A lot of people have emailed asking what to do about the new administration in the U.S..I will try to put up daily suggestions but I will encourage all of you to keep up with the news..We will go to war eventually and it will not be pretty so you will all have to be in the no. For now, for those who have children in the U.S please make sure they have Jamaican citizenship because we nah fight no war fi trump..no sir…..

In the meanwhile, hold onto this document


8 thoughts on “WHAT TO DO

  1. a di ppl dem oil Chump want…he said bc America sent troops to Iraq blah blah blah…you see this is a real mad man???? Him a rack up the bill fi taxpayers pay and feel entitled fi teef di ppl dem oil…..f*ck impeachment only an assassination will do

  2. Talk di tings dem marie, gn met thank mama love u loads cause all when mi nuh watch di news…you keep me informed.. mi nah stop say mi hateeeeee di orange man!!!!

  3. My tip: walk with clean phones/laptops.

    My US phone will not be in my possession whenever I travel out the US;the Jamaica phone have limited activities without social media and jmg :wowcantik on it.

  4. Yes, that war is coming. We have to stay prayed up people. Im not sure if Jamaica wants us though. I just told my friend, whomever is turned back at the airport should be grateful. When bomb a drop over here, I don’t think the Caribbean countries have to worry too much. I hope am right. I know one thing, its those same rednecks thats going to fight this war. Brothers are going to be like “jail” shit I’ll take that….
    We just have to go on with our lives as best as we can, enjoy every moment and give our youths the experience we can. I cannot live in fear like the fear I felt after he won. I felt numb, it was crippling, my breathing was irregular, I had no feeling. I feared for myself but mostly for my son. knowing he will never have the amazing childhood that I had. Then I thought about children who live in countries such as Syria, where bombs a drop everyday and had to pull myself together. My mission is to love on him, make each day memorable and eat well. As you stated met we just have to stay informed.

  5. Join at least one social justice organization (MoveOn.org, Change.org, ACLU.com, etc.) Mi waan Chump get ah serious nervous break dung or one ah di country dem weh him ah mess wid send ah serus pierce ah science unda him. Assignation too good fi dat jancrow. BTW…Nordstrom no longer carry Ivanka Trump :ngakak. :ngakak

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