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This woman told me that the man she is currently seeing only wants sex. He is never around when she needs other things to be taken care of or really needs to pour out her emotions but he shows up faster than Superman when she wants sex. I asked her to tell me what he told her initially. Surprise! He told her he didn’t want a long-term relationship just a short-term one. It was also nice of her to confess that she was thinking that short-term would become long-term with him because she really likes him. Looking through my fatherly lens, I will always respect the man who lets a woman know that he is only interested in sex and not a relationship. Though it would seem that most men want the sex without the relationship.
A man who only wants sex isn’t an ancient concept, neither is a man who uses all means necessary to get what he wants. And that’s part of the reason why you should appreciate the man who is honest and tells you he just wants sex because he didn’t have to. Appreciating his honesty doesn’t mean you’re going to jump into bed with him but at least you know what you are getting into if you accept — you’ve been given an option, opt in or out. If he says he only wants sex but he’s in a committed relationship, it’s your choice to get down with him or not. Yes, you can call him whatever name you please.
Her mistake was in thinking that she could wait it out with him, that he’d eventually want a long-term relationship with her or that she could change and convince him to get into one with her. On the other hand, if he had lied and told her he wanted a relationship knowing it’s just the sex, then he’s using his means (lies) necessary to accomplish his objective.
Clearly, there is nothing wrong with a man wanting only sex and stating the obvious to you. It becomes an issue when he leads you on to believe he wants a relationship but sex is his agenda. It’s you, as always, who have to make the choice. Yes, we sometimes spin a web of lies and deception but some men will say it’s you who have to look out for yourself. The guys who don’t enjoy my articles have said that women need to grow up, protect their jewels and be vigilant. Sadly, that sounds like some form of battle, warfare even where women need to protect themselves from men, the enemy. And some men view chasing women as a wonderful game.
Sure, it can be difficult to find a man. Sure, it is depressing that so many seem deceptive but that’s the way it is. It’s not a losing situation for you, a woman. If anything it underscores the need for you to have expectations, look for red flags, avoid being charmed out of your clothing and keep in mind the type of man you know you deserve or want. A man can only want sex but if you know it then it shouldn’t affect you — unless he lied.


  1. Sender, women also lie and tell men what it is, that ah man wants tuh hear tuh get what is is they want tuh get from men *happens all the time*..men and women both tell lies to and about one another, so it’s really left up to both persons to weed out the truth from the lies being told tuh them..when two people agree tuh ah short term sexual relationship, there is absolutely nothing wrong with that, especially if they are friends with benefits but the woman chooses tuh be intimate with that one particular guy and no one else…and if it turns into ah very long term relationship with that very same person but it is still friends with benefits but sexual in nature, there is also nothing wrong with that because that is who and where her trust and comfort lies….sender, there is nothing wrong with this woman confessing tuh you, her sexual relationship with this particular man because she considered you ah friend so she had all rights tuh talk with you *that’s what friends do all the time*…she and the man may have wanted ah long term relationship but both probably weren’t ready for ah long term commitment to one another for reason benownst tuh them *again, part of life*…maybe this lady kept confessing tuh you that she really loves this guy because that is where her heart lies and just wanted tuh get your friendly guy opinion…people are entitled to do whatever they wanna do, as long as everyone’s content with their decisions and there are no regrets to what was done or not…

  2. Fair is fair if he states in the beginning what his intentions are, but we women have feelings and it can be hard to tame or control. I would rather have the truth upfront than later on be tangled up in deceipt

  3. This is a great article but a lot goes on behind d parties involved that doesn’t look good 2 people dat doesn’t know d real deal. I was talking to a guy a few months ago let him know I got a man wasn’t interested in sex but would like a friendship. I liked d communication between us. He told d babymother was there but there was an understanding cool. Dis dude went as far as 2 put 2 hickeys on my neck on 2 different occasions without us getting intimate just hanging & talking. Now long story short he’d call everyday & night I started developing feelings & I realize everything about him is a lie. I was hurt but has moved on. Moral of my story: People will do/say whatever 2 get what they wanted even though all d cards were on d table.

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