91-year-old woman, grandson gunned down in Lucea
Lucea, Hanover, when an elderly woman and her grandson were slain by a group of armed men who invaded their home and peppered them with bullets Wednesday night.

The deceased have been identified as Laurel Fray, 91, and her 15-year-old grandson, Jessie Spence.

The police have since taken two men into custody for questioning in connection with the brutal gun slaying.

The law enforcers have also listed three other men as “persons of interest” and gave them up to 6:00 yesterday evening to surrender themselves to the police.

The three “persons of interest” are: Nicoy McKenzie, otherwise called Nick; Howard McIntosh, also called Zil; and Ricardo Bird, who also goes by the moniker White Man.

According to the Corporate Communications Unit sub-officer, Sergeant Shaunjaye Mitchell, about 9:00 pm Wednesday, the elderly woman and her grandson were shot multiple times, at close range, by gunmen who stormed their premises.

The grandmother was sprayed with bullets while lying in bed after the marauders shot her grandson, who had been standing in the yard.

A usually impeccable Jamaica Observer source close to the investigation revealed that the attackers are believed to have gone in search of a man who they accused of being involved in a recent shooting incident, which left one of their cronies injured.

However, Sergeant Mitchell gave another theory indicating that the vicious double murder may have been linked to the July 6 shooting death of top-tier One Link gangster Nico Campbell in Old Road, Johnson Town, Lucea.

“The incident is believed to be connected to a top-tier gang member of the One Link gang sometime ago,” Sergeant Mitchell disclosed.

The One Link faction is said to be domiciled in Lucea.

The Hanover police are said to be moving swiftly to bring the perpetrators to justice.

“The incident is one which the police are treating with alacrity in the parish, and we are working with the citizens and asking anyone with information to contact the Lucea police,” Sergeant Mitchell stated.

Up to Sunday, the Hanover police recorded 34 murders since the start of the year, which is six fewer than the 40 reported over the corresponding period last year.

Meanwhile, Wednesday night’s double murder comes a little over a year after the brutal murder of 71-year-old Joel Malcolm, which also occurred at his Malcolm Heights, Lucea home.

One of his relatives, a 63-year-old pensioner, was shot and injured by the attackers, who also torched a nearby house.



  1. Not until we stop being hypocrites within ourselves will change come. How many of us who know for a fact that we have family members who involved in wrong doings, can honestly say we would turn them over to the authorities. Only when pressure start lick stream outta we kaka we start squeal. Dutty ratty did a kill a whole heap a people and his family knew for a fact what he was doing. But kept quiet while other family members use it as an opportunity to intimidate people. Is only when dem realize that dem pussy ago get buss dem start bawl bout dem tiad a him..

    Not even ago say what’s really in my heart for these waste matters that committed this crime. You SHITHOUSES shall PERISH. Police must stop this fuckry bout dem must turn dem self in. Hunt them down like dogs and stop waste taxpayers money.

  2. MY GOD!!!! A 91 yr old in her bed peppered with bullets. This is the lowest of the lowest. The 1st shot probably killed that poor lady. What have we sunk to? Living to that age is sickness n old age must take you home.
    Even if her 15 year old grandson mixed up…still no reason to.
    Those murderers must hang by the balls

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