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America tends to celebrate this kind of thing but I cannot…I dont respect it..dont appreciate it..sickened by it..How can a man after so many years of being married and have grown children claim that his soul is a woman?? Is what him tek mek di pickney dem?? Dah family yah curse

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  1. America celebrates sick mindset ppl i dont grow my kids with american culture. Notice anytime a country pickup american culture their value system turn for worse. I cant respect a man walking with a penis hanging talking this mess about hes a woman. If i say im a goat r u supposed to accept that too? As soon as this gay agenda started i say it would get worse from there. See it now look yah

  2. met this is sooooo digusting, having kids now a days yuh just have to pray and grow them morally correct. I bet yuh anything seh kanye and go left kim fi bruce Amber did predict it.

  3. My take is to take a piece a 2×4 and slap some sense into him that will teach him how to grow some balls

  4. After watching that interview I am uncomfortable in this world. How can a 65 year old role model to Olympic athletes have a sit down and talk about he has being a she in his body. He confided in the women he was married to and they help him guard his secret and still went and have a child to protect his image. Lost for words, I feel for the children who are putting on a front for society because they are in the publics eye, cause to see your father go through puberty and menopause and become a full fledge woman can destroy any full grown person. What is this world coming to? It doesn’t matter how you grow your child, their peers and the environment have a bigger hold on them regardless of how they act inside there home or in the presence of their family. With this sit down I blaim the media for shedding a light and forcing the topic on to our children, they can’t even give the kids time to identify with their gender. Somehow they make it seem like it’s ok, BRUCE have money and fame so it’s ok for him. Many society’s are ignorant and refuse to accept change. All in all this is my opinion and I don’t really care about how anyone live in their home but don’t force it on me, then you have a problem when I’m uncomfortable.

    1. Di dutty kris she claim he is her hero …the world a tek a turn whey only God can fix and He shall fix it..
      There is no limit..no one has to take responsibility no more..no loyalty not even to self.

  5. 7 grand kids and a bag a children ..now you’re a woman if the devil nuh let lose in this world yuh see Jesus

  6. bored , rich , lack attention , need more attention, love the cameras following him/she , more attention to the family again. cant live withgout being in the spot light. hi poor grand kids …….CAN WE GO OVER TO GRANPA TODAY MOM….WAIT I MEAN GRAND MA. ……..CAN WE CAN WE……PLEEEEASEEEEE !

  7. The kardashian kids have no stability in parenting, fame whore kris is looking ratings. Bruce has being around den so much he feels he is a kadashian himself, all now I can’t get over the body con sexy black dress he showed to Diane sawyer, what kind of respectable middle age man will flaunt his behavior on national tv when u have sons and grand sons. No sah.lets break down the man the kadashians being true. Bruce now a woman, Lamar a paranoid crackhead, rob fighting the demons that his sister collected over the years and Scott is using alcohol to numb all the pain in hopes he can bring his parents back. In my opinion they are truly the KKK for the destruction of man.

    1. If a mother Ok her daughter fi have sex at 14 whey dat tell u? She claim her daughter was ready..Mi glad mi nuh idolize people because these are bottom feeders in money garb. Dem come in like poison ..ah dem time now dem get up outa people air space because there is absolutely nothing good about them ..dem teach all di suckling fi walk and tek people man because di mother trifing so the kids dem come di same way

  8. So true met, so true. With over a 100 million followers majority under 18 and huge gay following, is the reason I say you can teach your child in the home about the right and wrongs of society but social media says otherwise, school says otherwise, and peers lead them astray.

    1. Dem mek u waa run whey go live in a cave because I try everything and mi still see remnants of social media and the foolishness in my household same way. Is like society a tek whey the role of teaching from parents and dem a dictate how dem feel your child should be raised based on what they are putting in the media. I must say though…everything negative has an end and dem nah go with nothing positive …it may take a while but the world will see the calamity they have caused on themselves with this kinda thing. There is nothing good about this family..I mean back in the day the weirdo was Angelina Jolie and not even she went this far with the shegry..furthermore her heart is charitable and she gave a lot of money to the less fortunate..Dis family is all for themselves while messing up the world..dem a grab man, money, morals, values and a give back destruction.

      1. When I think about society today I don’t know if I want to have children. It is not possible to watch your child/children 24hrs a day, so you can only shield them form a percentage of the ills of society. If this family sneeze, all the blogs and social media report it. Its like you cant escape them no matter how hard you try. You know whats sad? I see a lot of young black girls on social media looking up to them as a role models. They think because they have money they all is well with them and know on is allowed to say noting negative about them. SMH at this world we live in.

        1. It sad bad and no matter what u do is like u can’t stop it because they are so much in their space..social media

  9. Good morning Met.This isn’t only in the U.S.Let’s be realistic.Even in Ja from ever since you would see a little boy who behaves like a girl and a little girl who behaves like a boy in dress and patterns.What determines gender.If someone is born a hermaphrodite what is the correct gender of the person?Who has the right to choose.There are many situations where a gender issue can occur.

    1. SHUT THE HELL UP the situation u just pointed out has nothing to do with this grown ass man who has lived a majority of his life has a man if he felt he was a woman then do not get tangled with women have children n grandchildren then because u obviously liked been fuxxed up the arse u come bout u a woman KMFT boredom n him done try the man role so now him ago give womanhood a try well I have news fi him u could do a million surgery wear a million dresses U R A MAN damn faggot

  10. Gm mi seh mi try watch it last night and mi couldn’t watch it,mi affi change the channel.I don’t think I’ll ever watch the whole thing.Him sick!

  11. One to him brain ..kill it now cause it already start spread the devil tampa wid every body DNA weh inna and around the Kardashian dem all kanye get infected…. kill dem now… Shit it already too late

  12. I’ve never seen his family show on E! nor did I watch the interview. I just look at the video for a few minutes; this is the first time I’ve heard his speaking voice for real.

    For real though:I’m sick of the media constantly pushes these people at us. They’re self centered, self serving ass holes who are obsessed with self promotion. If being a woman is what you think you are/what you want to be, why not do it int privacy? Why all the media blitz? He knew he was this way long before, why waited so long? why have children?

    I’m annoyed at everybody calling him a “hero”. Like really?!This now considered a heroic? just another word people are using very loosely.He thinks he’s a woman, seems like he’s not aware that he has a penis and two balls! Have botox, long hair, lip glass does not make you a woman. you will never have a period, no menopause and you sure don’t have a uterus. To be honest, I’m just sadden for him; he look sad and depressed, at his age to be going through all this mess! Dude is almost 70, can you imagine him putting on make up at 80? SMH…very sad.

  13. Hmmm! I can say out of the millions who watch these people, I am not included, out of the millions who tuned in to watch this devil in disguised of a man, I didn’t, and won’t everrrr! I am tired of the devil making a spectacle of Gods creations so therefore nothing he says would make look, I am not helping Satan to build his empire, and Kris and her clans are the instruments of the devil, so as a woman of God, with the spirit of God, I knew them from afar off. She married this man with all the demons tormenting his soul knowingly, and children by him, all because of money. God people open your eyes, the devil is in full force of these peoples life, and ones who are builded tune in to watch the disfuntion not know that spirits are transferable, they will never contamine me, because these eyes of mine nah look pan dem deh devil deh, mi nah help Satan and him off spring them rich, and have such influence on my children, we need to stop talk and act, if everyone decided not to watch these despicable pawns of the devil, they would be able to operate, we need to shut them down.

  14. All of human life is about experimentation, that is all humans have been doing since the dawn of time. They try this and that see what works and what doesn’t. We going through a gender experimentation phase, how long this will last I do not know. I am completely indifferent to all of it; then again I do not have children and likely will have none so I don’t have to worry about the world they will be left to live in. Parents today have a much tougher job than ever before.

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