Please break down what you have to say about each month by gender. Lets see if it really possible for a person to have certain traits based on the month they are born.
January — Woman/Men
February — Women/Men
March — Women/Men
April — Women/Men
May — Women/Men
June — Women/Men
July — Women/Men
August — Women/Men
October —Women/Men
November — Women/Men
December — Women/Men


  1. I am ah February woman and although mostly everything stated on there is correct, I am NOT an outgoing person *very quiet and introverted personality* and I am also Not superstitious..I do like to spend money, but only during clearance sales *I shop out of season tuh get the cheaper of prices for everything and I am very frugal when spending money on myself, but I will spend ah shit load of money on others*…as a single mom, I do have a dominating personality as head of household just to make certain that everything runs smoothly within our household, but I’ll allow the grown ups within the household to do most of the decision making and I typically go along with whatever they say, but within a relationship I do NOT dominate at all *long as you don’t try tuh screw me over I’m pretty chill*..I’m ah very laid back n’ chillax kinda girl, but don’t take my kindness for weakness and don’t take me as punk needa..

      1. Quena, please tuh lowe mi ma’am :hammer..I like people and will chat it up, but I am a quiet natured person..big time unda cova freak tuh, but you’ll neva know just by looking at me *ah suh mi like it* :p

    1. No sah, Yep you must be me. Before mi know yuh born February, nuff time mi see yuh post and mi seh, dis girl us so February. Everything yuh seh, a me dat, mi born February also. I love nice things but love paying next to nothing for it, love wen mi receipt seh,” you saved $X.” But will over spend pon mi friends and nueces and nephews. Very introverted and shy, even though I have a big personality and very personable, can talk to anybody. Laid back, always hip to ppl and dem bs even if I don’t talk. Ppl always underestimate me, to dem own detriment. Undercover freak. Not tge type to call u everyday, but yuh can call pon mi if yuh ever inna a spot. Basically everything you said. Mi nuh know bout you but mi always end up wid February man.

    1. Yes Quen Quen, you are very diplomatic ca when di board use tuh peppa yuh rawse yuh nay budge nor flinch..yes mama, yuh well spicy fe chue chue :ngakak, :peluk :peluk

    1. Ah true, we cheap baaaad!!!…do you shop outta season as well *buy up winter clothes n’ tings in the summer, summer inna winter, etc. etc. too??…I will google search and store hop tuh get the cheapest price on just about everything lol, but funny enough I will not spare any expense when shopping for other people; are you like that too?..most February people are pretty laid back people, cool people fe deh mongst, faithful tuh di end and very honest..

      1. Yes, I shop before a season begins to get cheaper price. I am honest to the core. I think I have to work on it because it causes problems at times. I will just speak my mind, I can’t pretend at all. I am very witty but also polite and intelligent. I can get along with the wealthy and the poor because I have a poor side of family and a wealthier side. If I visit someone and they serve me chicken back, I’ll eat and be happy. I will even chat with a mad person, I am snobbish not.

        1. Same here missis…my grandmothers dem always taught me that honesty is always the best policy…I hate lieing tuh people and I hate being lied tuh..I sometimes apologize tuh people before hand fe mek dem know seh I might come off as rude but I’m just being honest..honesty is respect *my opinion*….been rich before and I’ve also hit rock bottom and I’ve learned from my mistakes so I know the value of ah dollar and financial security…just like you, mi can kick it wid anybody..long as you respect me, respect is due you, yuh get mi?!….I adore children *love kids* n” get along very well with older, more mature and elderly people…

        2. True bout shopping out of season. Mi love buy weh mi waan full price, inna Bloomingdale’s or Macy’s, then return and buy it back months later. Mi buy a free people skirt$24248inna Bloomingdale’s. Return it and buy itback fi $35 dollar wah day yah. Love dem store deh wid gud rreturn policy. A miseh cheap.

  2. June…A true a true. BUT… Only talkative with people I like. I’m loyal but if I ever find out you unloyal….mi sorry fi yuh! Love playing devil’s advocate…yes I like to debate and talk nuff shit for laughs or just to see how ur mind works.

  3. lol…if u look careful, all the months saying same thing only in different words…my month was so on point, so was the other months in regards to me…

  4. mi a pisces febuary born.. mi is all a feb and march all in one.. . confusion dem left out dat, we cant mek up we mind fi nuttin at all

    1. Ah true Heinekin…wi cyaah mek up wi mind in terms of making decisions but once wi mek up wi mind wi naah change it *even that’s confusing tuh explain lol*…we don’t like tuh argue, fuss nor fight *hate confrontations* but if it come knocking dem aguh get ah propa sawting out!!..

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