My woman and I got back together after being separated for 9 months and she slept with someone during that time and did things with him she did not do with me. I feel like i am in competition with the other man, should I really take her back?


  1. If both of you can resolve the issue/s that cause the break up then by all means give it another try.
    If you all cannot resolve the issue/s then leave the relationship alone.

  2. So why did you guys separate in the first place? And i don’t see why you feel the need to be in competition with the next man. Be in competition with who you were yesterday.you guys were separated, you can’t hold that against her. However this whole situation should make you and her love stronger and a learning experience for both. If there are certain things that she likes. Maybe you should try them with her. Often times we allow our ego to take over, sometimes we have to let that go in order to help better our relationship.

  3. bredda yuh have some very nice pinkwallers who will give you great advice,however sometimes dem pretty up di ting zeen but hear wha bro..

    Lef dat ooman tonite,tonite like in 44mins time tops.. Yuh OOMAN a VACUUM CLEAN dat other yute’s Rifle n she won’t even kiss as low as ur navel just ur neck now n then!!
    HIM Bring out the Freak in her but she’s all prim n proper with you so u can’t really be competitive with him n his whirlwind tounge mi bredda… just cut dawg!!

  4. Hello sir! Suh yuh nuh just seh hunnu get back aready :nerd and why yuh naaaa talk wah she duh wid di next man??? She suck him hood and him suck har pussy…. Yuh luddy :rolleyes: yuh too bakka moses. Try it yuh just might like it, an yuh fi talk to yuh ooman, an you miss suck outside cocky ooman fi chat tuh yuh man… a wah hunnu have mouth fah. When yuh an yuh man lock up an a f**k or wey eva hunnu a dweet desso muss be x-rated skin out naked an talk to yuh man an tell him wah yuh want an how yuh want it… an you sir vise-versa. Shake up dat folly shit an get to suckings. A bet seh if yuh suck it B4 yuh stick it everything legit.

  5. Man gwan bout you business.

    As boyfriend and girlfriend, 9 months a left unu left.

    Why she tell you what sexual things she and next man did do? Something about her is mischievous.

    Compete wid next man sexually? Kmt…you verrrrry inmature and foolish. Go back to your life nine months prior to getting back with jezebel.

  6. f**ka yuh…a so yardman love chat bout dem nah bow and a bare stabbin cabin dem deh pon…….now di woman get di f**kings whe sweet her and a try tell him wha fi do and him a hitch…..is eider she leff him raas again or him get bun under him raas…..dwrcl

  7. What was it she did wid new dude? Are you willing to try those tricks,flicks and licks? If not maybe you should reconsider,maybe she likes those things. Be open to what pleases her,then you won’t have to worry bout the on a break buddy that broke her off cuz u will be breaking her off too. Good luck.

  8. Yes you need to be in completion or she going to f**k pan you. If him nyam her pussy you should lick out her batty, suck her toes or make she f**k you with a strap on you need to run your freakiness up til it buck.

    1. You are one nasty f**k! You are recommending that his man “lick out her batty”, one of the nastiest thing a human can engage in, putting the man at risk of getting Hepatitis A. You go even further by suggesting that “make she f**k you with a strap”. Are you serious? You are one sick individual. There are an abundance of single females out there looking for a decent man, why engage in these perverted acts?

    2. Blessed GM,

      Are you new to this site?If so.. welcome but know that I ask cuz while here is the ultimate space for freedom of expression/speech,we genuinely not use to anyone giving anyone advice on HERE Fi go lick out bottom n tek fcuk wid strap on inna bottom!

      I can’t imagine it’s something you would be actively seeking to promote,at least not on HERE. The fact that yuh comment actually got posted really gives me Joy cuz a long time me a preach dat ppl free Fi say anything!Your comment is damn disgusting af but u nuh bruck any rules…carry on but bear in mind others may come for u n dem have all rights Fi bun out the nastiness advice yuh a give di yute!!

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