Hey Met. So this girl her name is Crystal Jones the hottest thing a mobay, she go Bahamas a sell P**y and strip and now she get f**k.

(Start watching the video link at 10:00)


  1. Yea man, mi like how de Bahamian Police and Videographer name dem and shame dem…..bout dem a hide dem face! Him dem did a do legitimate jobs, dis wouldn’t reach dem. LMAO!

  2. I heard the reporter said they were dancing in the club without work permit, I never heard anything about selling flesh. Stripping is a career so what were they doing wrong other than working without permit. When since dancing became selling flesh. Some people go to the strip club and then turn around and curse strippers. I rate them over scammers and thieves. A lot of college girls strip and pay their tuition.

    1. The way Go-GO clubs are setup now, all the strippers sell pusc also. That is just how the ting setup these days. The same is true in Jamaica.

  3. Some people is very stupid if the girl want to strip and put her money to use dats her business leave the gal alone some a unu fi go weh only Jamaican act like its a big disgrace,nuff gal strip and nuh sell pussy so mi nuh knw weh the big rasss deal .weh the gal fi do go a bottom road go self pussy?ticket is very expensive fi go Bahamas so if dem get a chance to better off dem self and help dem families go ahead do something other wise from sit a Jamaica and f&$k like dog,the end of the day dem nah beg unu nothing some a unu if man nuh feed unu,unu nuh eat the girl is making her own money

  4. Dem ova tortola to nuff. Young gal like dem before dem go look work or guh school. Wen dem sell out dem pussy ova the small island dem dem guh back a jamaica guh say dem a lesbian. The whole a dem soon ketch aids. All the one judy-kay she aka wonda_doll pon ig find 1 real clown weh live a ny we a claim har as wife…..wonda the tell the girl say you sleeping wid the man weh own the club weh yuh dance a nite time????? Look how much gal live a farrin but a suh wen unnu love likes gal trick unnu n mek unnu suck out all kinds germs offa dem

    1. :ngakak Dat is one long walk, di tip ah dem boot heel mus rub dung by di time dem reach di lockup. Den if ah only dance dem dance….why di hiding ah face wid rag an towel??? Where dem get di rag an towel from doe :ngakak

  5. Dancing would not give them a charge of lewd and lascivious act.
    Prostitution charges those.

  6. Well she was selling Pussy in Mobay she sold it in Kingston konshens did get piece to that’s why him out her in a the bad gal video now she reach a Bahamas why crystal why u Neva stay a Jamaica and take care of ur son

  7. Nuh body nah buy ntn weh nuh good suh if dem a sell dem pussii dat mean dem pussy good cause nuh body nuh av money fi waste buy things weh nuh good ….unu lowe di bloodclaat gyal dem mek dem live

  8. All di chat unno a chat none a unno still nuh ave nthn ova she and di gyal wah name tweety aka twiz weh put up di pic wid her go suck u mada ya gwaan like u nevr use to sell pussy a surinam st martin and all a di small island dem…is a hype ya look kmt…and all a who a chat none a unno nah feed har son him well taken care of how doin this a benefit unno…unno fi stop watch ppl.life and watch fi unno damn shit unno

  9. Independent ladies I support the naked hustle get that money just tru u dance on the pole it dont make u a hoe

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