from money more than Halle berry check his parents bio. Men pay this everyday.

  14. Him pull a K-Fed pon har rass. Dats why when a woman is of means it betta fi shi deal wid a man of di same ilk or betta. I memba Liz Taylor did guh married di construction worker, and too toos him tap wuck afta dem married. I wants to know how him a get child support and she is di primary caregiver, must be a California law thing. Dis far more expensive dan using di sperm bank.

  15. hahaha yes me don even though yuh rich me still will buy yuh 2 guiness. me nuh see why unnu deh yah a complain. she go outta har way fi a high maintenance man and a that she a go pay $16000 for eery end a month lol

  16. MET U NOT FAIR!!!!!!

  17. Wi haffi remember child support is not punishment. It’s calculated based on the child’s standard of living and the income of both parents. At least in my state it is. So whoever make more money gonna have to pay more towards the child’s upkeep. And whoever have the child more often will pay less also. It’s just that traditionally the woman makes less and has primary custody so that’s why it look bad now.

    1. no its not and it is based on the money from both parents and the standard of living they can afford.with that being said the fact that she haffi pay all lawyer fee means him mek di court believe him dont have a dime

      1. No way! This was a settlement reached between both parties. If Halle Berry decides to pay his attorney fees it has nothing to do with the judge in the case. The Halle Berry is hedging her bets. I think this whole settlement was reached with the understanding that the ex will not stop her and her husband from moving overseas. I guess she brought his cooperation. Halle Berry makes about $8 million per movie. $16K per month is chicken feed for her.

      2. Met, mi believe that any man or woman who remain unemployed or underemployed just to spite dem ex to get more child support is lower than the dogs. Cause as a parent, you should be focused on your child standard of living. We must do better man, both men and women. So much animosity between him and Halle and it must be affecting the child. Is just a shame we always put the kids last smh.

      3. Him lucky if a mi, him would an affi put him batty over d counter eh nuh Metty cauz I never did aguh pay 1 red cent, and not even pan visitation him never did a guh see my pickney neither, nuh judge couldnt tell me wah fi do, affa hun judge never deh deh when mi and him a grine, kmt, him too damn disgusting man USD$16,000 A MONTH!!!!!! and u and I know seh him nah spend USD$2,000 out a dat pan d pickney!! A him a ride high and live big affa d woman, and a use d likkle girl as him meal ticket, although someone up top seh him come from a wealthy family, but it come in like seh him nah get a penny from dem, cauzsen seh him wouldnt a leech pan Halle suh!!

  18. Him worthless for that yes, but not every man is a real man. A real man or woman would not sit down at home unemployed or underemployed just to spite dem ex. Too much bad blood and animosity inna dem relationship so that’s probably why him decide not to work and put the whole burden on her. It sad cause a the poor child a feel the effects. Mi can only wish Halle the best cause she no have no luck wid man at all. Just goes to show that no woman is exempt from the ole dog dem out deh smh.

  19. What a piece a extortion dis, US$16,000 a month???!!!! Fi wah??!!! And a joint custody!! And a can bet him nah spend US$2,000 out a dat pan d likkle pickney, dat a go towards him and him woman dem. Bwoy halle mi sorry fi yuh but a dis yuh call cocky pension. Dah man yah seed start bear fruit fi him early though. Him nuh affi wuk again??? Mi sorry fi him and dah judge deh but him never did aguh get a red cent from mi, yuh mussi mad!!!! Mi nuh how dem ppl dem dweet eh nuh, but nuh judge couldnt tek my pickney dem from mi and gi nuh man eh nuh, bout joint custody nor full custody!!! Mi would an seh yuh a hear mi my Lord??? A betta yuh tell dah man deh fi guh breed smaddy else and gwaan, him not even affi gi mi a dime fi d pickney just gwaan, cuz my father tek weh mi and my sister from my mother and nuh bwoy cant try dat wid mi yuh mussi mad!!! So anytime mi see dem get joint/full custody from the mother and then a demand trailer load a money pan top a it, mi ignorant fi dem star!!!!!! If its a dead beat mother fine, but him nuh want not a pickney a d woman money him want!!! Ole PARASITE!!!! Him really a milk Halle fi all she’s worth, him mussi a thank him lucky stars seh him hit d jackpot. A suh it guh yah Halle, a u did want face boy weh a model suh yuh pocket gwine burn yuh! Like seh is a high price tag cocky dis she guh tek up to baxide, mi nuh think yuh did bargin fi dis atall :hoax2 lol!!!!

  20. Met and meters.. Rumor on some blogs is that it’s his sperm but not her egg that made the Lil girl. egg was donate by look alike due to her age and diabetic status. That’s his leverage because she don’t want to to go public. It was in some blind item befor this story buss

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